Card of the Day: Joe Montana 1993 Pro Set #198

Card of the Day: Joe Montana 2005 Topps Turkey Red #237

February’s CollectorCrate Exclusives Are…

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CollectorCrate is still going and today they announced their February exclusives.  Depending on which sport you decide to buy, your CollectorCrate will have a sketch print card of Joe Montana, Kevin Durant, or Nolan Ryan.  This month’s cards were drawn by artist Steven Burch.  Good luck opening your CollectorCrates!!!

Card of the Day: Dan Marino/Joe Montana 1985 Topps Passing Leaders #192

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Card of the Day: Joe Montana 1995 Skybox Impact #72


Card of the Day: Joe Montana 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Reprint Refractor Auto


A Redemption Well Worth The Wait

I’m not sure what happened with 2009 Press Pass Bowl Edition.  I guess it got canceled because it was never released even though it was on their old calender.  Check out this Brett Favre / Joe Montana dual autograph that came out of 2008 Bowl Edition.  These were available through a redemption which took one Blowout Cards message board user about a year to get back, but I think it was worth the wait.  Oh yeah, its also numbered 4/11.

2008 Bowl Edition features 5 packs per box with an autograph in each pack.


Joe Montana Fusion Autograph Error

Press Pass announced today of a production error that has occurred with the Semester Signature Onyx autographed cards of Joe Montana that can be found in ’09 Fusion.  It appears that four of the five cards are each numbered “2/5”.  Having that many cards each numbered the same would speculate that someone would be faking them if you saw the same card up for sale over and over again.  Press Pass has stated that they will provide each collector who has this card with a letter documenting that it is a true error made by the manufacturer just in case the owner decides to sell the card in the future.  There are only five copies of this card.  Lets hope that letter has some security on it, because anyone can print out a letter.


Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Upper Deck Football Series 1

1991 UD Series 1 was Upper Deck’s first attempt at manufacturing football cards.  Each box contains 36 packs with 12 cards per pack.  Along with various inserts and holograms, you had the chance to pull a Joe Montana autograph serial numbered to 2,500 copies.  This is the first football certified autographed card that could be pulled from a pack.  Considering there were a ton of boxes produced, pulling a card numbered to 2,500 was pretty hard.  ’91 UD football did have its share of rookies, but that only notable one worth mentioning has to be Brett Favre.  Boxes can be purchased for less than $30.00 and aren’t that difficult to find.



Card of the Day: Joe Montana 1981 Topps RC #216