2017/18 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Hobby Box Break & Review

G-O-A-L!!!!!!!!!!  As someone who enjoys listening to sports broadcasters, its very entertaining to hear them when a goal is made.  Lots of excitement is in their voice.  Especially when 90 minutes is almost up, and someone finally scores.

Topps Chrome Baseball isn’t due out until later this summer, but if you’d like to see what this year’s flagship design looks like on chrome stock right now, I’d give 2017/18 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League a peek.  If the baseball set looks anything like these soccer cards, we’re in for a real treat.  Chrome is king, and having a design that transitions over to chrome stock is important.

The main set consists of (99) cards.  Parallels of the base set include Refractor, Purple Refractor #’ed/250, Blue Refractor #’ed/150, Green Refractor #’ed/99, Gold Refractor #’ed/50, Orange Refractor #’ed/25, Red Refractor #’ed/10, and Superfractor #’ed/1.  These parallels are extremely easy to identify and stand out quite a bit.  As you can see, the parallel coloring is not just limited to the card’s border.  The entire background is a solid color.

A handful of top players have photo variations.  Unlike some other products, these are easy to spot.  Lionel Messi, Christian Pulisic, Neymar Jr., Harry Kane, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the only ones in this group.  From what I’ve seen, all photo variations have a refractor-like coloring to them.  All you have to do is hold out the refractors and check the CMP code on the back.  The CMP code for photo variations ends in #8664.

Autographs fall (1) per box.  Traditionally, sticker autographs aren’t the norm when it comes to Topps Chrome, but given that these athletes are all outside the U.S. it was probably the easier way to go.  Base autograph parallels include Blue Refractor #’ed/150, Green Refractor #’ed/99, Gold Refractor #’ed/50, Orange Refractor #’ed/25, Red Refractor #’ed/10, and Superfractor #’ed/1.

Three inserts can be pulled – Award Winners, Future Stars, and Lightning Strike.  Each come with their share of autographs and parallels.  Award Winners are the most difficult to find (1:108 packs).

For under $70, Topps did a nice job with this product.  UEFA and Chrome fans should really enjoy it.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Neymar Jr. Lightning Strike Auto #’ed/10


  • Bruno Varela Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Pizzi Purple Refractor #’ed/250
  • Pique Purple Refractor #’ed/250
  • Jesus Navas Refractor
  • Pique Refractor
  • Diego Reyes Refractor
  • Kyle Walker Refractor
  • Dele Alli Refractor


  • Kylian Mbappe Future Stars
  • Marcus Rashford Future Stars
  • Leroy Sane Future Stars
  • Neymar Jr. Lightning Strike
  • Philippe Coutinho Lightning Strike
  • Antoine Griezmann Lightning Strike
  • Gareth Bale Lightning Strike


2018 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Between the Living Set and 2018 Bowman, Topps has been on quite the successful roll.  Those collectors who didn’t get in early on the first few weeks of the Living Set, are now finding themselves in a bidding war for cards like my Rhys Hoskins.  I couldn’t be happier about this.  Its awesome to see cards that aren’t autographed, game-used, or even serial numbered bringing in this kind of cash.  Nobody does these “print on-demand” products better than Topps.  Other companies have tried, but Topps does it the best.  Hopefully there are more Phillies Living Set cards coming down the line.  I’d be all over a Mike Schmidt, Richie Ashburn, Phillie Phanatic, or dare I say Harry Kalas card.  I paid $7.99 for Rhys Hoskins, and they’ve recently been selling for $50-$100.  It might be time to move it to my safe.

