What Else Do I Get Crazy About? – MLB Dugout Heroes

This post is a response to an article I saw on A Cardboard Problem yesterday.  Every weekend they have a Sunday question.  Yesterday’s question asked collectors whether they get crazy about something else other than baseball cards.  In my response, I can say I do.  Along with collecting sports cards and other memorabilia, I am a huge fan of the video game MLB Dugout Heroes.  I discovered this game last summer after seeing an advertisement on YouTube and I have been playing ever since.  You choose a team to play as (I picked the Phillies), then you just start playing online games with other people.  The currency in the game is “Nuts” and as you make more money by playing you can purchase upgrades for your team.  Some of the upgrades include sunglasses, gloves, bats, and shoes.  The best thing about this game is that its totally FREE!!

For years I was addicted to playing video games.  I had a bunch of systems ranging from the old NES to a PlayStation 2.  I sold every piece of gaming equipment a few years ago because I got bored and decided to do more collecting.  If your a baseball fan and a gamer, I highly suggest trying it out.  I like the way the players look.  Usually video game manufacturers try and make the athletes look as real as possible.  With MLB Dugout Heroes, the players look like cartoons.  If you decide to jump on board, my Phillies team name is SportsCardInfo.  I’m far from the best at it, but its still really fun.  My Phillies are more like last year’s Nationals.


This is suppose to be Ryan Howard 🙂

In case anyone was wondering.  I have almost 700,000 “Nuts”.

The Problem With Sketch Cards

Besides the picture, what would you say is the most important aspect of a trading card?  How about the name of the player.  Sketch cards are usually found in entertainment products such as boxes of Star Wars cards, but this year Topps introduced sketch cards to sports fans in their 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights and Stadium Club brands.  I think some of them look really nice, and could be considered tiny pieces of art, but a lot of these sketch cards don’t have the players name on them anywhere.  This can get really confusing.  Collectors end up guessing who the player might be if the name or number isn’t visible.  Another problem I see occuring is that people are starting to manufacturer their own sketch cards for sale.  This is a problem because it can be hard to determine which are from Topps, and which are self-made.  Take a look at the cards below.



At a quick glance, they almost look like they are from the same company.  The top card is of Gary Carter from Stadium Club, and the bottom card is a custom sketch of Sam Bradford.  If companies want to insert sketch cards into their products thats fine, but I think they need to find a more distinctive way to separate their cards from custom cards.  Perhaps placing them in an uncirculated holder and inserting them as box toppers.  This is why its so important to read the product description.