Product Highlight: 1990 Classic Monster Trucks

SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! SUNDAY!!! Lurking in the shadows, taking no prisoners, and prepared to give your kittens nightmares!!!

People are spending stupid crazy money on sports cards right now. Almost everyday another card reaches into the seven figures. This gets lots of people thinking everything printed on cardboard has the potential to hit those highs. Not true. But it certainly is fun to watch certain products, specifically mass-produced junk wax, rise in price for no other reason.

It wasn’t that long ago you could buy a box of 1990 Classic Monster Trucks for under $10. Now we’re seeing them sell for $50-$65 per box. This is absolutely insane. In no known universe are these boxes worth that much.

The 1990 Classic Monster Trucks set consists of (125) cards. Throughout the set you’ll find cards dedicated to both drivers and their trucks. You have all of the classics like Grave Digger, Bigfoot, and my personal favorite Thunder Chicken.

On the back of the driver cards is an empty white box meant to be used for an in-person autograph. I’ve always thought that to be a nice addition.

If you’re looking for chase cards there isn’t a single one. No short prints, photo variations, autographs, holograms, inserts, parallels, and/or 3D cards. You have a 125-card set, and that’s it.

Card of the Day: Wally The Green Monster 2013 Topps Opening Day #22

 photo wally_zps16495a76.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1966 Topps Monster Laffs


Continuing the horror theme for October, this week its going to be 1966 Topps Monster Laffs.  This is another 66-card set that contains black-and-white still images from cheaply made “B” movies.  Beneath the picture you’ll find a smart-ass remark, and on the back a joke.  Some are funny while others are just right out dumb.  What strikes me the most about this product aren’t the cards, but the box they came in.


This is the actual box the 36 cello packs were distributed in.  It has to be the most generic box design in all of trading card history.  It doesn’t give you a single hint as to what type of cards are inside.  You would think a product containing monsters and aliens would have some nice looking box art, but no.  Of all the jokes in this set, I think the box is the biggest one.  Its not like boxes at the time didn’t have artwork, because they clearly did.  I’m not saying this design couldn’t work.  But at least put a monster on the side of the box looking as if its going to attack little Johnny or something.  Way too generic.