Every year there is a new “top rookie” or “major prospect” who’s going to be the next big thing.  This year its Shohei Ohtani.  Collectors are spending many thousands of dollars on him.  Given that Bowman has been “Home Of The Rookie Card” for years, its no surprise that his cards from this product are reaching insane levels.  Base autographs sell for roughly $1,500.  All others just go up from there.  Thomas Fish of Blowout Cards has offered $75,000 for the Ohtani Superfractor Auto #’ed 1/1 when it comes back from BGS a 9.5 or higher.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back with a BGS Black Label.  That story alone has been circulating the media outlets and drawing lots of attention not only to this product, but the whole hobby in general.  Its fantastic to see the hobby get the spotlight like that.  If you do hit the jackpot and pull an autograph of him, especially from Bowman, I’d move it ASAP.  A lot can happen between now and the end of his career.  Could he go on to be the next Babe Ruth?  Sure.  He could also suffer a career ending injury next week and never play again.  Its a high stakes gamble.  Consider yourself lucky to have pulled one out now.  Don’t push your luck by holding on to it.

Prospecting continues to be a very large part of the industry.  Everyone wants to get in on the ground floor of that possible one day future Hall Of Famer.  Products like BowmanBowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft are still the key brands to do this.  Because of all the attention on Ohtani, 2018 Bowman in particular has been quite popular.  This popularity has carried over to other players.  Topps has gotten extremely lucky over the past few years with so many rookies performing well.  Other top prospects/rookies you’d want to pull include Ronald Acuña, Rhys Hoskins, Hunter Greene, and Luis Robert.

Parallels!!!  Parallels!!!  Parallels!!!  2018 Bowman contains a massive amount of parallels.  Depending on the player, you could have over (50) parallels to chase down.  Forget Skittles, this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Taste the rainbow.”  Quite the challenge.

Of all the inserts, I’ve got to go with Bowman Sterling as my favorite.  Between 2004 and 2014, Bowman Sterling was a regular high-end standalone baseball set.  Then it disappeared.  Now its back!  From the looks of it, these new Bowman Sterling cards will be inserted throughout other Bowman products this year too.  Parallels include Atomic #’ed/150, Orange #’ed/25, Red #’ed/5, and Superfractor #’ed 1/1.  Autographs are serial numbered to (99) and have Orange #’ed/25, Red #’ed/5, and Superfractor #’ed 1/1 parallels.

When it comes to prospecting, there can be a lot of pressure from other collectors about who you should and shouldn’t pickup.  I say collect what you enjoy.  Also, don’t get in over your head.  Modern day sports cards shouldn’t be used as investments.

I think it would be neat to see “print on-demand” exclusive Bowman cards for prospects.  Topps could base them on some of the players featured on that week’s Baseball America’s Hot Sheet.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Adbert Alzolay


  • Carter Kieboom Atomic Refractor
  • Evan White Refractor #’ed/499
  • Corbin Burnes Orange Refractor #’ed/25
  • Nate Pearson Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 Orange Refractor #’ed/25


  • Clint Frazier Bowman Sterling
  • Jesus Luzardo/A.J. Puk/Paul Blackburn Talent Pipeline
  • Jon Duplantier/Alex Young/Anthony Banda Talent Pipeline
  • Joey Gallo Bowman Birthdays
  • Max Kepler Bowman Birthdays
  • Nick Williams Bowman Birthdays
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. #Bowman Trending
  • Scott Kingery #Bowman Trending
  • Stephen Gonsalves #Bowman Trending
  • Bo Bichette #Bowman Trending
  • Nick Williams ROY Favorites
  • Jack Flaherty ROY Favorites
  • Harrison Bader ROY Favorites
  • Michael Baez Bowman Scouts’ Top 100
  • Luiz Gohara Bowman Scouts’ Top 100
  • Juan Soto Bowman Scouts’ Top 100
  • Sam Travis Bowman Scouts’ Top 100
  • Adam Haseley Bowman Scouts’ Top 100
  • Chance Sisco Bowman Scouts’ Top 100

Notable Prospects/Rookies

  • Shohei Ohtani Bowman RC
  • Rhys Hoskins Bowman RC
  • Hunter Greene Bowman
  • Hunter Greene Bowman Chrome
  • Keibert Ruiz Bowman
  • Keibert Ruiz Bowman Chrome
  • Cristian Pache Bowman Chrome

