Cobb, Cochrane, & Crawford Are Among The National’s Earliest Promos

Back in February I blogged about an 8-card set that highlights the early years of the National Sports Collectors Convention.  That set is from the 5th NSCC which took place in 1984 at the Aspen Hotel in Parsippany, New Jersey.  At the time of that writing it was the earliest promotional set for the NSCC that I had ever seen.  Today that all changes.

A 32-card set recently popped-up on eBay, and seems to be from the 2nd National Sports Collectors Convention.  In 1981, the second NSCC was held in Detroit, Michigan at the Plymouth Hilton.  This simple 32-card set includes a nice selection of all-time great players from the Detroit Tigers.  Notable names include Ty Cobb, Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg, Sam Crawford, and Charlie Gehringer.  The backs are all blank.

I can’t say how exactly these cards were distributed.  Back then they didn’t have the elaborate promotional programs like they do today.  Dealers may have only gotten them.  I say that because you don’t see these cards very often.  Then again, they could’ve been handed out at the door to everyone that walked in.  Either way, its an awesome historical set from what has turned into the best sports card and memorabilia show on the planet.

The 40th National Sports Collectors Convention will take place in Chicago at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center 7/31-8/4.

Brian Gray Inscription Autos Highlight Leaf’s 2016 National Promos

Leaf Trading Cards is next on the list of manufacturers to unveil their plans for the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention, which takes place Aug. 3-7 in Atlantic City, NJ.  Historically, Leaf is known to have one of the larger booths setup in the corporate area.  You can’t attend the National without stopping by their booth at least once.  They always have a lot of cool cards and memorabilia on display which will be used in upcoming products.

The following Leaf products are eligible for their case break promotion:

  • 2016 Leaf Pop Century
  • 2016 In The Game Used Hockey
  • 2016 Leaf Metal Tennis
  • any Leaf U.S. Army All-American Football
  • 2016 Leaf Genesis Hockey

Anyone who opens a case of these products will receive a 2016 Best of the National box.  Inside these exclusive boxes you’ll find graded rookie cards of Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and Michael Jordan.  Leaf has also thrown in some NFL players, autographs, and memorabilia.

The following Leaf products are eligible for their box break promotion:

  • 2016 Leaf Pop Century
  • 2016 In The Game Used Hockey
  • 2016 Leaf Metal Tennis
  • 2016 Leaf Genesis Hockey

Anyone who opens (2) boxes of these products will receive a Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium seat relic containing the National Sports Collectors Convention Stamp numbered to (10).

 photo Ruth_Yankee_Stadium_Mem2_zpstgxni91r.jpg

 photo Ruth_Yankee_Stadium_Mem_zpsmhscz1vo.jpg

Leaf’s CEO, Brian Gray, is not one to hold back when it comes to voicing his opinion on what he thinks needs to be done in order to make the hobby better.  Collectors attending the NSCC can keep an eye out for some exclusive Brian Gray autographed cards featuring fun inscriptions.  If you’ve got something cool your looking to sell, Leaf might be interested.  They’re giving away prizes to those people who sell them a card.

 photo Brian_INSC1_zps08lbv0vm.jpg

 photo Brian_INSC2_zpszbb3zgti.jpg

 photo eichel16leafpromo_zpspydopwfa.jpg

 photo elliot16leafpromo_zps2wsvtfjm.jpg

 photo Wentz_promo_zpstxjagqkp.jpg

Upper Deck’s 2014 National Plans: Promos, Exquisite Golf, & FREE Cake

Upper Deck may have been quiet when it came to their plans for the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention, but the silence is gone.  Upper Deck has fully unveiled what they have in store for collectors… and its a lot!

For a full run down on things, check out Upper Deck’s Blog.  But here are some of the things that stick out to me.  I’m going to do something I rarely do, and that’s copy and paste info from one blog to another 🙂  Upper Deck really says it best anyway.  One of these years I’d like to see Upper Deck make some National exclusive Precious Metal Gems parallels.  Its about time collectors see a high-end golf product like Exquisite.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what those cards look like.

