Sports Card Prediction

In a time when fancy gimmick cards fill-up the hobby, you can almost get a feel about what might come next.  I predict that in the near future they will create cards that feature “stadium” items.  I’m not talking about stadium seats, I’m talking about items that fans use to cheer on their teams.  How would you feel about pulling out a card that contains a piece of a Terrible Towl, or maybe a card with a piece of yellow foam in it from an authentic cheese head?  I’m surprised we don’t have cards that feature pieces of uniform worn by the mascots already.  If they were to make “stadium” relics like this, I wonder how they would manage to make a Red Wings card containing a piece of squid?

Sports Card Info World Series Prediction


I would really like to see the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays play against each other in this year’s World Series.  The Rays are a perfect example of team that doesn’t have the highest paid players in the MLB but can still go far.  Tampa Bay has made it a lot further than the Yankees who have some of the highest paid players in baseball.  I am a big Phillies fan and I would love to see them make it to the World Series.  This is the best I have seen the Phillies do ever since I started watching them back in the mid 90’s.  I’m glad to see some different teams in the playoffs this year.  Go Phillies and go Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!