Upper Deck’s 2010 National Promos and Redemption Programs

According to Upper Deck, the following promos and wrapper redemption programs will be going on during this year’s National in Baltimore.


On Wednesday, VIP “Sneak Peek” Day, a special six-card, VIP-emblazoned cello-wrapped set will be available to all show attendees who show their VIP ticket admission to The National. The player lineup for this coveted takeaway includes LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky.

Thursday – Sunday:

During each public day of the show – from Thursday through Sunday – Upper Deck will be conducting its popular foil pack wrapper redemption program starting at 12 noon. Fans who purchase five packs of any current Upper Deck card packs (baseball, basketball, football or hockey products) that carry a suggested retail price of $1.99 or more will receive one of four different 2010 National event-exclusive, five-card sets, while supplies last. Each day there will be a different five-card collection redeemed.

On Thursday, the five-card set will include Michael Jordan and Julius Erving, while Friday’s lineup includes LeBron James and Gordie Howe. Saturday’s set will feature Sidney Crosby, while Sunday’s roster will include such stars as Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky and David Robinson. A complete list of all the players available each day will be posted at the Upper Deck booth. Card packs must be opened in front of an Upper Deck representative for redeeming purposes. Note: Autographed cards of the following players will be randomly inserted into some of the packs: Gordie Howe, LeBron James and Michael Jordan.


Upper Deck is supporting our troops:

In addition, Upper Deck has produced an impressive 10-card “Million Pack March for the Troops” set for this year’s National aimed at calling attention to a special initiative the company launched last November. In conjunction with Operation Gratitude – in an effort to send sealed packs of donated Upper Deck cards to deserving U.S. military men and women overseas – the company has been encouraging collectors everywhere to donate some of their surplus card packs to the deserving troops. Upper Deck kicked the campaign off by donating 100,000 packs of cards with the goal being to reach the 1,000,000-pack plateau by Veterans’ Day 2010. And one of the venues where Upper Deck will be hosting a donation drive for Operation Gratitude is this year’s National. The first five “Million Pack March” cards will include Michael Jordan and be available during Wednesday’s VIP “Sneak Peek” Day, while the remaining five cards will be distributed on Friday and include the likes of David Robinson, LeBron James and Mike Modano.


Press Pass 2010 National Redemption Info

I just received an e-mail from Press Pass detailing their redemption programs that will be taking place at their booth during the 2010 National this year in Baltimore.  They always seem to have great stuff going on!

Open one NASCAR hobby box (all 2010 products are eligible) and get:

  • A free autograph or dual memorabilia card (blind wrapped)
  • 1 code/entry into crack the code safe.  Crack the code prizes are 1 per day.  Come back and enter your code in the safe at 8:00 PM Wednesday, 3:00 PM Thursday-Saturday, and 1:00PM on Sunday to see if you have won!

Wednesday:  Michael Waltrip Race-Used Gloves and Autographed Driver-Worn Hat

Thursday:  Dale Earnhardt Jr complete set of eight race-used spark plugs

Friday:  Dale Earnhardt Sr 2001 Optima Race-Used Lugnut Card (Driver Version)

Saturday:  Greg Biffle Firesuit

Sunday:  Juan Pablo Montoya autographed visor

  • 1 ticket to pack wars.  Pack wars occur daily!  Press Pass will provide you with 3 packs to battle with and great prizes, including an exclusive National one of one card each session!

Pack War Schedule:

Wednesday: 7:00PM

Thursday – Saturday:  1:00PM – 4:00PM

Sunday: 12:00PM


Monty Sheldon’s 2010 Sketch Cards Come With A Little Extra

Monty Sheldon has started up his sketch cards for 2010 already, and this year he has added a little twist to each of his cards.  His first five cards of 2010 will feature the first inductees into the National Baseball Hall of Fame: Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnson, Ty Cobb, and Christy Mathewson.  Sheldon has attached coupons to the bottom of each card in which collectors can redeem for other art such as sketch cards, hand-painted premium cards, a hand-painted hockey puck or cigar box, or a hand-painted baseball.  The coupons make each card look like the old Pacific Coast League Zee-Nut cards that were made from 1913-1937.  The redemption plan goes as follows:

  • 10 coupons = One (1) 2010 S.S.C.C. sketch card which will be a part of the 2010 series; customer selects player
  • 20 coupons = One (1) hand painted premium art card; customer selects player, more details to follow
  • 30 coupons = One (1) hand-painted hockey puck or cigar box; customer selects player
  • 40 coupons = One (1) hand-painted baseball customer selects player

Coupons distributed with the 2010 SSCC cards expire on 12/31/2012.

