Counterfeit Frank Thomas 1990 Topps “No Name” Rookie Gets BGS Approval

On December 27, 2018 a counterfeit 1990 Topps Frank Thomas “No Name On Front” Error Rookie Card found it’s way to BGS (Beckett Grading Services).  It should’ve been sent back to the individual who sent it in with a note stating its not authentic.  But did that happen?  No.  Instead it slipped through the cracks, was slapped into a BGS holder, and labeled the real thing.

Thanks to BGS, this dangerous card is now floating around the hobby.  They assigned it the right card number “414A” and everything.  “414A” is used for authentic examples of this card all of the time versus “414” for the standard Frank Thomas rookie which contains his name.  Checking the BGS serial number 0011017488 even further makes you believe that its real.  Someone at BGS either didn’t know what they were doing, or was completely aware of their actions.  In today’s hobby you just can’t tell anymore.

What makes this card a fake?  Authentic examples lack a large portion of the black lines that surround the empty blue box where his name should be.  A chunk of black lines are also missing from within the inner yellow border as well.  Authentic cards also don’t contain the “Topps” name on the front.  Another key feature of an authentic card is a black dot in the empty name box.  This card which BGS claims to be authentic contains all of the lines, the “Topps” name on the front, and zero black dot.  MAJOR RED FLAG!  Its important to note that some counterfeits do have the missing black lines, no “Topps” name, and black dot.  Please watch out for those.  Legitimate reprints exist which were released in various Topps products over the years.  So not only did BGS grade a counterfeit, they graded a bad counterfeit.

Authentic (left) Counterfeit (right)

Originally it popped up for sale from Probstein123.  Big surprise considering the shilling, trimming, and altering scandals they’ve been involved with.  They supposedly took the card down after being alerted to it.

That brings us to today.  On July 28, 2019 eBay user infiniumusa sold this exact card (same BGS serial number 0011017488) for $3,000.  Its unclear if the transaction went through or not, but I haven’t seen it since.

The fact is that this card is out there ready to fool anyone it can.  If you’re in the market for one, stay far away if it has BGS serial number 0011017488.  TOTALLY FAKE!

Card of the Day: Adam Jones 2015 Topps Series 2 Own The Name Game-Used Letter Patch

 photo jonesletter0patch15ts2_zpsxsvjdrd5.jpg

Card of the Day: Frank Thomas 1990 Topps No Name On Front Error #414


Can You Name This Card?


Name This Card


This one might be a little harder because I got rid of the player’s face.  I’m sure someone will guess it.

Name This Card

Can you name this card?



His first memorabilia cards were made in 2007.

Name This Card! Part 2

Ok, lets try this one 🙂

Name This Card!

Can you name this card?  Try and state the name of the set and the player on the card.  When you find out who it is, I’m sure you’ll “flip”.

Card of the Day #102

Frank Thomas 1990 Topps RC No Name on Front Error

What a cool name – “Rex Hudler”

There have been a lot of baseball players with cool names, but Rex Hudler has to be one of my favorites.  I actually met him once back in the late 90’s at my first Phillies Caravan in Harrisburg, PA.  I remember it so well because while waiting in line to get autographs, one of the employees of the Phillies came up to me and asked if I would like to go upstairs to visit with the Phillies instead of waiting in the very long line.  I said “sure”, and we made our way up the elevator.  In the media room the Phillies were in I met John Vukovich, Mike Lieberthal, Wayne Gomes, and Rex Hudler.  That was the day I became a huge Phillies fan.  The name Rex Hudler just sounds like a baseball player’s name.  I wish they wouldn’t made more cards of him.  He has an autographed card from 1996 Leaf Signature.  I know for a fact they never made any memorabilia cards.  Over his 14 years as a professional, he had a batting average of .261, 461 hits, and 56 HR’s.