21: Illustrated Journal of Outsider Baseball

If your a baseball fan like me, I highly suggest checking out Gary Joseph Cieradkowski’s premiere issue of 21: Illustrated Journal of Outsider Baseball.  Gary has put a lot of work into this first publication, and he covers many players that don’t get the light shined on them all that much.  In the premiere issue, he covers Jewish baseball pioneers and stars.  Of coarse players like Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax are covered, but others like cover-man Lipman Pike are in there too.  Out of all the stories, I enjoyed reading about Pike the best.  He was the first professional baseball player, and he hit 6 homers in one game.  In 1881, Pike had been playing baseball for almost 20 years.  I just think thats amazing.

Next to each player’s story, Gary has an image of a card that he has created for that specific player.  I really like his artwork and the colors he uses.  Be sure to check out his blog The Infinite Baseball Card Set and his illustration shop.

I can’t wait to read the editions that he plans to create on criminals and outlaws of baseball.