Card of the Day: Billy Crystal 2008 TRISTAR Projections #400

2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 3 Preview


Release Date: 7-1-2009

9 Hits Per Box:

  • 4 autographs
  • 4 parallels #’ed/50 or less
  • 1 Tailor-Made relic

The base set will consist of 100 cards and each card will have a parallel numbered to 50, 25, 5 and 1.  Base Card & Autograph and Tailor-Made Game Used Checklists.





Each Mini Case includes a Limited Edition History of the Game Matt LaPorta card.  Each Master Case includes 1 Matt LaPorta Modern Era Size OBAK card and 1 Matt LaPorta T212 Mini OBAK card.

For more information about TRISTAR’s OBAK set click here.

2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 2 Preview


Release Date: 5-9-09

Orders Due: 4-17-09

Only 75 Hobby Cases Produced

Product Info:

9 Hits Per Hobby Box:

  • 4 Autographed cards
  • 1 Tailor Made Relic card
  • 4 parallel cards numbered to 50 or less

Case Hits:

  • 96 autograph cards
  • 24 Tailor Made Relic cards
  • 96 parallel cards numbered to 50 or less

Autograph Cards:

  • Green #’ed/50
  • Yellow #’ed/25
  • Orange #’ed/5
  • Purple #’ed/1

Game Used Relics:

  • Each Tailor Made Relic is numbered to 1, 5, or 144
  • Relics that contain an autograph are numbered to 10 or less
  • New Dual Relics for Series 2

Parallel Cards:

Each of the 100 base cards have the following parallels:

  • Green #’ed/50
  • Yellow #’ed/25
  • Orange #’ed/5
  • Purple #’ed/1




Each Mini Case includes a Brand-New Limited Edition of 150 TRISTAR OBAK History of the Game Matt Wieters card.  Each Master Case includes 1 Matt Wieters Modern Era Size OBAK card and 1 Matt Wieters T212 Mini OBAK card.

2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 1 Review

I would like to thank TRISTAR for sending over this hobby box of 2009 PROjections Series 1.  It was very fun to open, and I pulled some great stuff.  Now lets review it!


1 Baseball = Poor

5 Baseballs = Perfect


Design: Photobucket

I enjoy the design of this product.  Some card manufacturers can make a design to busy and complicated, but the design of ’09 PROjections is quite simple.  The plain white background makes the players standout more.  This being a minor league product, I thought it was interesting to see all the different logos of the of the various minor league teams printed on the front and back.  This makes it easy to research a particular team you might be interested in learning about.

Price: Photobucket

A hobby box will cost around $70.00.  I think that is a reasonable price considering you get 9 hits per box.  I don’t think a lot of collectors would pay much more than that, especially in this economy, for a box of minor league cards.  

Hit Quality:Photobucket  

Every hobby box contains 20 packs with 5 cards per pack.  It states on the box that you will recieve 9 hits per box: 4 autographs, 1 memorabilia, and 4 parallel cards numbered to 50 or less.  My hits included:

  • Lance Lynn base autograph
  • Christian Friedrich base autograph
  • Jordan Zimmermann Green parallel autograph #’ed/50
  • Jarrod Parker Yellow parallel autograph #’ed/25
  • Mike Lyon Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Dusty Coleman Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Craig Kimbrel Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Che – Hsuan Lin Yellow parallel #’ed/25
  • Shane Peterson Tailor Made Jersey #’ed/144 

The biggest hit of the box would have to be the Parker Yellow parallel autograph #’ed/25.  TRISTAR only produced 75 cases, which means there are only 1,800 boxes floating around.  Each box is serial numbered, mine being 378/1800.  This indicates that you have a good chance at getting some decent hits.

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give this box a total of 4 baseballs out of 5.  I received all the guaranteed hits, which included some very nice prospects.  If you’re a prospect collector, I think you would really enjoy opening this product based on my results.  2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 1 is a good alternative to the standard Bowman Chrome product.

Remember to check out Sports Card Info this weekend.  I will be posting a new contest Sunday evening.

TRISTAR Mailday!

As I was sitting doing homework this afternoon, I heard the UPS guy pull up and ring the doorbell.  It was a free box of 2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series 1 from TRISTAR.  I plan to break it this weekend and give my review.  This weekend feels right for an all new CONTEST!  Be sure to check back for the video recap, review, and contest details.