Card of the Day: Christy Mathewson 1985 Topps Woolworth’s All-Time Record Holders #25

Record Pin Haul During The 2017 Little League World Series

40.  That’s how many new pins I obtained for my collection this year.  I believe that is a new record.  Some of them I got for free, others I bought, and I even took a handful of my Sports Card Info pins to use for trading.  It really helps to have your own line of pins when it comes to trading.  Most collectors have never seen them before.

Every year more and more businesses in the surrounding area make pins.  I live about an hour away from Williamsport and a few businesses in my town like Budget Bakery and Murray Motors Chevrolet has pins.  As they should, considering not everyone visiting the Little League World Series can stay in Williamsport.

Over the past few years, Little League and many of it’s corporate sponsors have become heavily reliant on these electronic wristbands.  These are used for various activities and assist in getting you eligible for giveaways.  From my point of view and for what I’m there for, I find them to be intrusive.  But for the kids and the things they use them for I can see a reason for having them.  Their activities can keep them busy all day long.  And I think that’s the point.  Personally, I’m there for pins.

After spending a few hours on the Little League campus scoring as many free pins as possible and making some trades with other collectors and ushers, it was time to head downtown.  I hit up the Chamber of Commerce, The Clothier, Bullfrog Brewery, and Genetti Hotel.  All of them have pins.  Williamsport’s Golden Strip is loaded with businesses that I’ve never had pins from before.  KFC, Dolly’s Diner, Olive Garden, Aquarius Pools, Kriger Fence, The Taber Museum, and Bimbo Bakeries are all new places I got pins from.  You could easily spend all ten days of the Little League World Series hunting for pins.

Merchandise for the 2017 MLB Little League Classic featuring the Pirates and Cardinals is available over at Little League.  I got a new t-shirt and a few pins.  I’ve been to Historic Bowman Field many times.  For the most part, that game was for Little League players and their families.  A local lottery was held for Lycoming County residents so some fans from the general public could attend.  I hope they make this game an annual event.

One day it would be great to see Topps have a corporate booth setup at Little League.

I’ll do anything for a free pin.

Happ’s “Graceful” Record

This afternoon J.A. Happ won his 7th game of the year which brings his record to 7-0.  The last Phillies pitcher to go 7-0 was Mike Grace back in 1995.  Grace only lasted 5 years in the majors and hasn’t been seen much since 1999.  I actually met him in Harrisburg along with Scott Rolen back in the mid-90’s while attending a card show and still have the baseball he signed.  Right now, Happ’s cards are on fire and doing a quick eBay search will yield some interesting/expensive finds.  Searching for cards of Grace won’t provide much to look at.  Grace’s 1996 Leaf Signature autograph is probably his most valuable card.  So far Happ’s career is going great.  I really hope he doesn’t end up like Mike Grace.


The Miami Dolphins Have A Winning Record

The Dolphins finally have a winning record – 5-4.