Another Joe Paterno Cut Found

Joe Paterno now has a confirmed 4 cut signatures floating around The Hobby somewhere.  A little over a month ago the only one Razor produced popped up for sale, and now one of the 3 made by Panini has surfaced.  Paterno is slowly making his way into The Hobby.  Your going to need some deep pockets if you want one of these.  If I was the collector who opened this pack, I would have been stunned.


Give Brian Grey A Big Hand: Paterno’s 1st Certified Autograph

In today’s industry it seems like everyone has a card, including Billy the Marlin.  One of the few people who doesn’t have a lot of cards would be the legendary coach of Penn State Joe Paterno.  I have to give Brian Grey of Razor a big hand because collectors have been waiting years for someone to make a certified autograph of Paterno.  His first certified autograph was found in Razor’s 2009 Sports Icons product and is serial numbered 1/1.  Last year Paterno was suppose to have an autograph in Topps Mayo but for some reason it never made it in, even though collectors saw pictures of it on the sell sheet and promotional video.  Currently this card is selling for $36.00 with 6 bids.  The auction closes tomorrow night and I bet the price will go through the roof when it gets closer to ending.


Update: The card ended at $238.00.

Missing Paterno

Joe Paterno was due to have his first certified autographed card included in 2008 Topps Mayo Cut Plug football, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Ever since the release of this product I have been watching eBay for one to pop-up, but none ever have.  The other day Topps released the SP list for the autograph, relic, and token cards in which Joe Paterno’s name did not appear.  To my surprise I find out that he never made it into the final checklist.  This really surprised me because it looked as if they already had the card made when looking at their promotional video for the product.  Perhaps they have it made and they couldn’t get it into the product fast enough.  Could they include this card in another version of Topps Mayo?  If they never produced the card, I think thats a dirty trick to play on collectors.


Card of the Day: Joe Paterno 1992 Front Row #1


Joe Paterno to appear in 2008 Topps Mayo’s Cut Plug Football

There will be a lot of college football collectors glad to read this.  While watching the preview for the new 2008 Topps Mayo’s Cut Plug football cards I saw an autographed card of legendary coach Joe Paterno.  To many football collectors this is a huge deal.  Joe Paterno has very little cards made of him and what cards are out there are just base.  It will be interesting to see what the print run is on his cards.  2008 Mayo’s Cut Plug football cards look like an interesting product to break.  Topps has even inserted a few original Cut Plug cards from the past.  It is due to be released this December.


I knew this wasn’t the first time a card company used the Mayo Cut Plug design.  Here is a Randy Moss insert from 2002 Gridiron Kings.

Card of the Day #90

Joe Paterno 1950 Topps Felt Backs