The Dual Auto That Should Be Made

In less than two days it will be time to sit down in front of the television, eat some spicy food, and watch the Super Bowl.  A lot of people watch the Super Bowl only to see the commercials, while others will be dressed up in their favorite team jersey treating it like some religious experience.  For years the number one Super Bowl ad has been the famous Coke commercial featuring “Mean” Joe Greene and Tommy Okon (that little kid).  You’ve probably even seen the spoof commercial recently with Troy Polamalu.  With all the crazy celebrity autographs found in products like Americana and Celebrity Cuts, I’m surprised someone never thought of making a dual autograph of Greene and Okon.  From what I have found, Okon didn’t have much of an acting career after filming this commercial.  But having both of these signatures on one card would sure make for an interesting conversation piece.