Flashback Product of the Week: 1991-1997 Thunder On The Water

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They’re loud.  They’re fast.  And for seven consecutive years the sport of hydroplane racing had its very own set thanks to J&W Productions & Promotions.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a hydroplane is, its basically a very fast speedboat.  Most of the engines come from the aviation industry, and these boats use the water mainly for lift rather than to stay afloat.  They also use the water for propulsion and steering too.  The best way to describe these beasts is to think of them as jet airplanes on water.  Ken Warby currently holds the record for going the fastest in his hydroplane, Spirit of Australia.  On October 8, 1978, Warby set the speed record at Blowering Dam, Australia clocking in at 318.75 mph.  Its a record that continues to hold today.  Hydroplane racing has many different circuits to follow.  The real badass drivers can be found in the H1 Unlimited league, due to its fewer restrictions.

From 1991 to 1997, J&W Productions & Promotions issued an annual 25-card set.  Series 1 started in ’91, Series 2 in ’92, and so on.  In all there are 175 cards to the complete series, plus 16 Hall of Fame drivers, and 8 promotional cards.  These were only available in set form, no packs or boxes.

Sportkings Series F To Focus On Miami Dolphins Perfect Season

The Miami Dolphins 17-0 Perfect Season is one of the biggest accomplishments in NFL history.  Fans probably won’t see this ever happen again.  Despite all of this, no card manufacturer has ever dedicated a portion of any of their products to this monumental event.  Over the years they keep praising teams like the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots.  Finally, someone has stepped up to the plate and has given members of this team their long over due time in the light.  That someone would be Sportkings.

Sure, some of these players have autographs and relics in other products, but nothing like this.  Sportkings Series F, due out August 1, will feature a new concept called Anthology.  The first Anthology Autograph Card insert set will feature the members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins.  13 members of the Dolphins will be featured in this insert set.  There are 72 of each player hard-signed featuring their home jerseys and 72 of each player hard-signed in their away jersey.

 photo skf-anthology_griese_zps3555017f.jpg

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The Perfect Season Anthology autographed/memorabilia cards feature pieces of seat from the Orange Bowl that are signed by players such as Bob Griese, Jim Kiick, Howard Twilley, Nick Buoniconti, and more.  I’m glad Sportkings was able to include guys like Buoniconti, Twilley, and Fernandez.  These guys don’t have many modern day cards.

 photo orange-bowl-autographed-seat_zps5d43264c.jpg

After the way collectors reacted to the Art Cards found in Series E, it shouldn’t surprise you that they’d make a return this year.  Check out these all hand-painted bad boys!

 photo ty-cobb_zps6fec0f38.jpg

1933 Sport Kings Gum Hand-Drawn Cards

 photo jeter6_zpsca12fb75.jpg

Body of Work

 photo xx-chastain_zps3d58b9df.jpeg

Memorable Moments Puzzle Cards

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First Pitch

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First Pitch

 photo cobb_zpsac390e0e.jpg

First Class

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First Class

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Sportkings Series F will also have a ton of cut signatures, autographs, and relics.  Be sure to visit Dr. Price’s blog for more info.

Tickets To The 34th National Are Now On Sale


Advanced tickets to the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention are now on sale.  This year’s National takes place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago.  The National is one of the greatest places for collectors to gather, show off their collections, get autographs, and pick-up an endless amount of promos.  If you can’t find it at the National, it most likely doesn’t exist.  TRISTAR has already scheduled a bunch of athletes to sign autographs with plenty more to come.  In a few months we’ll start hearing what Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, and all the other major players have in store for collectors.  Lots of great memories can be made while attending The National.  You never know what might happen or who you’ll meet.

Here are a few links to the past NSCC I’ve attended:

Now this is a blast from the past.  Check out this program from the very first National back in 1980.  I think we’ve come a long way since the Airport Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles.  Someone snagged this program up recently for $60.00.



Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Impel – A Nightmare On Elm Street


Freddy Krueger is one of the biggest horror icons that has ever hit the big screen.  Unlike Michael Myers or Jason, Freddy kills with comedic style.  By 1991, Wes Craven’s creation already was a well established slasher villain. Impel’s A Nightmare On Elm Street cards only came in a boxed set form.  No loose packs here.  The base set has 120-cards, 10 specialty cards, and 2 “Freddy Vision” holograms.  The cards show movie stills and behind-the-scenes images ranging from A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) to Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991).   They got a little creative when it came to the box design as it looks like a coffin.


For you true die-hard horror collectors.  Impel did make a premium version of this set that was only made available through a mail-in offer.  This boiler room style box houses a complete factory set, t-shirt, and COA.  The base set is the same, but the special cards and holograms are different.  There are 144 cards in all.  This version is much rarer.  It’s worth about $70.00 where as the basic version can go for $10.00 to $30.00.


Flashback Product of the Week: 1969 Topps Man on the Moon


With NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover landing this week, I thought the 1969 Topps Man on the Moon set would fit well for this post.  This set only consists of 55 cards.  Its not very large at all.  The photography covers a lot of the major space events that took place during the 1960s.  The front of each card comes with a brief description about the photo and the backs act as puzzle pieces.

Its not the most in demand vintage set, but sealed boxes still command serious prices.  One would cost about $1,000.00.


My favorite card from the whole set.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Topps got the astronauts to sign some of these and issue them as buybacks?

Card of the Day: Frank Thomas 1990 Topps No Name On Front Error #414


Press Pass Releases Preliminary Info On 2012 Redline


Press Pass has released preliminary info on their newest high-end racing product called Redline.  No pictures yet.


  • Each premium two-pack tin of 2012 Redline includes two autographs and two race-used memorabilia cards from the biggest names in NASCAR including NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ driver Danica Patrick and NASCAR newcomer Travis Pastrana.
  • At least one autographed memorabilia card per tin such as Rookie Year autographed dual memorabilia cards and HOF triple memorabilia cards featuring NASCAR Hall of Famers.
  • At least one multi-swatch memorabilia card per tin including Pieces of the Action triple memorabilia cards.
  • Look for short-printed Redline Signatures short-printed variation autograph cards featuring alternate sponsors of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Tony Stewart and more!
Packs Contain:
  • One numbered autograph card
  • One numbered race-used memorabilia card
  • One numbered Color Proof base set parallel (#d to 99, 50, 15, or 1)
  • One or more insert cards – some insert cards are short-printed (one per half-case)
  • At least five base cards from the 50-card base set


Tickets For The 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention Are Now On Sale


Tickets for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention are now on sale.  As usual you have your general admission, VIP Package, and/or SuperVIP Package to choose from.  This year’s convention takes place on August 1-5 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Right now its early, and they only have three VIP signers – Mike Hargrove, Dexter Manley, and Joe Washington, but many more will be added.  No word yet on what will be included within the VIP packages either, but that will soon come.  The promos are the best thing about the NSCC.  Plus you have the opportunity to meet some great athletes.


In addition to the list above, Bob Griese, Rod Carew, Ralph Kiner, Steve Carlton, Gordie Howe, Jim Bunning, Billy Williams, Goose Gossage, Phil Niekro, Fergie Jenkins, and Earl Weaver are scheduled to come.

Press Pass will be giving away this Danica Patrick autographed banner at their booth too.


More info on manufacturer’s promos and wrapper redemption programs coming soon!  Its never to early for National news!!!

Going On Vacation: 12/27/08 – 1/3/09

I just wanted to let you know that from 12/27/08 – 1/3/09 I will be on vacation.  I have the “Card of the Day” post set to go up every morning and on Sunday I’ll have the “Flashback Product of the Week”.  I will be back on 1/4/09.