Autographs and Pizza

Yes, I’d like to place an order for an extra large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and a Yogi Berra autograph.

For a long time food companies placed sports cards within their products for promotional purposes.  One of the most notable food related cards would probably be the ones that could be found with Red Heart Dog Food back in the 50’s where collectors were able to redeem their cards for almost 20 years (thats a long redemption program).  One of the earliest baseball cards I ever owned actually comes from a Stouffers pizza box.  Its a Yogi Berra popup card that Stouffers included with their pizza for a short time in 1995.  Until today, I had no clue that you could obtain autographed cards from Stouffers.  I’m not sure if they were randomly inserted or you needed to send away for them, but either way its pretty cool.  It even comes with a COA from Stouffers.  They aren’t that expensive either.  You can usually find the Berra for under $50.00.