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Card of the Day: Rowland Office 1976 Topps #256

This George Washington Art Card Is Going To Cost You $$$$


There is no doubt that the two most expensive products on the market to break right now are Famous Fabrics 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Leaf’s Oval Office.  Neither one deals with sports in any way.  Both products are very limited and cost around $1,500.00 each.  Given the current economic conditions, I’m surprised we are seeing products like this being released.  They sure aren’t for your average collector.

I have to admit, Famous Fabrics has the better product.  Normally I would side with Leaf, but not this time.  Oval Office has (1) Presidential cut signature per box.  That’s it.  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on the other hand has (1) Presidential cut signature, (1) non-Presidential cut signature, and (4) base cards each numbered to 10 per box.  For around the same price, you can obviously see 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has much more to offer.

Another fun thing Famous Fabrics is doing is rewarding the first collector that puts together the entire 96-card 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue base set.  This first collector to do this will receive the George Washington 1/1 Hand-Painted Art card by Jared Kelley.  Kelley’s work can be found in Sports Kings and he was behind the Presidential Art cards found in Goodwin Champions.  They look absolutely amazing and collectors spend big bucks on them.  This base set won’t be an easy or cheap one to complete.  Having each base card limited to 10 copies really drives the price up.  Base cards have been selling anywhere from a low of $10.00 to over a high of $250.00+.  Get ready to spend some major $$$$ 🙂

Collectors that come in second, third, and fourth putting together the 96-card base set will receive 1/3 reproductions of the George Washington Hand-Painted Art card.

$2,500 Packs Are Back – 2012 Leaf Oval Office Preview


It looks as if Brian Gray not only has brought over his interest in baseball prospects to Leaf, but his love for presidential signatures too.  Next year Leaf will release Oval Office Cut Signature.  Each box will contain (1) pack that will have a presidential cut signature inside.  Cuts will be numbered to 5 or less and collectors can look for dual cuts of presidents with other historical figures.

In 2008, Gray released a product just like this under the Razor name.  Those packs cost $2,500.00.  I’m sure the 2012 version will cost about the same.  It will be an extremely limited product.  Leaf doesn’t plan to make anymore than 275 boxes.

Perhaps the economy isn’t that bad if a manufacturer is willing to release a product as high-end as this.  I wonder if they’ll make a cheap retail version 🙂  I doubt I’ll be busting this product.  Not unless Leaf sends a box over for review, which I am willing to take the bullet for and do 🙂




What A Disgrace

Lets face it, you need to have some serious balls to purchase a pack of cards that cost $2,000.00+ per pack, and contains only one card.  Razor Oval Office Edition is the first of its kind, and certainly is the most expensive pack of cards ever created.  Today, Autograph Alert announced that some of the presidential cut signatures might not be authentic.  This has to be one of the biggest disgraces the hobby has ever seen.  How would you like to be told that the pack of cards you just spent over $2,000.00 for could contain a questionable autograph?  I probably would hed to the bathroom and throw-up.  There is absolutely no reason why some of the autographs should be considered questionable, other than the fact they were cheaper to purchase.  Its not like Razor had to control thousands of these packs.  They only made 99.  Talk about quality control going down the crapper.  Collectors should never have to question the authenticity of an autograph when it comes directly from the manufacturer.  Its going to be a dark day in the hobby when you can’t even trust the very companies that provide the cards we all enjoy.


Williamsport Crosscutters Read Sports Card Info

Yesturday afternoon I received an e-mail from the Vice-President / Marketing & Public Relations head of the Williamsport Crosscutters, thanking me for mentioning the Phillies Dinner and posting the pictures on Sports Card Info.  I thought this was pretty cool.  He was the guy interviewing J.A. Happ on Wednesday night.  I wonder who else reads this blog?


How To PROPERLY Ship Sports Cards

Mario, from Wax Heaven has put together a really good video on how to properly mail sports cards.  There are a lot of people that need to see this.   Just click the link below.

How To PROPERLY Mail Sports Cards