Remember The SAGE Design-A-Card Contest?

SAGE releases a very small amount of product each year.  Their designs are as basic as you can get.  But they continue to be some of the first cards of the next NFL rookie class which draws momentary attention.  The attention doesn’t stick around that long, especially when other companies release their stuff.  SAGE products really take a dive in popularity when the licensed sets come out.

The set SAGE released in 2006 sticks in my memory the most for one reason.  SAGE held a Design-A-Card contest that allowed collectors to design an insert set.  The winner saw their design printed-up and placed within the product.  There was a strict set of guidelines which needed to be followed, but tons of collectors gave it a shot.  The contest was held on the forum site Trader Retreat.  Despite submitting an endless amount of design ideas, none of mine were chosen.  Adam Popovich came out the winner with his “Design For Success” idea.  SAGE even made autographed versions.

Its too bad that the 2006 rookie class didn’t pan out all that much.  Values of these cards are next to nothing.  Unless you come across a low-numbered autograph that a few player collectors might fight over.  At the time, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were all the rage.  Sealed boxes are very affordable.  You’ll find (5) autographs, and (1) jersey card per box.

Remember When CBS Made Football Cards?

CBS loves to keep reminding you of what you already know you’re watching.  If you took a shot every time they said “This is the NFL on CBS.” you’d probably pass out before they held the coin toss.  I remember Saturday Night Live making note of this back in the 90’s.  Kevin Nealon played Jim Nantz, and he kept repeating “This is the NFL on CBS.” over and over again.  “CBS proudly presents The Masters.” is another one you hear a lot.

Television stations are the last places you think about when it comes to card manufacturers.  For a very brief moment in 1989, CBS made football cards.  Now, this was not some nationally distributed product that came in a fancy box.  It was more like a 10-card set shipped in a few envelopes.

For those members of the 1989 CBS Football Announcing Team who either at one time played in the NFL or coached, received a card.  The players include: Terry Bradshaw, Dick Butkus, Irv Cross, Dan Fouts, Pat Summerall, Gary Fencik, Dan Jiggetts, John Madden, Ken Stabler, and Hank Stram.  As you can see, the cards feature an action shot of the person during their time in the NFL.  The photos were then placed on a green football field with a white yard mark.  On the back you’ll find a horizontal layout containing a head shot, biography, and stats all bordered in red.

CBS split this set up into two different releases.  Each issue has five cards.  They were sent out to various CBS representatives probably as a marketing tool.  Although they aren’t serial numbered, only about (500) sets are suppose to exist.  The price for an individual card and/or complete set can be all over the place.  It definitely is one of those oddball sets from the late 80’s.  The set’s official name is 1989 CBS Television Announcers.

Remembering 9/11

Do you remember what you were doing on September 11th, 2001?


Remembering HK


Tonight the Phillies will be wearing an HK patch on their uniforms in honor of Harry Kalas.  They plan to wear them all year.  Usually they place a patch like this on the sleeve, but this one will be placed on the front of the jersey near the heart.  I plan to display this HK patch on Sports Card Info for the remainder of the baseball season.  Please feel free to copy & paste the HTML code below to display the patch on your own website or blog.

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