2013 Bowman Box Break + New HK Pickup

I decided to drink the Kool-Aid and try a box of 2013 Bowman.  I usually don’t go for this kind of stuff, but it was a fun box to break.

Here are the most notable cards pulled:


  • Jairo Beras Bowman Chrome Auto

Mini Refractors

  • Tyler Skaggs
  • Alen Hanson
  • Ty Hensley
  • Courtney Hawkins

Ice Parallels

  • Carson Kelly
  • Austin Jackson

Blue Parallels

  • Jesse Hahn #’ed/500
  • Nelson Cruz #’ed/500

Sapphire Parallel

  • Tim Lincecum RC Reprint

Bowman Top 100

  • George Springer
  • Gregory Polanco

Notable Chromes

  • Gregory Polanco 
  • Byron Buxton

Notable RCs

  • Shelby Miller
  • Manny Machado
  • Jurickson Profar

Notable Prospects

  • Carlos Correa

 photo berasauto_zps7ba15f07.jpg

On a side note, yesterday I made a new addition to my Harry Kalas collection.  This one is going to be a biggie.  I’m not a fan of redemptions, but this time I didn’t have a choice.  I was able to acquire the Harry Kalas 2013 Topps Series 1 Chasing History Cut Signature #’ed 1/1.  Its already been redeemed and I’m now waiting on Topps.

 photo hkcut_zpsff860b73.jpg

New Piece Of Phillies Memorabilia

I’ve been wanting to ad a Phillies rally towel to my collection for awhile.  They aren’t that expensive. This one only cost $9.00.  I believe this towel was provided during Game 4 of the ’09 NLCS versus the Dodgers.  That was the night the Phillies were losing 4-3 and Jimmy Rollins drove in two runs in the bottom in the 9th to win the game.  I’d like to hang it on my wall and maybe put a few Phillies pins on it.


Told you I would get one

After a week or two after finding out that 2008 Donruss Classics football cards contained the first memorabilia cards of legendary coach Knute Rockne, I finally bid on one and won.  This card will go great with some of my other vintage memorabilia cards.

New Pickup

Browsing eBay tonight I came across the pin section and picked up a Miami Dolphins 2 Time Super Bowl Champions pin.  Don’t have one like this.  This is my favorite football team of all time.

I also came across this awesome video about their perfect season.