“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2015 MLB All-Star Game Pennant Pin

 photo 2015asgpennpin_zpsrd3ewusr.jpg

We’re less than two months away from the 2015 MLB All-Star Game.  This year the game will take place in Cincinnati at Great American Ball Park on 7/14.  Leading up to the game there will be festivities at Duke Energy Convention Center and other locations throughout the city.

The All-Star Game is big on collectible pins.  Aminco is one pin maker, and WinCraft is the other.  A handful of pins for this year’s All-Star Game can already be bought.  Nothing too rare.  But during the festivities WinCraft plans to distribute 65 different pins this year.  Pins start to be given out on 7/10.

Beer Fest Yields New Baseball Pin

Downtown Selinsgrove this afternoon they had the annual Brew Fest.  This is where a lot of micro breweries come together and you can taste some of their most popular brands of beer.  One of the breweries that was there was the Brooklyn Brewery, and one of the beers that they allowed people to taste was called Pennant Ale.  There was a ton of promotional items floating around this place and my eyes went straight to this baseball pin.  These were covering an entire table.  Being such a huge sports pin collector, I couldn’t let this one go.  What can I say?  Baseball and beer go together like Bert and Ernie 🙂