2018 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Box Break & Review

This August I plan to attend the 39th National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.  It’ll be my fourth time visiting the I-X Center, and seventh overall National.  One of my collecting goals is to eventually own an original card from the 1880’s.  Something from the Old Judge or Gypsy Queen sets would be nice.  Tobacco cards from that time period were the first broadly distributed cards in the hobby.  Prior to that, what cards were available mainly were issued through localized promotions.  I certainly don’t want to pick one up on a whim.  I’d like to take my time, do some research, and obtain one in person.  The National is a terrific place to find these.  I can’t promise that I’ll pull the trigger on any while I’m there though.  I’m easily drawn to corporate wrapper redemption programs and vintage bobbleheads.

When it comes to the hobby today, nobody makes artistic sets better than Topps.  I don’t care if the art-look comes from using a filter in Photoshop or a hired artist, Topps does it well.  2018 Gypsy Queen continues this tradition.

This year the Gypsy Queen set consists of (300) cards.  Parallels include Green (Retail), Missing Team Nameplate, Missing Blackplate, Indigo #’ed/250, GQ Logo Swap, Bazooka Back, Black & White #’ed/50, Red #’ed/10, and Black #’ed/1.

Short prints fall 1:24 packs, and range from card #301-#320.  These too have parallels: Missing Team Nameplate, GQ Logo Swap, Bazooka Back, and Black #’ed/1.  All short prints are of retired players.

Lots of products today have variations that need to be watched for.  That goes double for Gypsy Queen.  2018 Gypsy Queen has three main variations: Capless, Jackie Robinson Day, and Team Swap Error.  Now this is where things can get a little nutty.  Both of the Capless and Jackie Robinson Day variations have parallels.  The Capless variations have GQ Logo Swap and Black #’ed/1 parallels.  The Jackie Robinson Day variations have GQ Logo Swap and Black #’ed/1 parallels.  You’ll also find that some Jackie Robinson Day variations have autographed counterparts.  These autographs also have parallels: Black & White #’ed/42 and Black #’ed/1.  Team Swap Errors do not have any parallels.

CMP code list:

  • Base – #29
  • Base SP – #59
  • Jackie Robinson Day Variation – #64
  • Capless Variation – #67
  • Team Swap Error Variation – #70

Be aware that the CMP codes DO NOT change for parallels.  The CMP codes are great for weeding out the regular variations/short prints.  But you almost need to check the front and back of every card to see if its a parallel no matter what the CMP code is.  While opening my box, I did realize that many of these cards were backwards and/or upside down in the packs.

Gypsy Queen is packed with some great looking “hits”.  You’re most likely going to pull (2) on-card autographs from your hobby box.  The GlassWorks Box Toppers look even better than last year.  I like the chrome and wood grain design.  If you get really lucky, you might find a low numbered parallel and/or autographed version.

When Topps revived the Gypsy Queen brand in 2011, they introduced collectors to the Original Art Patch Card.  Since then, these have been a staple.  Artist Dan Bergren worked on the ones for 2018.  He recently did work for 2017 Transcendent Collection.  Found at a rate of 1:30,430 packs now they’re called Playoff Performers Portrait Art Patch Originals.  Nineteen different players covering the past and present make up this set.  Each player has two cards.  That’s a total of (38) cards.  One of these years it would be fun to see these in a booklet format.  A sketch on one side with a jumbo patch on the other.

Ripping through a box of Gypsy Queen quickly just looking for the autographs and relics isn’t in your best interest.  I highly suggest examining everything so you don’t miss something.  Adding parallels to the variations requires extra attention in order to find them.  Take your time and have fun.

