Phillies Dream Scene Artist Jamie Cooper Warns About Fake Prints

Jamie Cooper is an amazing artist.  This former professional footballer in the Australian Football League (AFL) has gone on to create fantastic pieces of artwork that are on display all over the world.  You definitely should check out his stuff.

Here in America, collectors, sports fans, and art enthusiasts know him best for the Phillies Dream Scene that hangs on display outside the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park.  Mr. Cooper has also painted a Yankees Dream Scene which was auctioned off by Legendary Auctions in 2013 in Chicago during the National Sports Collectors Convention.  An All Stars Dream Scene was painted too for a private collector in California.

Owning the actual paintings isn’t something every collector can do.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy his artwork.  High-quality prints are a much more affordable option.  Luckily he offers these prints for most of his work.  I have one of the Phillies Dream Scene on my wall right now.  It looks terrific.

Recently it was brought to my attention that counterfeit prints of Jamie Cooper’s work have been floating around.  They’ve shown up for sale on Facebook.  Judging by the pictures, they’re of very poor quality.  You can tell that these scammers simply swiped the images off of his website, and are just trying to make a quick dollar.  DO NOT BUY!!!  If you see them pop up on your feed, please report it to Facebook.  For those of you that did get duped, please let me know how your experience went.

If you’re looking for an authentic Jamie Cooper print, the best way to know that its 100% genuine is to purchase it directly from his shop.

Take a gander at these fakes.

Prints Available For Jamie Cooper’s The Greatest All Stars Dream Scene

 photo 1933jcallstarprint1_zpsranqi6oi.jpg

Earlier this year, sports artist Jamie Cooper wrapped up his most recent piece of MLB artwork for a private collector in California.  Its a masterpiece that collector will enjoy for many years to come.

I’m happy to announce that prints of this piece are now available.  Just like his Phillies and Yankees Dream Scenes, there was quite the demand for prints to be made of this one as well.  On his website, be sure to read the description Jamie Cooper has written about it.  He points out a lot of things you may not recognize at first.  Mike Schmidt continues to stand out the most to me thanks to his powder blue uniform.  Pete Rose found his way into this piece too.  You’ll find him sitting in the stands disguised as a janitor.

Jamie Cooper’s artwork is truly unique.  Prints based on his work make excellent gifts.  Every time you look at one of them, you’ll see something new.

CollectorCrate Announces December Exclusives

 photo 10801585_312786038923862_5986073378437636721_n1_zpsc1abc475.png


I’m a big fan of CollectorCrate.  One day I hope it becomes as big as Loot Crate.  Tonight CollectorCrate announced it’s December exclusives.  Depending on which CollectorCrate you sign up for, your December box will have a sketch print card of Andrew Luck, Mike Trout, or Kobe Bryant.  These pencil sketches were done by artist Emily Tester.

If you’re looking to get that sports fan something for Christmas this year, and you haven’t been able to find that special something.  Give CollectorCrate a try.  Buy one, or sign up for a few months.  Its just like the Jelly Of The Month Club.  Its the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

FanFare SPs Announced


Die-Cut Parallels

  • Dale Earnhardt, Jr #11
  • Jeff Gordon #14
  • Tony Stewart #35
  • Danica Patrick #45
  • Dale Earnhardt #78
  • Richard Petty #92
  • Darrell Waltrip #94
  • Joe Gibbs #96
  • Richard Childress #97
  • Jack Roush #98
Rookie Standouts Inserts
  • Kyle Busch #5/15
  • Tony Stewart #11/15
  • Jeff Gordon #13/15
  • Dale Earnhardt #14/15
  • Richard Petty #15/15
Championship Caliber Inserts
  • Jimmie Johnson #1/30
  • Jeff Gordon #5/30
  • Dale Earnhardt #9/30
  • Bill Elliot #12/30
  • Richard Petty #15/30

Classic Topps Wrappers Right On Your Wall

LTL PRINTS is a new start-up located in Philadelphia and they plan to bring classic Topps wrappers right into your living room.  These giant prints, which can be up to 7ft tall, cover sports card wrappers made by The Topps Company over the last 60 years for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.  According to LTL PRINTS, you simply peel and stick these graphics on your wall without the worry of damaging the wall itself.  They say these prints can be removed easily and re hung 100 times.  Be sure to check out the full press release here.

LTL PRINTS might be sending me over a few samples to use as contest giveaways.  I think they look cool and if you have the room make an excellent addition to your man cave 🙂