Card of the Day: Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf 2001 Donruss Elite Face 2 Face – Dual Face Mask Relic


Card of the Day: Peyton Manning 1998 Metal Universe RC #189


Card of the Day: Peyton Manning 2011 Donruss Elite Aspirations Auto


Card of the Day: Peyton Manning 1998 Score Artist Proof


Great Day At The Card Shop

I had some gift cards left over from graduation, so I took a trip over to one of my local hobby shops today, Sports Zone Memorabilia.  I purchased two packs of ’09 Bowman Sterling Baseball and the last box of ’09 Triple Threads Football.  Jason, the shop owner, said that the case of Triple Threads hasn’t been that great, but he had a good feeling about this final box.  Man was he right…………..

(2) packs of ’09 Bowman Sterling Baseball:

  • George Kottaras RC
  • Petey Paramore Prospect
  • Gerardo Parra Gold Ref RC #’ed/50
  • Rashun Dixon Prospect Ref #’ed/199
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu Jersey
  • Hung-Wen Chen Jersey Ref #’ed/199
  • Dinesh Patel Prospect Auto
  • Pat Venditte Prospect Auto
  • Scott Campbell Prospect Ref Auto #’ed/199
  • Gordon Beckham RC Auto

’09 Triple Threads Football Box:

  • Peyton Manning Triple Jersey Auto #’ed 7/15
  • Urlacher/Hawk/Curry Triple Jersey #’ed 11/25
  • Steve Smith #’ed/25
  • Michael Turner #’ed/249
  • Santonio Holmes #’ed/149
  • Reggie Wayne #’ed/99

Press Pass’s Two Best Football Rookie Autos

It would be hard to argue that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning aren’t two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.  If your looking to purchase an autograph of either of them, you better be prepared to open up your wallet really far.  Even their Press Pass autographs have become more and more expensive over the years.  The 1998 Press Pass Peyton Manning and 2000 Press Pass Tom Brady autographs are probably the two best and most valuable base rookie autographs the company has ever made.  The Manning sells for $150.00+ and the Brady can be found for about the same.  The price of each card really depends on the condition too.  Some have been known to sell for over $400.00.  Press Pass has made a ton of football cards since the Manning and Brady, but no base rookie autographs have yet reached the levels these two cards are at.

Whenever a new product comes out, the individual card prices tend to spike and then level off over time.  With football products from companies such as Press Pass, card prices spike immediately and then seem to crash when other products are released.  Thats why if I pull an autograph of a hot rookie out of newly released Press Pass product, I tend to sell it right away.  Collectors could save a lot of money if they wait to purchase Press Pass autographs after a few other products come out.  I wonder if there will ever be a third card to join this small group.


Surprisingly, the ’98 Press Pass Manning autograph doesn’t even come close to his cheapest rookie containing his signature.  Collector’s Edge rookie autographs can be found for under $100.00

Card of the Day: Peyton Manning ’98 Absolute SSD #165

Despite looking like a high-end card, this is one of Manning’s most affordable rookies.  You can easily find these for under $20.00.


Card of the Day: Marino / Manning 1998 Topps Stadium Club Dual Auto