You can see the entire checklist here.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Anthony Banda RC Auto
  • Zack Granite RC Auto

Short Print

  • Mariano Rivera


  • Khris Davis Jackie Robinson Day Variation GQ Logo Swap
  • Patrick Corbin Indigo #’ed/250
  • Brad Miller Bazooka Back
  • Luis Castillo Missing Team Nameplate
  • Chris Sale GQ Logo Swap
  • Yangervis Solarte GQ Logo Swap


  • Francisco Lindor GlassWorks Box Topper
  • J.P. Crawford Fortune Teller
  • Khris Davis Fortune Teller
  • Gary Sanchez Fortune Teller
  • Giancarlo Stanton Tarot of the Diamond
  • Clayton Kershaw Tarot of the Diamond
  • Kevin Kiermaier Tarot of the Diamond


  • Paul Blackburn
  • Dominic Smith
  • A.J. Jimenez
  • Greg Allen
  • J.P. Crawford
  • Rhys Hoskins
  • Felix Jorge
  • Nicky Delmonico
  • Walker Buehler
  • Tzu-Wei Lin
  • Miguel Andujar
  • Amed Rosario
  • Miguel Gomez
  • Francisco Mejia
  • Victor Robles
  • Ozzie Albies
  • Shohei Ohtani
  • Erick Fedde
  • Chance Sisco
  • Clint Frazier
  • Sandy Alcantara

2018 Topps Opening Day Box Break & Review

I’m ready for baseball season to start.  As a Phillies fan I’m excited to see how their new manager Gabe Kapler works out.  The team is packed with a lot of young talent.  All of this excitement got me to pull the trigger on a 2018 Topps NOW Phillies Road To Opening Day Team Set.  I even bought a Rhys Hoskins card from the new Topps Living Set.  Those 1953 Topps paintings are awesome!

Opening Day is a brand that’s been around since 2000.  Its one of the most affordable products that Topps makes.  I’d say that its one step above their MLB Sticker Collection.  With that being said, its difficult to pull an autograph and/or relic from a single box.  Oh they’re in there, but you can’t open a box with just those in mind.  Items like that aren’t guaranteed per box with a product like this.

2018 Topps Opening Day consists of a 200-card set.  It features the same design as it’s flagship counterpart.  I’m still a big fan of that pixelated-look with the big gummy candy wave.  Its one of their better modern day card designs.  Parallels include Blue Foil, Opening Day Edition #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1.

Photo variations are harder to pull when compared to last year’s Opening Day set.  Base card CMP codes end in #77, whereas the photo variations end in #95.  Many of these are easy to spot without having to check the code, because the photos Topps used are so drastically different when placed side-by-side to the base.  “Celebrating” looks to be the overall theme to most of the variations.

Although he didn’t have the best Spring Training, Shohei Ohtani cards continue to be quite popular.  Opening Day offers one of his most affordable rookies right now.  You should pull at least one from a hobby box.

Inserts are a big part of Opening Day.  Every single pack has one.  Rarer inserts include National Anthem (1:286), Stadium Signatures (1:572), and Dugout Peeks (1:1,791).  Other inserts include Before Opening Day, Mascots, MLB Sticker Collection, Opening Day Stadium, Opening Day Stars, and Team Traditions & Celebrations.

Diamond Relics offer cards featuring game-used ballpark dirt.  I think these look way better than the ballpark dirt relics that Topps issued in 2001 Stadium Club.  The colors are richer, design is nicer, and they contain much more dirt.

Over the years I’ve opened four boxes of Opening Day.  Three out of four have had something (relic, printing plate, photo variation, rare insert).  You can’t beat the price for a hobby box, $30.  I’m still holding out that we’ll see some pixelated artwork one of these days.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Nolan Arenado Blue Foil
  • Bryce Harper Blue Foil
  • Josh Donaldson Blue Foil
  • Zack Greinke Blue Foil
  • Carlos Correa Blue Foil


