Card of the Day: Aaron Sele 1992 Topps Draft Pick #504


Card of the Day: Vince Young 2006 Press Pass Power Pick Auto


Card of the Day: Manny Ramirez 1992 Topps Draft Pick RC #156


Press Pass’s 2012 Power Pick Promotion

Press Pass has developed a special “Power Pick” set that will coincide with many of their 2012 product releases.  These specially marked “Power Packs” will be available at participating hobby shops and various Press Pass dealers.  These packs will include base cards, autographs, relics, and instant win prizes.  They plan to kick-off this promotion with the release of their flagship product, 2012 Press Pass Racing.  More cards will be released under the “Power Pick” set with each 2012 release.



2010 Press Pass Draft Pick Football Red Ink / Inscription List

I know this was posted last Friday, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that I’ve heard complaining that they have had to go to Beckett’s site to read the list.  Well, now you don’t have to.

There are two companies I predict will go out of business soon.  Those companies would be Beckett and Upper Deck.  Beckett is totally meaningless because of the blogs, and Upper Deck has financial troubles.  I’d rather see Upper Deck stick around 🙂

Danario    Alexander    50; 25 ‘DA’
Freddie    Barnes    10
Navorro    Bowman    10; 3 LBU’
Sam    Bradford    5; 5 ‘Boomer Sooner!
Dezmon    Briscoe    47; 25 ‘Bris’
Jarrett    Brown    50; 25 ‘J Brizzle’
Antonio    Brown    49; 24 ‘AB’
Sean    Canfield    22; 7 ‘Go Beavs!’
Daryll    Clark    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Jimmy    Clausen    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Eric    Decker    60; 10 ‘Go Gophers’; 19 ‘Go Gophers’
Dorin    Dickerson    97
Anthony    Dixon    50; 23 ‘Boobie’
Jonathan    Dwyer    41; 3 ‘Diesel’
Jacoby    Ford    48
Toby     Gerhart    3; 1 ‘Touchdown’; 1 ‘Fear the Tree’
Brandon     Ghee    20
Mardy    Gilyard    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Jermaine    Gresham    50
Rob    Gronkowski    17; 13 ‘Bear Down’
Montario    Hardesty    10; 4 ‘Go Vols!’
Aaron    Hernandez    50; 1 ‘Name, Chico Suave, Go Gators’; 1 ‘Chico Suave, Go Gators’; 1 ‘Name, Go Gators, Chico’; 2 ‘Chico Suave’; 2 ‘Chico, Go Gators’; 1 ‘Name, Chico’; 17 ‘Chico’
Jerry     Hughes    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Javarris    James    51; 23 ‘JJ’
Mike    Kafka    50; 25 ‘Go Cats’
Brandon    LaFell    4
Sean    Lee    41; 15 ‘Go Lions’; 4 ‘We are Penn State’
Dan    LeFevour    31; 2 ‘Fire Up Chips!
Ryan    Mathews    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Dexter    McCluster    50; 25 ‘Go Rebs’
Anthony    McCoy    48; 35 ‘USC’
Gerald    McCoy    24 ‘G.K.’
Chris    McGaha    50; 25 ‘Go ASU’
Joe    McKnight    65
Derrick    Morgan    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Jason    Pierre-Paul    5; 5 ‘J.P.P.’
Tony     Pike    50; 25 ‘Go Cats’
Andre    Roberts    48; 1 ‘Cadets’; 1 ‘Go Dogs!’; 1 ‘Fine’; 1 ‘Dre-Rob’; 1 General & Boo; 1 Spike the Bulldog; 1 Drew-She; 1 McXane; 1 Dre; 1 Citadel; 1 Superman; 2 Electric Socks; 1 The Military School of South Carolina; 1 Big Time; 1 A Rob; 2 Dre-Day;  1 Rob; 1 Boo; 1 Spike; 1 Del Boys; 1 The Citadel; 1 Bulldogs
Charles     Scott    10; 3 ‘Chuck the Truck’
George     Selvie    50; 25 ‘Go Bulls!’
Jordan    Shipley    25; 36 ‘Hook ‘Em’
Jevan    Snead    13; 8 ‘Go Rebs!’
James    Starks    49 ‘B-K # ‘19′; 25 ‘B-K #19′
Golden    Tate    10; 3 ‘Go Irish’
Tim     Tebow    9 ‘God Bless’; 1 ‘John 3:16′; 8 ‘Go Gators’; 2 ‘08 Champs’; 1 ‘Phil. 4:13′; 2 ‘07 Hesiman’; 1 ‘James 1:2-4′; 1 ‘06/08 Champs, 07 Heisman, God Bless’
Demaryius    Thomas    50; 24 ‘Bay Bay’
Earl     Thomas    123
Alterraun    Verner    50; 23 ‘Pick Six’
Donovan    Warren    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Joe    Webb    9; 5 ‘Spiderman’
Juice    Williams    13; 7 ‘Go Illini’
Damian    Williams    47; 25 ‘Fight On’
Mike    Williams    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Corey    Wotton    *No Red Ink or Inscriptions in Press Pass FB
Dez    Bryant    *Cards Not Yet Returned (for all versions)