Wednesday VIP Party – Upper Deck will help get the show started by making a special presentation at the Wednesday VIP Party to thank the company’s network of dealers in attendance at the show.  Fans in attendance will also score with a special 6-card VIP set produced exclusively for the National Sports Collectors Convention and they will also have the opportunity to win one of three sealed packs of the new 2014 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Golf!  Immediately after the VIP Party fans are invited to visit the Upper Deck booth for birthday cake to help celebrate Upper Deck’s 25th Anniversary and an incredible FREE giveaway you will not want to miss!

 photo 2014-Las-Vegas-Industry-Summit-Upper-Deck-Anniversary-Cake_zps765eb702.jpg

Wrapper Redemption Promotion – Every year fans flock to the Upper Deck booth with new packs to score one of the exclusive wrapper redemption packs produced just for this show.  Randomly inserted into these packs are incredibly limited autograph cards of top stars from the world of sports.  Collectors just need to purchase five (5) packs of 2013 Fleer Retro Football, 2014 SPx Football2014 Upper Deck Football (Hobby)2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball, 2013-14 SP Authentic Basketball2013-14 NHL SP Authentic, 2014 SP Authentic Golf2014 Goodwin Champions OR one (1) pack of 2014 SP Game-Used Golf to receive one (1) 2014 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention Pack.  EVERY 25TH COLLECTOR WILL RECEIVE A FREE FLEER RETRO AUTOGRAPH PACK FROM FOOTBALL OR BASKETBALL!  These packs must be purchased from a Certified Diamond Dealer who will provide collectors with an Upper Deck issued voucher for the redemption program.  The program will begin at 10:25 a.m. each day starting on Thursday and run as long as supplies last.  Collectors can take advantage of the promotion up to four times per person, per day.

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Johnny-Manziel_zps6ab3016b.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Tiger-Woods_zpsdc726651.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-LeBron-James_zps42b2d6bd.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Boone-Jenner_zps07dd223d.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Archie-Griffin_zpsa7477979.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Wayne-Gretzky_zps89c91e09.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Wrapper-Redemption-Autograph-Tony-Gwynn_zps1130e3fd.jpg

Case Breaker Promotion – Serious collectors who like cracking cases are in store for a very good time during the show as well!  Collectors can open a sealed case purchased from a Certified Diamond Dealer at the show of 2013-14 SP Authentic Basketball2013-14 Fleer Retro Basketball or 2013 Fleer Retro Football without waiting in any lines at any time throughout the show to receive the following:

(10) 2014 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention Packs (2 packs from each day)
(2) 2013 Fleer Retro Basketball Autograph Pack (3 autograph cards per pack)
(2) 2013 Fleer Retro Football Autograph Pack (3 autograph cards per pack)
(1) Case Breaker Raffle Ticket good for a random memorabilia item, premium hobby pack/box, trading card, or one of 25 premium National Autograph cards.  The item selected will be immediately available to the participant.
*Note: This promotion is only available to the first 75 collectors who choose to take advantage of it.

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-National-Sports-Collectors-Convention-Case-Breaker-Promotion-Autograph-Wayne-Gretzky_zps9f78d94c.jpg

The Exquisite Case Break – On Friday at 2:00 p.m. fans in attendance will want to make their way to the Sports Collectibles Center Stage for an extremely special event.  Fans who are not at the show can watch through Upper Deck’s BreakersTV Channel.  Upper Deck will bring up two of the company’s Authorized Group Breakers to help out with this special event in Steel City Collectibles along with Dave & Adam’s Card World, but spots in the break will be absolutely FREE and awarded during a special raffle at the company’s booth on Thursday night at 5:25 p.m.  What will make this such an “exquisite” event is that Upper Deck will be breaking the company’s most premium products with 2013 Exquisite Collection Football and 2014 Exquisite Collection Golf.

 photo 2014-Exquisite-Collection-Golf-Solicitation-Page-1_zps32e4c39e.jpg

Press Pass Shows Off 2014 Industry Summit Promos

Given that the 2014 Industry Summit is held in mid-March, it makes perfect sense for Press Pass’s promos to be pre-draft football related.  For those lucky collectors who plan on attending, check out some of the promos Press Pass plans to distribute.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they threw in a few autographed versions too like they have in the past.