  • Alex Bregman National Anthem
  • Chance Sisco Opening Day Stars
  • Chris Sale Before Opening Day
  • Chris Davis Before Opening Day
  • Christian Vazquez Before Opening Day
  • Kris Bryant Before Opening Day
  • Cody Bellinger Before Opening Day
  • Bryce Harper Before Opening Day
  • Andrew Benintendi Before Opening Day
  • Yasiel Puig Before Opening Day
  • St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day Stadium
  • Tampa Bay Rays Opening Day Stadium
  • Boston Red Sox Opening Day Stadium
  • Chicago Cubs Opening Day Stadium
  • Texas Rangers Opening Day Stadium
  • Detroit Tigers Opening Day Stadium
  • Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day Stadium
  • The Freeze Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • “Sweet Caroline” Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • Clydesdale Horses Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • Minnie And Paul Sign Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • “Y.M.C.A.” Dance Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • Rally Monkey Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • Home Run Slide Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • King’s Court Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • McCovey Cove Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • Opening Day Parade Team Traditions & Celebrations
  • Raymond Mascots
  • Swinging Friar Mascots
  • Billy The Marlin Mascots
  • Dinger Mascots
  • Gapper Mascots
  • Tessie Mascots
  • Paws Mascots
  • Rosie Red Mascots
  • Mr. Met Mascots
  • TC Bear Mascots
  • Sluggerr Mascots

Notable Rookies

  • (2) Shohei Ohtani
  • Rhys Hoskins

2018 Topps Heritage Baseball Box Break & Review

The year was 1969.  Mickey Mantle decided to call it quits.  A guy who would one day be known as Mr. October was just getting started.  Professional baseball celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.  Mankind first landed on the moon too (or did they).  A lot was going on, much like what you’ll find inside a box of 2018 Topps Heritage Baseball.

2018 is the year that Topps Heritage receives the 1969 Topps Baseball treatment.  At least when it comes to it’s design.  I can’t wait to see what happens in two years when the 1971 Topps Baseball design is on the chopping block.  Those solid black borders should make things fun.

Topps Heritage seems to always have something for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a set collector or someone picking up high-end singles on the secondary market.  I really appreciate the high-end cards that come out of products like this.  They just look so good.

2018 Topps Heritage consists of (500) cards.  #1-#400 are base while #401-#500 are short prints.  There are six parallels – 100th Anniversary #’ed/25, Black Border #’ed/50, Flip Stock #’ed/5, Magenta Back #’ed/25, Minis #’ed/100, and Chrome.  The Chrome parallels come in a variety of colors such as Base #’ed/999, Refractor #’ed/569, Purple, Black #’ed/69, Gold #’ed/5, and Superfractor #’ed/1.

The heart and soul of today’s Heritage sets are the variations.  Some can jump right out at you while others take a little more time to identify.  You simply cannot rip open a box and quickly breeze through the cards.  By doing that you could easily miss what could be your pull of a lifetime.  I find the best way to identify variations is to flip over every card and check the tiny CMP code.  When it comes to 2018 Topps Heritage, if that code ends in a number other than #65 you’ve found something worth looking into.

CMP Code List:

  • Base – #65
  • Base Short Print – #85
  • Nickname – #04
  • RC Cup Year Error – #03
  • Team Color Swap – #02
  • Action Image – #01
  • Throwback – #00
  • Traded – #99
  • Error – #98

Real One Autographs continue to be a favorite of mine.  They’re simple and easy on the eyes.  Red Ink versions #’ed/69 are especially fun when pulled.

The original 1969 Topps Baseball set contains lots of great vintage cards.  But one stands above them all, and that would be the Reggie Jackson RC #260.  Topps got Mr. October to sign (10) original rookies and inserted them into Heritage this year.  Given that there are only ten copies, not everyone will find one.  Very cool though.

Before the Brewers ended up in Milwaukee, they played their initial season in Seattle as the Pilots in 1969.  The Pilots only lasted for one season.  Merchandise from the Pilots in some cases is highly sought after.  To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Topps was able to get (15) guys from that team to sign autographs for Heritage.  Its been a long time since we’ve seen new Pilots cards.  One of the autographs is that of Jim Bouton, who went on to help create Big League Chew bubble gum.

