Card of the Day: Jim Thome 2000 Pacific Vanguard High Voltage #16


Card of the Day: Jim Nettles 1990 Pacific Senior League Baseball #126

Card of the Day: Pete MacKanin 1991 Pacific Senior League #66

 photo pete91pacsltrop_zpsdgjjbhkd.jpg

Card of the Day: 1993 Pacific Nolan Ryan 27 MLB Seasons – Nolan Ryan/Tom Seaver – Pacific Pride #250

 photo 93pacificpride_zps3ahndbbd.jpg

Card of the Day: Spider Jorgensen 1953 Mother’s Cookies Pacific Coast League #55

 photo spidermotherscookies_zpsv6dae63w.jpg

Card of the Day: Terrell Owens 1996 Pacific Invincible Platinum Blue #I-132

 photo to96pipbluerc_zpswd3256nk.jpg

Card of the Day: Bubby Brister 1994 Pacific Collection #244

 photo bubby94pacific_zpslqev83dl.jpg