Card of the Day: Randy Moss 1998 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch RC #18

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Card of the Day: Randy Johnson/Mike Mussina 2000 Topps Stadium Club Co-Signers Auto

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Card of the Day: Randy Wolf 1999 Team Best Auto


Card of the Day: Randy Couture 2010 Leaf MMA Auto


Ironic Error – NFL’s Top News All On One Card


You have to admit this error is pretty ironic.  Peyton Manning and Randy Moss were two of the biggest rookies in the 1998 Draft Class.  I have to believe that this error was made on purpose, just to bring attention to the brand.  What are the odds that this would be an accident?  Of all the rookies, it had to happen to these two.  I would think differently if it were two no name rookies, but that’s just not the case.  With Peyton Manning shopping around for a new team, and Randy Moss just signing with the 49ers, it makes perfect sense for this card to surface.  This error recently sold for $156.00.

I remember when 1998 Absolute SSD was released.  These cards with the see-through inset were quite popular.  This wasn’t the first time cards had a see-through element to them, but when compared to all the others I enjoy these the most.  They remind me of a very early version of the Shadow Box card.  They are very condition sensitive and can easily be damaged.  Its not uncommon to find them with chipped edges.

Card of the Day: Randy “Macho Man” Savage 1998 Topps Auto


Card of the Day: Randy Moss 1998 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto


Card of the Day: Tim Foli / Randy Bobb 1971 Topps Rookie Stars #83


Card of the Day: Randy Moss 1999 Collectors Edge Game Gear Relic


This has to be one of the smallest relics I’ve ever seen.

2009 Fusion Box Break & Review

The name “Fusion” sounds like a new hip drink you’ed expect to see on the grocery store shelf.  But in this case its Press Pass’s most recent multi-sport product.  I have to be honest.  When I heard Press Pass was planning to create their first multi-sport set I became a little worried.  Technically the last multi-sport product I opened was UD Superstars and that didn’t turn out so well.  After busting my box, I think Press Pass did a good job at combining baseball, basketball, football, wrestling/MMA, racing, and the Olympics all into one product.  Check out what I pulled!

Design: Photobucket

The 90-card base set slightly resembles the popular Legends Football Press Pass usually releases during the summer.  Thats a good thing because I really like that look.  One thing I did notice was that the serial numbers on some cards were difficult to see because they blended in with the background.  Press Pass also did a good job with the photos they picked.  There aren’t too many cards featuring players like Fred Lynn and Paul Molitor in their college uniforms.  Some of the parallels contain a little rainbow foil technology that I really like.

Price: Photobucket

Hobby boxes can be found for around $60.00 depending on where you shop.  When I first saw boxes of Fusion, I thought (3) boxes would make up a full box kinda like their Legends products do.  Instead this time its the opposite.  What looks like a mini box actually is the whole hobby box.  I don’t think $60.00 is that bad of a price because you’ed normally spend around $45.00 for a Legends mini box and Fusion comes with (2) more packs.

Hit Quality: Photobucket

’09 Fusion guarantees (2) hits per box on average, (1) autograph and (1) relic or autograph plus a few serial numbered cards.  I pulled the following hits:

  • Randy Couture Blue Ink autograph #’ed/25
  • Jimmie Johnson Race-Used Firesuit #’ed/65
  • Josh Freeman parallel #’ed/150
  • Johnny Flynn parallel #’ed/99
  • Wayne Ellington parallel #’ed/25

The Couture autograph and Johnson Firesuit are two decent hits.  Many collectors seem interested in the serial numbered parallels as well.  One of the coolest hits you can find are the John Elway baseball autographs.  You just don’t see many of those.  It wouldn’t be a Press Pass product without ink variations and nicknames either.  This product is loaded with those.

Overall: Photobucket

Overall I give this product 3.5 basketballs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Being their first attempt at a multi-sport product they did a good job.  It was much better than the last multi-sport product I opened.  Other than some of the serial numbers being difficult to read, its a pretty decent product for $60.00.