Collectors are ripping into boxes looking for rookies of Shohei Ohtani.  He has two Real One Autographs – Base and Red Ink #’ed/69.  These are his first MLB autographs.  Ohtani lacks a base rookie, but is an Action Image variation for card #17.  Most #17 cards have Zach Davies, but some have Ohtani.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Carlos Correa Clubhouse Collection Jersey


  • Gary Sanchez Chrome #’ed/999
  • Cody Bellinger Chrome Refractor #’ed/569
  • Kole Calhoun Black Border #’ed/50

Short Prints

  • Alcides Escobar #445
  • Drew Pomeranz #404
  • Victor Martinez #427
  • Garrett Richards #452
  • Kelvin Herrera #409
  • Chase Anderson #432
  • Bruce Maxwell #495
  • Kenley Jansen #424


  • Jedd Gyorko/Eric Hosmer/Andrew Cashner – Mike Trout – 1969 Topps Bazooka Ad Panel – #2
  • News Flashbacks 1969 – The Beatles’ Abbey Road Album Released #3
  • Lou Brock/Dee Gordon Then & Now #11
  • Ozzie Albies RC 1969 Topps Deckle Edge #11
  • Andrew Benintendi 1969 Topps Deckle Edge #17
  • Baseball Flashbacks 1969 – Jim Palmer
  • Baseball Flashbacks 1969 – Juan Marichal
  • Joey Votto New Age Performers #13
  • Mike Trout New Age Performers #2

2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball Box Break & Review

Its a tradition that’s been in place since 1952.  The Topps flagship brand has been the heart of the hobby and center attraction for countless collectors for generations.  This set kicks off the 2018 baseball card season while setting the tone for all products throughout the year.  Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger both have their rookie seasons in the past, who knows which rookie(s) will dominate the hobby in the coming months.  Of all their baseball products, the Topps flagship set is probably the one that is purchased the most.  It’s annual release is a major event across the hobby.

This might be my favorite modern day Topps flagship design.  It has a lot going on, but doesn’t overtake the card.  I really like the colored wave next to the team’s logo.  With Topps having a long history in the candy business, that wave sometimes reminds me of a colorful gummy snack that I use to eat as a kid.  The pixels are a fun feature too.  I’d really like to see some pixel art cards in a future product.  Imagine pulling a card of Rhys Hoskins and the picture is pixelated and looks like he should be in an NES video game.  That would be awesome!  Sorta in line with the cartoon-like autographs found in 2016 Topps MLB Wacky Packages.  With Series 2Update, and Chrome, there are lots of opportunities for this to happen.

As is the case with a lot of Topps sets, there are SPs and SSPs.  Checking the CMP code on the back can help in identifying them.  Base cards end in #87.  SPs end in #43.  SSPs end in #44.

It wouldn’t be a Topps product without a throwback to a classic set.  Last year it was 1987 Topps Baseball, for 2018 its 1983 Topps Baseball.  As expected they all look fantastic, especially the parallels and on-card autographs.

The Topps Reverence cards got an upgrade too.  This year’s cards don’t look as busy, and contain full-body shots of the player versus a small head shot.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this high-end autograph/relic insert get it’s own standalone product someday.

I pulled a Topps Home Run Challange card of Trey Mancini.  These are fun inserts.  Log into your Topps account, head over to the Home Run Challange website, enter the code, and pick the date you think that player will hit a home run.  I picked 6/16/18.  If Trey Mancini hits a home run that day, I’ll get a special card.

The 2018 baseball card season has begun.  Good luck to everyone who opens a box.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Anthony Rizzo Major League Material Jersey

Short Print

  • Cody Bellinger #42


  • Eric Thames 1983 Topps Black #’ed/299
  • Andrew Cashner Vintage Stock #’ed/99
  • Nick Pivetta Gold #’ed/2018
  • Mookie Betts Rainbow Foil
  • Yulieski Gurriel Rainbow Foil
  • Marcus Semien Rainbow Foil


