Photobucket Nightmare

I don’t post a lot of rants on here.  The internet and hobby is full of them.  But I have a MAJOR bone to pick with the photo sharing website Photobucket.  I’ve used their site for over ten years.  Even before I started blogging, I used their site to share pictures of cards on various forums.  I got so use to the site that when I began Sports Card Info I continued to use it to host my images.  Bloggers all over the world woke up Friday morning to a terrible nightmare.  Photobucket decided that they would no longer allow users to host 3rd party images for free.  It would now cost $400 per year.  If you choose not to pay, many of the Photobucket hosted images on your site would be replaced with the above picture.  Its basically a ransom.  What ticks me off the most is that they did this with no prior warning.  They just flipped the switch and didn’t care how many websites they royally messed up.

You’ll notice this picture all over Sports Card Info.  Right now it seems to start heavily all the way in the beginning up to about the middle of last May.  At first I seriously thought about paying the money because I hate that this image is all over the blog.  It looks trashy.  After giving it some more thought, I’ve decided not to pay.  Given the amount of customer complaints, I’m hoping that this was either a mistake or they reverse this new policy.  I’m not totally against paying a yearly fee, but taking it from completely free to $400 overnight with no warning is just garbage.  I’ve heard many people wanting to take legal action.  If they do, who knows if it will result in anything.

Lets hope they get the hint and switch everything back.  At the very least they could lower the fee.  It would take me another ten years to move all of my old images to a new hosting site.  That I cannot do.  I’m using WordPress to host all of my pictures now.  New posts I make should not be altered.  Working on Sports Card Info is very fun for me, and I didn’t want you to think I was just letting things go.  Talk about a terrible business decision.  For now, I’m going to wait before paying anything.