Card of the Day: Bryce Harper 2019 Topps Stadium Club Photo Variation #291


2018/19 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer SP Photo Variation Guide

2018/19 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Soccer contains (5) SP Photo Variations.  That’s not a lot compared to other sets.  These are quite difficult to pull, and each one has a Superfractor parallel #’ed 1/1.

Lionel Messi #1, Christian Pulišić #23, Harry Kane #48, Antoine Griezmann #84, and Cristiano Ronaldo #100 are the only SP Photo Variations.  While each of them has a base card in the main set, their SP Photo Variation is harder to find.  CMP codes for SP Photo Variations end in #223, whereas base cards end in #203.

Here’s what the SP Photo Variations look like:

Card of the Day: Brett Favre 2008 Topps Packers Tractor Photo #34

Card of the Day: Richard Sherman 2015 Topps Veteran Photo Variation #209

 photo sherman15toppsturkey_zpsvsqu0mun.jpg

Card of the Day: Joe Mauer 2014 Topps Series 2 Snoopy Photo Variation SP #125

 photo mauersnoopy_zps4a411be2.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1997 Topps ProShooters Photo Marbles


My friends over at The Cardboard Connection have recently been talking about this product, and I’ve found it very interesting.  1997 Topps ProShooters Photo Marbles is a test issue that was released in a small part of Canada.  It could have also been tested in the United States as well.  The set consists of 60 player marbles and are extremely rare.  Player collectors go nuts not only over the marbles, but the two checklists which rarely show up for sale.  Check out some of the recent sales of the checklists:

Not too bad for a couple of basic checklists.  The marbles themselves are popular too.  Check out some of these.
As you can see, these marbles may be tiny, but the price is big.  Collectors can find (2) marbles per pack.


I’ve Turned Into Where’s Waldo!


Enlarge image

This is another photo from the Phillies dinner I attended Monday night.  The Williamsport Crosscutters posted it earlier today.  I bet you can’t find me in it.  This is not a trick.  I’m in there.  I feel like Where’s Waldo?