Card of the Day: Doug Flutie 2001 Topps Reserve #8

Card of the Day: Drew Brees 2001 Topps Reserve #130

Card of the Day: Ryan Madson 2001 Topps Reserve RC Auto

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Card of the Day: Santana Moss 2001 Topps Reserve RC Auto

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Card of the Day: Steve Mason 2013-14 Panini Titanium Reserve Auto

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Flashback Product of the Week: 2002 Topps Reserve Baseball

With all the success TRISTAR has had with their mini-helmet products, I’m surprised that Topps didn’t continue making their Reserve brand.  Each box includes (1) signed mini-helmet, and (3) veteran relics.  I like football mini-helmets better than the baseball.  Not sure why, I just do.  Sealed boxes can still be picked-up for around $80.00.  You can also look for serial numbered “First Year” cards.  Probably the most notable would be Joe Mauer.


Flashback Product of the Week: 2000 Bowman Reserve

2000 Bowman Reserve was an interesting product.  There were 10 packs per box, 5 cards per pack, with a guaranteed autographed rookie mini helmet, veteran autograph and memorabilia card per box.  Products such as this never really caught on with collectors and only lasted a few years.  I think card companies realized that people buy boxes to get cards and not mini helmets.  After 2000, Topps got rid of the Bowman title and called it Topps Reserve.    I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product.  They just didn’t appeal to a lot of collectors.  I opened a box of 2002 Topps Reserve and enjoyed it.  I pulled a Gale Sayers autographed Chicago Bears mini helmet.