  • Trey Mancini Topps Home Run Challange
  • Aaron Judge Topps Now Top 10 #10
  • Aaron Judge Topps Now Top 10 #4
  • Yoenis Cespedes Superstar Sensations #49
  • Max Scherzer Superstar Sensations #25
  • Gary Sanchez Superstar Sensations #22
  • Carlos Correa Superstar Sensations #5
  • Ryan Zimmerman MLB Awards #7
  • Martin Maldonado MLB Awards #14
  • Buster Posey MLB Awards #32
  • Marcell Ozuna MLB Awards #43
  • Francisco Lindor MLB Awards #39
  • Miguel Sano Topps Salute #48
  • Charlie Blackmon Topps Salute #10
  • Roy Halladay Topps Salute #34
  • Jose Berrios Topps Salute #67
  • Brandon Woodruff Topps Salute #91
  • Joey Votto Topps Salute #3
  • Cal Ripken Jr. Topps Salute #26
  • Victor Robles Topps Salute #82
  • Alex Bregman Topps Salute #61
  • Justin Verlander 1983 Topps #98
  • Masahiro Tanaka 1983 Topps #78
  • Clint Frazier 1983 Topps RC #70
  • Harrison Bader 1983 Topps RC #29
  • Matt Carpenter 1983 Topps #11
  • Eric Thames 1983 Topps #10
  • Barry Larkin 1983 Topps #57
  • Ryan McMahon 1983 Topps RC #76
  • Carlos Correa 1983 Topps #92

2017 Bowman Chrome Mini Complete Set Box Break & Review

Happy New Year!!!  Its 2018 and everyday baseball season gets closer.  Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training next month.  In 2017 we had an impressive rookie class.  Its going to be hard to top it.

All 2017 Topps MLB licensed products have been released.  The last two were Bowman’s Best and the Bowman Chrome Mini Complete Set.  2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball is due out near the end of the month.

I really like the 2017 Bowman Chrome Mini Complete Set.  Inside each box is a complete 273-card set featuring top tier rookies and prospects from 2017.  Along with it are (3) packs containing (10) special parallels each.  These exclusive parallels can only be found in here.  Parallels include: Refractor, Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150, Black Shimmer Refractor #’ed/100, Green Refractor #’ed/99, Bowman 70th Logo Refractor #’ed/70, Gold Refractor #’ed/50, Orange Refractor #’ed/25, Red Refractor #’ed/10, Superfractors #’ed/1, and Printing Plates #’ed/1.

What I find the most attractive about this set is the configuration.  You can open the main box to access the parallel packs, yet the complete base set remains sealed separately.  I like that a lot.  There aren’t too many configurations that allow you to open something, get the “hits”, and leave you with a sealed set.

It certainly wouldn’t bother me if more rookie/prospect products were configured like this.  Boxes are currently selling for just under $200.  Demand is quite strong considering there aren’t any autographs.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Yoshitomo Tsutsugo Magenta Printing Plate #’ed 1/1
  • Dane Dunning Orange Refractor #’ed/25
  • Dakota Chalmers Gold Refractor #’ed/50
  • Brett Phillips Gold Refractor #’ed/50
  • Harrison Bader Gold Refractor #’ed/50
  • Justus Sheffield Bowman 70th Logo Refractor #’ed/70
  • Max Fried Bowman 70th Logo Refractor #’ed/70
  • Rowdy Tellez Bowman 70th Logo Refractor #’ed/70
  • Mickey Moniak Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Brendan Rodgers Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Garrett Whitley Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Brian Anderson Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Jorge Alfaro Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • Christin Stewart Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • Teoscar Hernandez Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • Touki Toussaint Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • A.J. Puckett Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • Tetsuto Yamada Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • Sandy Alcantara Blue Shimmer Refractor #’ed/150
  • Jorge Ona Refractor
  • Trevor Clifton Refractor
  • Blake Rutherford Refractor
  • Wuilmer Becerra Refractor
  • Beau Burrows Refractor
  • Dylan Cozens Refractor
  • Albert Abreu Refractor
  • Jonathan Arauz Refractor
  • Kyle Freeland Refractor
  • Justus Sheffield Refractor