All sketch cards feature a very detailed pencil drawing with a black ink border. The size of this year’s sketch cards will be the standard 2 ½” x 3 ½” with the coupon intact. With the coupon clipped the card would measure 2 ½” x 2 7/8”.






TRISTAR’s 2009 National VIP Promos & Redemption Program

TRISTAR will be producing an 8-card OBAK set for this year’s ’09 National.  The set will include the following:

  1. Ted Williams – San Diego Padres
  2. Satchel Paige – Miami Marlins
  3. Carlos Santana – Akron Aeros
  4. Bo Jackson – Memphis Chicks
  5. John Heisman – Atlanta Crackers
  6. Kurt Angle – TNA Wrestler
  7. The Beautiful People – TNA Wrestling
  8. Barack Obama – U.S. President

People that purchase a VIP package will find 5 of these cards randomly inserted in their bags.  You can acquire the rest by taking part in TRISTAR’s wrapper redemption program.  By purchasing a pack of Prospects Plus, PROjections ’09, TNA Cross The Line, or TNA Knockouts and opening it at the TRISTAR booth you will be given another card from the above set.  Each pack opened means your due one card.


Upper Deck’s ’09 National Wrapper Redemption Program

Today Upper Deck annouced its wrapper redemption program that will be taking place at their booth during the 30th National Sports Collectors Convention.  Here is what the program involves:

“Purchase any 5 packs of Upper Deck 2009 Baseball, Football, Basketball or Hockey card product (srp of $1.99 or above) at the show and receive a 6 card set of exclusive 2009 National Redemption Cards. A different set will be available each day while supplies last.  Thursday– Derek Jeter, Grady Sizemore, Evgeni Malkin, Kobe Bryant,  Ben Roethlisberger, Derrick Rose.  Friday – Ken Griffey Jr, LeBron James, Peyton  Manning, Bob Feller, Alex Ovechkin, Larry Fitzgerald.  Saturday – Cliff Lee, Gordie Howe, Adrian Peterson, LeBron James, Brady Quinn, Paul Pierce.  Sunday – Kerry Wood, Sidney Crosby, Joe Dimaggio, Michael Jordan, Mo Williams, Matt Ryan.”


Sport Kings ’09 National VIP Promos

Sport Kings is producing 7 different cards that will be included in this year’s National VIP package.  Each package will contain one of the seven cards depicting various athletes from Series C.


Sport Kings plans incorporate their Redemption Program at this year’s National too.  Collectors who open a box of the new Series C can redeem the box tops for special memorabilia cards made just for the National.  In exchange for the box top you will be given a redemption card which will be for one of the special relics.  These cards can contain 3-6 pieces of memorabilia.  Each card will have 9 silver versions and a 1/1 gold version.  If you stop by the Sport Kings booth you’ll see an entire checklist of the cards in the Redemption Program.


Fast Redemptions

Lets face it.  Most collectors don’t enjoy redemption cards.  You have no idea how long it will take, and you hope they send back what the card stated.  My favorite two companies to work with when it comes to redemptions would have to be Donruss/Playoff and Press Pass, Inc.  I have only pulled two redemption cards from each company, but each has followed through quite fast.  In my opinion, Press Pass, Inc has been the faster program.  If you remember last month I busted a box of 2009 Element Racing and pulled two Missing Element redemptions.  As soon as I opened the box I redeemed both cards, and within the last few weeks I have received both.  In my experience this is the fastest redemption process I have ever been through.  Topps and Upper Deck take way too long sometimes.


Donruss/Playoff Beefs Up Security and Redemption Program

Donruss/Playoff has said that they will start accepting redemption cards over the internet, just like Upper Deck.  Doing redemption cards over the internet will eliminate the possibility of the card getting lost in the mail.  It will also make the turn around time faster for the customer.  Their new redemption card program starts with 2008 Playoff Prestige Football cards and any other products that come after.  In addition to their new online redemption format, Donruss/Playoff has started a service where you can have them authenticate a patch card.  If you mail the card into them they will inspect it to make sure its authentic.  This program will start with 2007 National Treasures Football cards and products that come after.  They have started this program because of the rising level of fake patch cards that show up for sale on the secondary market.  Earlier this year Donruss/Playoff announced that they would be teaming up with Kodak to create cards that use a special type of material that makes it difficult for someone to forge a card.