Card of the Day: Warren Moon 2000 Donruss #74

Card of the Day: Warren Moon 1990 Score Hot Gun #317

Card of the Day: Wally Moon 1961 Topps #325

Card of the Day: Jackie Moon 2008 Upper Deck Flint Tropics Semi-Pro #1

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Flashback Product of the Week: 1969 Topps Man on the Moon


With NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover landing this week, I thought the 1969 Topps Man on the Moon set would fit well for this post.  This set only consists of 55 cards.  Its not very large at all.  The photography covers a lot of the major space events that took place during the 1960s.  The front of each card comes with a brief description about the photo and the backs act as puzzle pieces.

Its not the most in demand vintage set, but sealed boxes still command serious prices.  One would cost about $1,000.00.


My favorite card from the whole set.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Topps got the astronauts to sign some of these and issue them as buybacks?

1997 UD Legends Football Returns Again

Images and information about the new 2009 Ultimate Collection Football has been public for about a week, but I wanted to share with you some info I obtained about the 1997 Legends signatures that are one of the biggest hits with this product.  Just like last year, collectors can pull autographs of Hall of Famers/retired players from ’09 Ultimate Collection that are designed just like the famous 1997 UD Legends set.  Last week’s product preview showed that Darrell Green will be included, but I’ve learned of a few others that collectors can look for this year: Bruce Smith, Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Drew Bledsoe, and Mike Alstott.  These cards are usually case hits and quite difficult to pull.  Mike Alstott must feel like signing stuff this year because before 2009 he didn’t have a ton of autographs.  Out of that list, I believe that the Marino will be one of the most valuable since he has such a large collecting fan base.  I know I’d love to pull one of those.  I also learned from Upper Deck that they have been trying to get signatures of Dolphins HOFer Nick Buoniconti, but haven’t received a response yet.  Buoniconti is one of the members of the Miami Dolphins Perfect Season team, and doesn’t have a certified autograph and/or relic.  Hopefully thats one they can get for future products.