Arrelious    Benn    108
Jahvid    Best    10; 2 ‘The Jet’
Sam    Bradford    5
Sean    Canfield    7; 5 ‘Go Beavs!’
Eric    Decker    12; 2 ‘Go Gophers’; 2 ‘Go Gophers’
Dorin    Dickerson    115
Jonathan    Dwyer    2; 17 ‘Diesel’
Toby     Gerhart    3; 1 ‘Touchdown’; 1 ‘Fear the Tree’
Brandon     Ghee    6
Joe     Haden    48; 25 ‘Go Beavs!’
Montario    Hardesty    10
Aaron    Hernandez    1 ‘Pops’
Brandon    LaFell    2; 1 ‘Shine Like New Money’
Dan    LeFevour    5; 2 ‘Fire Up Chips!
Anthony    McCoy    50; 25 ‘USC’
Gerald    McCoy    48
Joe    McKnight    10
Jason    Pierre-Paul    10; 10 ‘J.P.P.’
Charles     Scott    20; 11 ‘Chuck the Truck’
Jordan    Shipley    9; 7 ‘Hook ‘Em’
Jevan    Snead    13; 7 ‘Go Rebs!’
CJ    Spiller    2; 1 ‘Lightning’
Ndamukong    Suh    21 ‘Suh’
Golden    Tate    10; 4 ‘Go Irish’
Tim     Tebow    50
Earl     Thomas    2
Joe    Webb    5; 5 ‘Spiderman’
Juice    Williams    6; 2 ‘Go Illini’

Arrelious    Benn    5 ‘Illini’; 5 ‘Go Illini’
Navorro    Bowman    5 LBU’
Sam    Bradford    5; 5 ‘Boomer Sooner!
Eric    Decker    8; 2 ‘Go Gophers’; 2 ‘Go Gophers’
Dorin    Dickerson    62
Toby     Gerhart    3; 1 ‘Touchdown’
Rob    Gronkowski    5
Aaron    Hernandez    1 ‘Chico, Go Gators’;
Brandon    LaFell    3; 1 ‘Ro Ro’; 1 ‘Beast Mode’
Dan    LeFevour    15; 3 ‘Fire Up Chips!
Joe    McKnight    21
Jason    Pierre-Paul    10
Jevan    Snead    12; 6 ‘Go Rebs!’
CJ    Spiller    2; 1 ‘Lightning’
Golden    Tate    9
Joe    Webb    6; 5 ‘Spiderman’
Juice    Williams    3; 2 ‘Go Illini’

Arrelious    Benn    49
Jahvid    Best    1 ‘The Jet’
Sam    Bradford    5; 5 ‘Boomer Sooner!
Eric    Decker    6; 2 ‘Go Gophers’; 2 ‘Go Gophers’
Jonathan    Dwyer    44; 3 ‘Diesel’
Jacoby    Ford    50; 1 w/o #
Toby     Gerhart    2; 1 ‘Touchdown’
Jermaine    Gresham    21
Aaron    Hernandez    1 ‘Chico, Go Gators’;
Brandon    LaFell    4; 1 ‘Ro Ro’
Rolando    McClain    50
Dexter    McCluster    50
Jason    Pierre-Paul    5; 10 ‘J.P.P.’
Jevan    Snead    12; 4 ‘Go Rebs!’
CJ    Spiller    2
Golden    Tate    9; 5 ‘Go Irish’
Demaryius    Thomas    24 ‘Bay Bay’
Jo    Webb    10; 5 ‘Spiderman’
Juice    Williams    3; 2 ‘Go Illini’

Jahvid    Best    5 ‘The Jet’
Sam    Bradford    5
CJ    Spiller    2; 1 ‘Lightning’
Ndamukong    Suh    3 ‘Suh’
Golden    Tate    10; 5 ‘Go Irish’

Jahvid    Best    1; 4 ‘The Jet’
Sam    Bradford    5
CJ    Spiller    2; 1 ‘Lightning’
Ndamukong    Suh    1 ‘Suh’
Golden    Tate    5 ‘Go Irish’

