Card of the Day: Santa Claus 1993 Pacific Prism Seasons Greetings

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Flashback Product of the Week: 1993 Pacific Prism

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With all the fighting Panini and Leaf have done over the Prizm name, nobody cared to ask what the people at Pacific had to say about it.  Then again, Pacific doesn’t exist anymore so I guess they’re out of the question, but I’ll stick up for them.

Collectors were originally introduced to Pacific’s Prism cards as inserts within their 1992 NFL set.  Upon gaining popularity, Pacific made the decision to create an entire product based on their Prism cards.  This is one of the most common decisions you see card manufacturers make, even today.  The 1993 Pacific Prism set consists of 111 cards and were distributed in 1-card packs.  Products containing 1-card packs were unheard of at the time considering most boxes had tons of packs just filled with cards.  This was some high-end stuff for 1993.  ONLY 17,000 copies of each card were produced which I guess was pretty limited at the time.  Today that would mean nothing.  Key rookies to look for would be Jerome Bettis and Drew Bledsoe.  Pacific made two promotional cards which were given away during the National Sports Collectors Convention that year – Emmitt Smith & Drew Bledsoe.  About 5,500 promos are said to have been distributed.

It may have been some fancy stuff back then, but today sealed boxes can be found for $15.00.  Overproduction sure got the best of this one.

Card of the Day: Brett Favre 1993 Pacific Circular Prism