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Famous Fabrics Fab Four Redemption Up For Grabs During The ’13 National

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In the latest ’13 National news…

After August 3rd, one lucky collector will be the owner of this Famous Fabrics Fab Four Redemption quad autographed card.  That’s right.  This is one card with the signatures from all the Beatles members – John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.  Last year Famous Fabrics included 90 redemption cards within boxes of their Music, Music, Music product.  Each one of these redemption cards contain a serial number, and starting last November Famous Fabrics began announcing 10 numbers every month.  If your redemption card’s serial number was announced, unfortunately you’re not the winner.  As of right now, 10 numbers still remain.  During the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention Famous Fabrics will eliminate the remaining 9 numbers leaving the last one to the winner.

Has your serial number been called yet?

Famous Fabrics Announces ’12 NSCC Music, Music, Music Promotion

The 33rd National Sports Collectors Convention is almost here.  As usual there will be a ton of redemption programs to take part in.  Famous Fabrics Inks just announced what their plans will be.  Any collector that opens a 20-box case of Music, Music, Music at the Famous Fabrics booth will receive a special 1/1 art relic card.


Sammy Davis, Jr


Snoop Dogg


Keith Moon

The 2010 NFL Draft Puzzle Pin

The 2010 NFL Draft has come to a close, but it’s collectibles are just starting to surface.  As a large collector of sports pins, I was looking to see if I could find the same pin the announcers were wearing on ESPN.  So far, I haven’t had much luck.  Instead, I’ve stumbled upon the pins below that were given out to people that attended the Draft.  Each day of the Draft, a new pin was given out to 4,000 people.  When all the pins are put together they form Radio City Music Hall.

Pins are highly collectible within the sports memorabilia market.  I’d love to see a manufacturer insert pins into cards somehow.  Especially ones from specific events like the NFL Draft, Super Bowl, and the World Series.



Michael Jackson Trading Cards

In today’s hobby, its not that common to see an entire product based on a single individual.  You might see it done with a certain team, but rarely with one person.  Back in the 80’s, manufacturers made all kinds of trading card sets for specific celebrities including Michael Jackson.  In 1984 Topps released a set based around the pop icon.  Each box contains 36 wax packs with 3 cards and 3 stickers per pack.  Later that year Topps released a 2nd series based around Jackson.  In a way these could be considered his “rookie” cards.  I would highly suggest not purchasing anything of Jackson right now because the prices are through the roof.  It would be better to wait until things calm down.

Currently Jackson has no relic or autographed cards floating around the secondary market.  With all those colorful outfits he wore, I’m sure they would make for some interesting relics to pull.  R.I.P the King of Pop.

Be sure to check out Cardboard Icons break of a box of Michael Jackson 1984 Topps.


Kollectors Krazy for KISS Kards

Scheduled Release Date: 4/15/09

Formed in New York City in 1973, KISS redefined live performances with their blood-spitting, fire-breathing, and pyrotechnic displays.  Their outrageous antics rocketed them to worldwide fame, and the band has yet to heed the curtain call.  KISS enters 2009 in full force with a full concert tour planned for the US and Europe, a new record, and new trading card set from Press Pass!

KISS Ikons goes behind the scenes with a 90-card base set that includes rare and never-before-seen photos, along with quotes directly from current and former band members about everything KISS.  Discover everything from how the band got its name to the inspiration behind some of their most memorable songs like this quote from Gene Simmons about the inspiration behind the song 100,000 Years:  “I read a book called 100,000 Years where 100,000 years ago we were visited by aliens. I was reading all kinds of space and time continuance stuff, and it was all swirling around my head. I started to think what happens if you’re an astronaut and you leave, how long could you stay in love?”

KISS fans can also own their very own piece of KISS memorabilia!   The KISS Klothes insert features authentic memorabilia worn by the Demon himself, Gene Simmons.  Memorabilia includes black lace-up pleather pants and a black jumpsuit.  Fans and collectors can also look for instant win cards for authentic autographed 8×10 photos of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

The KISS Army is still going strong after all these years, and KISS Ikons includes an awesome lineup of KISS Stickers and Tattoos that every KISS Army member will love!  Whether you’re a fan of the Demon, the Starchild, the Spaceman, or the Catman these cool collectibles are a great way to show off your KISS pride.

KISS Ikons ships April 2009.  Check the Press Pass website for more details at