Card of the Day: Wesley Person 1996-97 Upper Deck #281

A Little Autograph Help Is Needed

For a long time now I have been getting autographs on various baseball bats while attending shows and other events.  This morning I decided to sit down and make a list of every autograph on each bat just to have some kind of a record.  I probably should have done this while getting the autographs but never did.  I came across one autograph that I cannot identify.  Maybe you can help.  Here is a picture:


I went through 35 different signatures and this is the only one I can’t remember.  Anyone have any ideas who the mystery autograph might be?

Here is a list of all the autographs I have on my bats:

  • Tom McCarthy
  • Milt Thompson
  • Dickie Noles
  • Frank Howard x2
  • Bobby Shantz
  • Harry Kalas
  • Dick Allen
  • Gene Garber x2
  • Brooks Robinson
  • Jay Johnstone
  • Clete Boyer
  • Mickey Morandini x2
  • Bob Feller x2
  • Willie Fordham
  • Bill Mazeroski
  • Pat Zachry
  • Mike Hargrove x2
  • Pete Rose
  • Lou Marson
  • Lee May
  • Johnny Bench
  • Todd Pratt
  • Andre Thornton
  • Greg Luzinski
  • George Scott
  • Roger Craig
  • Sal Bando
  • Tom Herr
  • J.A. Happ
  • Kyle Kendrick
  • Ken Griffey Sr
  • Chuck McElroy
  • Stan Bahnsen
  • Marty Bystrom
  • Darren Daulton
  • Chris Coste


Its Chris Coste!!!!!!!!

Autograph Arithmetic

If you attend any large sports card/memorabilia shows where major athletes are signing autographs, I’m sure that you’re familiar with how outrageous some of the autographs can cost.  

Last weekend while attending the Philly Show, Willie Mays was scheduled to show up and sign autographs for his fans.  The cheapest price they were charging for his signature was $269.00 for any flat items.  The prices went up if you wanted him to sign anything else.  This got me thinking.  $269.00 is a lot of money just to watch someone sign a card or photograph.  You can easily pickup a Mays 2004 Topps Finest certified autographed card for less than $90.00.  Thats almost a 300% increase in price just to see them in person.  

Lets apply this information to Babe Ruth.  A Babe Ruth cut signature can be purchased online for about $4,000.00.  If Ruth was still alive today and showed up at a show to sign autographs, it would cost you about $12,000.00+ to watch him sign your item.  

Although it is fun to say you’ve met an athlete, sometimes its just better to go with the cards instead.



Q & A: In Person Autograph Market

Question:  How do I know the value of signed cards.  I’ve had these ones since high school(90’s).  Are they worth anything and is there a market?

Answer:  Sports cards that people get signed in person aren’t worth as much as the ones that come from packs of cards.  The only way that any value could be added to your cards would be to get them certified by a reputable company like PSA.  When people get cards signed like that, they usually keep them in their personal collection.  The Yzerman autograph looks to be a little faded as well.  If I were you, I would keep them.  I don’t think spending the money to get them certified would be worth it.


Blank Sports Cards

Here is an interesting idea.  These are blank baseball cards that you can use to get signed in person.  There are a whole bunch of different designs for a wide variety of sports.  I guess these would look a little better than an autograph over a picture that you may not be able to see.  I’m not too sure how long they have been around, but its a great idea for the in person and by the mail autograph seekers.  Another upside about using something like this, is that you don’t have to mail out one of your own cards and having to worry about losing it.  Very good idea!!!