2010 Donruss Elite Box Break + 4 Packs of Allen & Ginter

Great Day At The Card Shop

I had some gift cards left over from graduation, so I took a trip over to one of my local hobby shops today, Sports Zone Memorabilia.  I purchased two packs of ’09 Bowman Sterling Baseball and the last box of ’09 Triple Threads Football.  Jason, the shop owner, said that the case of Triple Threads hasn’t been that great, but he had a good feeling about this final box.  Man was he right…………..

(2) packs of ’09 Bowman Sterling Baseball:

  • George Kottaras RC
  • Petey Paramore Prospect
  • Gerardo Parra Gold Ref RC #’ed/50
  • Rashun Dixon Prospect Ref #’ed/199
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu Jersey
  • Hung-Wen Chen Jersey Ref #’ed/199
  • Dinesh Patel Prospect Auto
  • Pat Venditte Prospect Auto
  • Scott Campbell Prospect Ref Auto #’ed/199
  • Gordon Beckham RC Auto

’09 Triple Threads Football Box:

  • Peyton Manning Triple Jersey Auto #’ed 7/15
  • Urlacher/Hawk/Curry Triple Jersey #’ed 11/25
  • Steve Smith #’ed/25
  • Michael Turner #’ed/249
  • Santonio Holmes #’ed/149
  • Reggie Wayne #’ed/99

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and I turn 23 years old.  I ate a really great birthday dinner, stuffed myself with some chocolate cake, and after eating take a look at what I got…………..


Results from the breaks will be posted tomorrow.  Its going to be a fun night!

Pete Falcone Likes Baseball Cards

This afternoon I was going through my base card boxes pulling out Red Sox cards for a trade, and I came across this card.  


Its a Pete Falcone 1982 Fleer #524 and it caught my eye because he is sitting there opening up some packs.  This is the first time I have ever seen a baseball player pictured on a card doing this and I thought it was really interesting.  I doubt many players today would be seen doing this when entering the locker room.  Falcone played for the Giants, Cardinals, Mets, and Braves posting a career 70-90 record.  I’d like to see more players pictured like this, even if it is just for the photo.  

With all the high-priced products out on the market today, pro athletes might be the only people left that can afford packs to open.

Introducing Wrapper Rippers!

Sports Card Info would like to introduce a new feature called Wrapper Rippers.  A Wrapper Rippers post will contain at least two packs of cards, and you need to decide which one you would rather open and why.  

The first Wrapper Rippers post consists of a sealed pack of 1952 Topps baseball, and a sealed pack of 1910 Sweet Caporal Tobacco cards.  Both sets are historical landmarks within the hobby.  Which one would you rather open and why?



Mailday MOJO! Thanks Beckett

Last week I received an e-mail from Beckett saying that I correctly placed my article “How To Spot Fake Sports Cards That Are For Sale” on their website.  They said I would be receiving 3 free packs of 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot baseball cards in the mail as a gift.  When I checked the mail today there was a bubble envelope with my 3 packs inside.  I couldn’t believe what I pulled.  I pulled a Jim Thome base card for my Phillies collection, Chris Saenz Sweet Beginings #’ed/799, and a John Smoltz Autograph.  I was so surprised to have received an autograph.  I’ll probably be moving the Smoltz auto soon.  Thanks Beckett!!!!!!!



Hope you like the snow 🙂

2008 Topps Finest Football Mini Box & 3 Packs of Bowman Chrome

Headed out to the card shop this afternoon and picked up a mini box of 2008 Topps Finest Football and 3 packs of 2008 Bowman Chrome.  Here is what I got:

2008 Topps Finest:

Adrian Arrington Xfractor Auto #’ed 1/30

Mike Hart Xfractor #’ed/50

Steve Smith Ref

Barry Sanders Finest Moments Green Ref #’ed/199

Joe Flacco Finest Moments Ref

Clinton Portis Green Ref #’ed/299

Larry Johnson Ref

I also pulled a Ronnie Brown base card for my Dolphins collection.

3 Packs of 2008 Bowman Chrome:

Isaac Bruce Ref

Chris Johnson Rookie

Andre Woodson Rookie

Brian Westbrook Xfractor #’ed/250

Donnie Avery Rookie

Overall, I’m pretty happy.  The Arrington and Hart cards are the two lowest serial numbered pulls I have ever received from Finest.  Pulling the Johnson rookie from only 3 packs of Bowman Chrome isn’t too bad either.

Dealer to be tried on fraud charges

Source – pennlive.com
Materials to alter items found at L. Paxton Twp. warehouse, police say
Thursday, September 18, 2008 

Of Our Cumberland County Bureau

Investigators found an “assembly line” for fraud when they raided the Lower Allen Twp. warehouse of collectibles dealer Roger Hooper, a Cumberland County detective said Wednesday.

