“Pin-Up” of the Week: NBC Sochi 2014 Snow Globe Pin

 photo 14nbcsgpin_zps95bddec5.jpg

Well if this doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, I’m not sure what will.  If you thought the Little League World Series was a place to get pins, the Olympics will just blow them out of the water.  The Olympics is one of the biggest pin trading events when it comes to sports.  With the 2014 Winter Olympics just around the corner, it shouldn’t surprise you that some pins are already starting to surface.  This particular pin is issued by NBC, and functions like an actual snow globe.  These aren’t really that rare, an can easily be found for $12.00.  The 2014 Winter Olympics open February 7th in Sochi, Russia.

Card of the Day: 1997 Grolier ER Trading Card


This may seem a little out of the ordinary for a “Card of the Day” post, but sometimes its good to go outside the box.  Tonight on NBC, the long running show ER will be airing its final episode after 15 years, and I will be there to watch it.

When the first episode debuted to the public on September 19, 1994, I was in 3rd grade, and had a strick 9:00 p.m. bedtime.  When I reached middle school, I discovered the show by watching reruns in the morning during the summer.  After watching the first show, I  instantley became a fan.  I even got to see it more when I had multiple foot surgeries and needed to stay home from school.  As I got older I was staying up later and finally could watch the show in primetime.  I guess I can relate to the show since I have been in and out of the hospital so much in my life.  By far, ER will always be my favorite T.V. show.  I enjoyed watching all the drama and learning about the background of the characters.  It will be sad to see it go.

As for this trading card, it was made in 1997 by Grolier.  Its card number D-11 in this educational card set.  They measure 4×6″ and could only be obtained through the mail.  These can easily be picked-up for $5.00.