 photo 14PP_FB_Base_Summit_JManziel_zpsa92fd22a.jpg

 photo 14PP_FB_Base_Summit_BBortles_zps16dcb9ee.jpg

 photo 14PP_FB_Base_Summit_TBridgewater_zps67d244e5.jpg

Upper Deck Unveils 2014 Industry Summit Promos Among All The Drama

The Industry Summit has been getting a lot of attention this year, and not for the right reasons.  Apparently In The Game and Leaf aren’t members of the cool club at school since they won’t be allowed to attend.  This has resulted in a law suit from Leaf, and Dr. Price of ITG has openly expressed his opinions to the world on this matter.  What do I think of this?  I think its garbage.  Every manufacturer involved within this hobby should be allowed to attend and voice their opinions.  Brian Gray of Leaf did take some shots at other companies during his speech last year, but that’s no reason to block him out.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.  Why ITG isn’t allowed to attend is a complete mystery to me.  Both licensed and non-licensed manufacturers have the right to be there.  Don’t change the rules mid-game and say non-licensed manufacturers can’t go.  Onyx Authenticated and Press Pass are on the list of attendees, and they issue non-licensed products all the time.  Its all just excuses covering up the truth.  Bullies afraid they might lose something.

Whatever your opinion is on the whole Industry Summit thing, you have to admit what manufacturers are allowed to come give away some great stuff.  I’d go as far to say that their promos are better than the stuff you’d get during the National Sports Collectors Convention.  They should be considering all the money these dealers spend on their products each year.  Plus they can help offset the costs of attending.  With the Industry Summit just a few weeks away, I thought we’d be seeing more promo previews of what attendees might find.  But so far we haven’t see too much.

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-Las-Vegas-Industry-Summit-Autograph-Ken-Griffey-Jr_zpse0171c83.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-Las-Vegas-Industry-Summit-Quad-Auto-Jordan-Tiger-Gretzky-Griffey_zpsed4adea6.jpg

With Upper Deck celebrating their 25th anniversary, you can expect them to be giving away all types of promos throughout the year.  Especially during the Industry Summit and NSCC.  Upper Deck plans to give out 25th anniversary autograph, dual autograph, and quad autograph cards randomly to Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealers during the 2014 Industry Summit.  What else is coming has yet to be seen.  If you get your hands on one of the above cards, there is a good chance you might forget all the drama surrounding this year’s Industry Summit.  I know I would.  Hopefully we get to see some more promos before the Industry Summit starts.

Gloves & Sweat Soaked Towels Highlight Panini’s NSCC Relic Promos

Have you gotten in line yet?  You better or your not going to get any of these prized Panini promo packs.  I’m already camped out inside the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center waiting for Panini to show up.  I’ve got my boxes, food, water, and smartphone.  I think I can wait it out until Wednesday night.  I guess in the mean time we’ll just have to settle for these new images Panini released today teasing us of what is to come next week during the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention.  Enjoy!

 photo panini-america-2013-national-auto-mem-30_zpsd782ba1a.jpg

 photo panini-america-2013-national-auto-mem-1_zps38f22be1.jpg

Looks like Panini is bringing back their employee cards.  Now that’s a business card.

Black Friday Packs Are Coming Back In 2012

Panini is a master when is comes to promos.  They’re one of the best card manufacturers to do so.  It’s as simple as that.  Last year their Black Friday promos were highly sought after by collectors.  Participating card shops saw great turnouts.  Panini plans to bring the Black Friday program back in 2012.  By purchasing certain Panini products at your local card shop or directly online from Panini will get you access to these special promo packs.  Last year Super Bowl pylon relics were the major highlight along with some great autographed cards.

Panini gave us a little preview of what’s to come for the 2012 Black Friday promotion.  No pictures of autographs or relics yet, but you can see what the 50-card base set and the various inserts will look like.  Check out The Knight’s Lance for more pictures.  If there is one thing Panini knows how to do, its giveaway great free stuff.




I still have a sealed 2011 Black Friday pack sitting on my shelf from last year.

