Q & A – How do I tell if a card is a reproduction?

Since a lot of my posts and eBay guides show up first in search engine results I get some questions from time to time.  I like getting questions about cards, so I thought I would post the reader’s questions and my answers for you to read.  Here is the first question I have received since starting the Sports Card Info blog.  Enjoy!!!

Question: My son has a lot of cards that he is wanting to try and sell. My question is, how can one tell if the card is a reproduction? Thanks.

Answer: A good way to tell if a card is a reproduction is to look for any logos or images that aren’t on the originals.  If you are talking about vintage cards, a reproduction will probably be in better condition, have darker/richer colors, and the copyright date on the back of the card in real fine print should be newer.  If you can, check to see whether that specific set contains reprints of older cards.  I hope that helps.  Thanks for the question.