Arrelious    Benn    75 ‘Illini’; 2 ‘Illini’
Jahvid    Best    1
Toby     Gerhart    3; 1 ‘Touchdown’
Brandon    LaFell    2; 2 ‘Ro Ro’
CJ    Spiller    1
Golden    Tate    15; 9 ‘Go Irish’

Toby     Gerhart    3; 1 ‘Go Card’; 1 ‘Fear the Tree’
Brandon    LaFell    4
Golden    Tate    7; 1 ‘Go Irish’

Pick A COA, Any COA

This has to be one of the most disturbing trends I’ve found.  Individuals are now selling COA’s that are from or look like they are from reputable companies.  All a forger would have to do is purchase a few of these COA’s that look like they are from Steiner and then forge the autograph.  Each of these COA’s comes with a hologram containing the Steiner logo.  I’m wondering what happened to the actual items these COA’s belong to – if they existed at all.  Forgers could do this for all reputable authenticators within The Hobby.  A good portion of the time COA’s from companies like Steiner will contain serial numbers that match a hologram placed on the item.  All it would take is for some uneducated collector not to realize the serial numbers don’t match.  For many, they just see the Steiner name and that would be enough.  COA’s for autographed items is just one area forgers will use these things.  They could also be used for rare cards that could be purchased directly from the manufacturer such as blank backs, proofs, etc.

I don’t think eBay should allow sellers just to sell COA’s in an auction.  Why in the hell would someone want to purchase one if there isn’t an item to go with it.  The whole situation is setup to cater towards a counterfeiter.   Of coarse eBay won’t stop them because they want their fees.  Collectors have to be so careful when purchasing an autographed piece of memorabilia.  My personal favorite authenticator in The Hobby is Mounted Memories.  I have a Dan Marino autographed photo that contains a COA from them.  If you visit Marino’s official website, everything he has autographed comes with a COA from Mounted Memories.  At one time, Marino was on the Board of Mounted Memories too.

Nothing can ever be as good as meeting the athlete in person.  Sure it may cost a bit more, but you can be 100% sure the autograph you received is real.  Remember, if its too good to be true, it probably is.


2010 Press Pass Draft Pick Football Box Break & Review

This morning I headed over to one of my local card shops – Sports Zone Memorabilia, and picked up a box of 2010 Press Pass Draft Pick Football.  Before opening the box, a sad feeling came over me because this will be the last football product Press Pass can use NCAA logos on.  Ever since the mid 90’s, Press Pass has been using NCAA logos and it won’t seem the same when they release Portrait Edition later this year which lacks college logos.  One of the earliest autographs I pulled from a pack came from 1998 Press Pass Draft Pick Football.  It was of Brian Kelly from USC.


The design of 2010 Press Pass Draft Pick Football is of the classic nature.  The base set has decent photography as do the inserts.  One of the coolest cards in the set has to be the Jerry Hughes Trophy Club.  It shows him holding up what looks like a giant frying pan.  The rainbow foil parallels also look good.  I wish more manufacturers used rainbow foil technology.

Price: Photobucket

My box cost $95.00 which seems about average.  Usually you would pay a lot more at a hobby shop.  $95.00 for 5 autographs and the chance of pulling an additional relic isn’t that bad considering you’ll receive a ton of cards from the 2010 draft class.  I predict the price of these boxes will drop as time goes by and other products are introduced.

Hit Quality: Photobucket

Each hobby box guarantees 5 on-card autographs and the opportunity to pull a relic.  I received the following inserts, parallels, autographs and relics:

Banner Season inserts:

  • Tim Tebow
  • Golden Tate
  • Arrelious Benn
  • Jonathan Dwyer
  • CJ Spiller
  • Jimmy Clausen
  • Brandon LaFell


  • Ndamukong Suh Trophy Club #’ed/500
  • Eric Decker base #’ed/500
  • Jonathan Dwyer / Derrick Morgan Teammates #’ed/100


  • Andre Roberts
  • Earl Thomas
  • Dan LeFevour
  • Arrelious Benn
  • Jerry Hughes


  • Sam Bradford Gridiron Gamers Jersey #’ed/199

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give 2010 Press Pass Draft Pick Football 3 footballs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Its a great product for those collectors looking for cards of players from this year’s draft class.  Press Pass football cards receive more attention than SA-GE.  I would expect the price of this product to come down in the upcoming weeks, so it might be best for you to wait to buy a box.  Right now is the prime time to sell these cards.  Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Jimmy Clausen are the biggest prospects you can pull from this product now.  I highly recommend selling their autographs if your lucky enough to pull one.