The Mandalorian – Official Trailer

Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Teaser Trailer

Spider-Man: Far From Home | Official Trailer

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SHAZAM! – Official Trailer #2

Dark Phoenix – Official Trailer

With the acquisition of Fox, Disney and Marvel will regain the film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic 4.  Once Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants are released its most likely they all get rebooted and incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Its time for the current X-Men franchise, which began in 2000, to come to an end.  Honestly, I believe it should’ve ended with Logan.  Wolverine was the best character to come from these films.  I think these last two movies are just dragging it on.  The Fantastic 4 probably will make their MCU debut first before the X-Men.

Deadpool who is a Fox property will remain R-rated, and continue to do his own thing… for now.  You never know what that nut will do.

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME – Official Teaser Trailer

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