Card of the Day: Jamie Moyer 2004 Donruss Timelines Recollection Auto #940

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Card of the Day: Craig Biggio 2014 Donruss Recollection Auto

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Now Thats A Sale

When you think of this year’s Score Hockey, big pulls aren’t the first thing that come to mind.  The chances of pulling anything big from a $0.99 pack are so small its not even funny.  But thats not what 2010-2011 Score Hockey is about.  Its mostly for new/set collectors.  But that didn’t stop Panini from sprinkling in a few high-dollar recollection autographs that are extremely rare.

Take a look at this Eric Lindros Recollection autograph limited to only 5 copies.  It just sold for over $2,000.00.  Thats totally insane!  Not too bad for a $0.99 pack.  I wonder what a Gretzky ’79-’80 O-Pee-Chee Recollection autograph would sell for?