Promos From The 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention

The National is all about the promos.  This year in particular I think had a ton of promos.  Here is a list of every promo I received.  All of the following promos came from wrapper redemption programs.  This does not include the items found in my VIP package.


  • Pete Rose 2011 Legacy Auto/Jersey “Hit King 4,256” inscription w/ NSCC foil stamp


  • Gordie Howe/Steve Yzerman/Terry Sawchuk Silver Version Triple Jersey 33rd National #’ed/19
  • Roberto Alomar/Eddie Murray Gold Version Dual Jersey 33rd National #’ed 1/1



Upper Deck

  • Cody Buchel 2012 NSCC #5
  • Roger Staubach 2012 NSCC #4
  • Alonzo Mourning 2012 NSCC #3
  • Theirry Henry 2012 NSCC #2
  • Michael Jordan 2010 NSCC #1


  • Ryan Tannehill 2012 Prestige NFL Passport NSCC #’ed/5
  • Andrew Luck 2012 NFL Player of the Day RC #2
  • Beanie Wells 2012 NFL Player of the Day #BW
  • Peyton Manning Panini #1
  • Andrew Luck Panini #1
  • Trent Richardson Panini #3
  • Curtis Martin Class of 2012 #19
  • Joe Adams 2012 Prestige NFL Passport NSCC #’ed/5
  • Tim Tebow NFL Player of the Day #9
  • Justin Blackmon NFL Player of the Day RC #3
  • Yu Darvish Panini RC #’ed/499
  • Bryce Harper Panini RC #’ed/499
  • Yoenis Cespedes Panini RC #’ed/499
  • Dylan Bundy Panini Prospect #’ed/499
  • Cal Ripken Jr Panini Team Colors #1
  • Luke Easter Donruss Limited Cuts Auto #’ed/5
  • Bill Russell Panini Legends #20
  • Harrison Barnes Panini RC #’ed/499
  • Martin Brodeur Panini #12



  • Yu Darvish 2012 Topps Mini NSCC #1
  • Bryce Harper 2012 Topps Mini NSCC #2
  • Stephen Strasburg 2012 Topps Mini NSCC #3
  • Roy Halladay 2012 Topps Mini NSCC #4
  • Matt Kemp 2012 Topps Mini NSCC #5
  • Bryce Harper 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Yu Darvish 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Wilin Rosario 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • A.J. Cole 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Jarrod Parker 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #ed/499
  • Miguel Sano 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Leonys Martin 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Matt Moore 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Gerrit Cole 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Norichika Aoki 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Jameson Taillon 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Addison Reed 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Bubba Starling 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Jesus Montero 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Trevor Bauer 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Yoenis Cespedis 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Shelby Miller 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Brad Peacock 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Dylan Bundy 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Devin Mesoraco 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Manny Machado 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Drew Pomeranz 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Tyler Skaggs 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Tyler Pastornicky 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel #’ed/499
  • Jarrod Parker 2012 Bowman Platinum Blue Foil Parallel Auto #’ed/10
  • Andrew Luck 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #1
  • Robert Griffin III 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #2
  • Justin Blackmon 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #5
  • Michael Floyd 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #6
  • Ryan Tannehill 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #4
  • Bryce Harper 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #3
  • Yu Darvish 2012 Gypsy Queen Mini RC #1

Harper & Darvish Promos Available At Brian Kong’s Booth During The ’12 NSCC

The National Sports Collectors Convention offers up a wide variety of artwork for you to browse through.  Artists such as Brian Kong are usually setup.  Its always a good idea to stop by their booths, not only to check out their work, but many times they have some promo cards to giveaway while supplies last.

Brian Kong will have Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish specially made cards available at his booth.  They are each limited to 250 copies each.


Upper Deck Offers A Sneak Peak Of Their ’12 NSCC Autographs

Just like in previous years, Upper Deck will offer a special set each day during the National Sports Collectors Convention.  Collectors busting certain Upper Deck products will receive a promo pack containing cards from that specific day’s set.  Randomly inserted, collectors will find autographs of some pretty nice players.  Take a look at some of these autographs.