Card of the Day: Thurman Munson 1994 Yoo-Hoo Rawlings Gold Glove Award #11

Flashback Product of the Week: 1955 Rawlings Musial


Rawlings is not the first company that comes to mind when you think of a card manufacturer.  With their headquarters located in St. Louis, it makes perfect sense that they would team-up with one of the best Cardinals players in history, Stan Musial.  This small, six-card set, was released in 1955 and actually made up the side panels of the box that contained a Rawlings glove.  In order to get the cards, you had no other option but to cut them out.  This is why most of the cards you’ll find aren’t in the best condition.  A lot of them look as if they’ve been to hell and back.  Depending on the condition, single cards go sell well into the hundreds if you find a good example.

When it comes to a product like this, trimming will always be a factor.  Collectors had to get these out themselves.  There was no way around it, not unless they kept the box intact.  Trying to figure out whether one of these cards was trimmed recently or fifty years ago is almost impossible.