Card of the Day: Popeye Jones 1997-98 NBA Hoops #146


2004-05 NBA Hoops Mysterious Unreleased Master Collection Parallel

If you recall, I was recently contacted by an individual who has in their possession some uncut, unfinished, and unreleased Fleer cards.  I blogged about it here.  Upon posting that write-up, I was hoping to get some feedback from collectors that could shed some more light on these cards.  Thanks to Cardboard History, we’ve had a breakthrough.

One of the items this person has in his collection is a 4-card uncut sheet from 2004-05 Fleer SkyBox NBA Hoops.  The players include Antawn Jamison, Allan Houston, Ray Allen, and Clifford Robinson.  Other than being uncut, all seems normal except for a mysterious gold dot found on each card.

The 2004-05 Fleer SkyBox NBA Hoops set consists of (200) cards.  Each card in the base set has one parallel – Hoops 100 #’ed/100.  If the base set looks familiar, that’s because its a throwback tribute to 1994-95 NBA Hoops.

Before settling on the Hoops 100 parallel, I believe Fleer had another parallel in mind and then decided to can it.  Getting a closer look at the gold dot it says “MASTER COLLECTION” around the outside.  Inside it states “Trading Cards, FLEER, Frank H. Fleer Established 1906”.

This unreleased MASTER COLLECTION parallel probably would’ve been another tribute to the 1994-95 NBA Hoops set.  A 50-card insert set called Supreme Court was made for 1994-95 NBA HoopsThese cards look just like the base, except they have a gold stamp that says “Supreme Court NBA Hoops” on them.

Another big difference is that the NBA Hoops logo on the MASTER COLLECTION parallels are printed in blue foil versus the standard silver.  Now, these cards were at the finishers at the time they were acquired.  Whether or not that logo was going to stay blue is something we’ll never know.

As always, your thoughts are gladly welcomed.

Card of the Day: Mark Jackson 1990-91 NBA Hoops #205

Card of the Day: Gary Payton 1990-91 NBA Hoops #391

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1990 NBA Hoops 11th National Sports Collectors Convention Pin

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Tickets for the 37th National Sports Collectors Convention went on sale this week.  This year’s National takes place Aug. 3-7 in Atlantic City.  By the looks of it, TRISTAR plans to have an extremely large list of autograph guests.  More will be added the closer we get to the opening.

Outside of cards, I’d like to see more National branded merchandise.  Many of the early Nationals had lots of different things.  Only two of the Nationals I’ve been to have sold shirts.  Both were in Baltimore.  I want to see the National’s name on more shirts, pins, bobbleheads, etc…  The National use to have a long running line of pins from the 80’s to early 2000’s, but that stopped.

As of right now I plan on being in Atlantic City this year.  I’ve got my hotel reservations and official Sports Card Info pins ready to hand out.  No real word yet as to what promos will be made.  Its a little early for that.  With the recent passing of the National’s founder, Mike Berkus, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see some promo cards of him.