Hooper had a machine for resealing vintage packs of sports cards, which have more value if they’ve never been opened, Detective Earl Bock said.

Thousands of loose cards and piles of stale chewing gum were in plain view, he said.

It was obvious that Hooper was compiling his own packs and passing them off as unopened originals, Bock said during Hooper’s preliminary hearing before District Judge Charles Clement Jr. on fraud charges.

Hooper said he never tampered with collectibles or knowingly sold a forgery. “To my knowledge, everything was legit, 100 percent legit,” he said.

His lawyer, Corky Goldstein, insisted the criminal charges aren’t warranted and that the allegations should be dealt with in a civil lawsuit.

But Clement ordered Hooper to be tried in county court on counts of engaging in fraudulent business practices, theft by deception and dealing in proceeds of illegal activity.

The charges stem from Hooper’s dealings with a Virginia sports memorabilia collector and with a Carlisle man who helped Hooper sell items on eBay.

The investigation isn’t over.

“Reams and reams” of complaints from other of Hooper’s customers poured in after a July article in The Patriot-News outlined his legal troubles, Senior Assistant District Attorney Daniel Sodus said.

David Herrell of Harrisonburg, Va., said that Hooper conned him out of approximately $5,000 during a 2006 auction by selling him fake autographed items and packs of supposedly virgin football cards that had actually been opened.

Expert appraisers verified the frauds, Herrell said.

He said Hooper was “rude and dismissive” when he complained. “He told me to put it on eBay and sell it as is,” Herrell said.

“How do we know that you didn’t open the packs?” Goldstein asked.

“I wouldn’t have the first idea of how to go about resealing them,” Herrell said. “I’m a collector, not a fraudster.”

Goldstein said an earlier probe of Herrell’s claims by the state auctioneer licensing agency didn’t prompt any penalties against Hooper.

Ned Kerstetter of Carlisle said he allowed Hooper to sell items through Kerstetter’s eBay account.

Kerstetter said he received a flood of complaints that the items, including packs of coins and sports card packs, weren’t as advertised.

Hooper wouldn’t satisfy many customers, Kerstetter said, so he drained his own savings and retirement accounts and borrowed money to give $50,000 in refunds.

He said he sued Hooper three years ago and that suit, which prompted the criminal probe, is pending.

Hooper testified that he did sell on eBay in 2000 or 2001, but said that his account was shut down without explanation.

The machine that Bock claimed was used to make bogus sports card packs was actually for sealing items in plastic for shipment, he said.

He said the piles of sports cards, chewing gum and wax sealing material the detective saw were from card packs that had been damaged by rodents or the elements.

Hooper said he usually sells items “as is,” gives potential buyers time to examine them and offers refunds if complaints are made promptly, which wasn’t the case with Herrell and some customers who complained to Kerstetter.

“Did you misrepresent anything that was sold?” Goldstein asked.

“No, sir,” Hooper replied.

Fraud is an inherent risk with collectibles, Hooper said, and even he gets scammed sometimes.

“When you’re in this type of business, it comes with the territory,” he said.

Sports Card Info Major Card Pulls

Now you can view my biggest card pulls that I have ever made.  On the right sidebar under the calendar you will see a link titled “Major Card Pulls”.  There you will be taken to a slideshow.  Thank you and enjoy.

Q & A – 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter “Hot Packs”

Question: I really want to buy some hobby packs or a hobby box of the 2008 Allen & Ginter cards because it has gotten so many rave reviews; however, while browsing across eBay, I found hot packs for these types of cards. I know it takes away from the mystery of which packs will be hits in a box, but it would save tons of money by just getting hits and it would still be a surprise as to what hit. I know these already seem shady, but I would like to know just how legitimate are these?

It seems to me at first glance that these are not sealed packs and have been opened while the person selling them just puts in hits that are probably common game used type cards rather than rarer cards. Do you think this is true? Otherwise, if they somehow already know there is a hit in there by either weighing it or bending it to see the stiffness without having opened the pack, then it would still be somewhat fun and a gamble. What do you think about these hot packs? Is it a scam and a waste of money?

Answer: Hello and thanks for the e-mail.  Personally, I would stay away from any seller that has these so called “hot packs” for sale.  They are way too shady and I would not trust them, that includes the ones that look like they searched the pack without opening them.  The sellers that reseal packs most likely would put a low end memorabilia or autograph in it, but who is to say they didn’t pull out a good mini card out before resealing it.  You would probably have more luck if you bought a few regular packs.  I would suggest if you want to save money, trying to find some sealed blaster boxes that contain 7 or 8 packs that run for about $20.00.  Hope that helps.