Avatar 3D Trading Cards & More

Last night I went to see the hugely popular movie Avatar 3D, and it was probably one of the best films I’ve ever seen.  I could watch that movie a thousand times and I’d still be learning new things.  The graphics were stunning and it had a terrific story behind it.  James Cameron has one heck of an imagination and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for its sequel.  Being a big fan of superhero movies and stuff like that, I usually know what I’m in for when I plan to go to a movie of that genre in a theater.  But Avatar 3D is in a world by itself.  Before this movie was released nobody had any past knowledge of these characters.  Its not like they’ve been in the comics for 40+ years.  Not only was it the characters first time on the big screen, but it was the first time the audience was introduced to them.  After seeing Avatar 3D, I get a sense of how people must have felt when they watched Star Wars for the first time back in 1977.

I know what everyone is thinking – “What the hell does this have to do with trading cards?”  In truth, it doesn’t have a lot to do with cards at all.  I thought with all the popularity this movie has received it might have its own card set, but I haven’t seen anything yet.  Doing a quick search on eBay you’ll find a bunch of collectors that have made their own cards, plus some other various promotional cards given away at certain theaters.  Some of these promos have been selling for as much as $50.00.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they release a trading card set in the future.  They could do a whole lot with refractors, holograms, and even lenticular technology to create a cool product.  You can also find various other autographed cards of stars from the movie in products like Donruss Americana, Celebrity Cuts, Upper Deck Spectrum, and some of the Razor Cut Signature brands.

I rarely talk about non-sports cards, but I thought I’d take a crack at it.  If your really into collecting non sports related cards, be sure to check out Trader Crack’s Card Blog.



These cards look like they’re signed by the actors, but its just a reprint.

Card of the Day: 05/06 Terror Cards Friday the 13th Kane Hodder Auto


I thought this would be a good card for today.  Kane Hodder is known for playing Jason Voorhees in a few of the Friday the 13th movies.  This card is serial numbered to 100 copies.

Card of the Day #39

This is something a little different.  This is a 2005 Batman Begins Authentic Used Cape card from the movie.  I thought I would use this today because I just saw The Dark Knight last night and it has to be the best Batman movie ever.  Enjoy!!!

Diminished Capacity Trailer

This morning I was looking at movie trailers on YouTube and came across one called “Diminished Capacity”.  After viewing the trailer, I couldn’t believe that they made a movie about card collecting.  The main focus of the movie looks to be around a T206 Wildfire Schulte baseball card.  You get to see the characters go to card shows and interact with dealers.  I love the fact there is a character in the movie that kinda represents Mr. Mint.  Its funny to see them realize how much sports cards are worth in today’s hobby.  I can’t wait for this movie to come out.  It stars Matthew Broderick, Allen Alda, and a wide range of great actors.  You know, the T206 Wildfire Schulte thats at the center of this movie looks very familiar.  In fact, I think I have one sitting on my shelf.  Very cool to see a card you own in a movie, even though the one in the movie looks to be a reprint.  Check out the trailer below.