2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set

The base set consists of (330) total cards. Parallels include Gold Foil (1:2 Jumbo), Rainbow Foil (1:10 Hobby), Royal Blue (1:10 Retail), Gold #’ed/2023, Green Foil #’ed/499, Advanced Stats #’ed/300, Orange Foil #’ed/299, Red Foil #’ed/199, Vintage Stock #’ed/99, Independence Day #’ed/76, Black #’ed/72, Mother’s Day Hot Pink #’ed/50, Father’s Day Powder Blue #’ed/50, Memorial Day Camo #’ed/25, Platinum #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1. (100) cards from the base set also have a Clear parallel #’ed/10.

For 2023 Topps really changed the way photo variations are done. Every card in the (330) base set has (1) Gold Mirror Variation. Topps made it very easy to identify them too. The Topps logo on the front of the Gold Mirror Variation is printed in gold foil. Turning the card over you’ll see “SSP” printed in gold foil as well. You can use the CMP code which is #585 for the Gold Mirror Variations compared to the base #565, but it really isn’t necessary this year. In the past Topps would pick perhaps (100) players from the base set and issue multiple photo variations for each. Some more difficult to pull than others. Topps has said that the (1) Gold Mirror Variation for each base card will also apply to Series 2 and Update.

Gold Mirror Variation odds:

  • Hobby – 1:454 packs
  • Jumbo – 1:46 packs
  • Hanger – 1:203 packs
  • Blaster – 1:1,360 packs

I’m a fan of the 2023 flagship design. All of the main upgrades are in the nameplate. Collectors get to enjoy a head shot of the player with the team logo in the background. We will see this design used for Series 2, Update, Chrome, etc… I think it will look really cool on Chrome stock.

The 2023 design also makes it easy to read the player’s name. You’ed think being able to read the name easily would be a common feature from year to year, but that isn’t always the case. The 2021 design used smaller font for the name.

A hobby box will come with (1) relic or autograph, and (1) Silver Pack box topper.

A jumbo box will come with (1) autograph, (2) relics, and (2) Silver Pack box toppers.

Popular rookie cards include Adley Rutschman, Gunnar Henderson, Michael Harris II, Vaughn Grissom, Brett Baty, Nolan Gorman, and Riley Greene.

A lot of these first rookies and Gold Mirror Variations will come down in price. As the year progresses many more baseball products will be released giving collectors more options. Waiting to buy that new base rookie or Gold Mirror Variation traditionally should save you some money.

Be sure to check the backs of your 1988 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary inserts. The Real One Heritage Stock #’ed/88 parallel wasn’t printed on Heritage card stock like they were suppose to be, but do contain the serial number. Without looking at the back you could easily mistake this parallel for a base insert.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Jose Altuve Major League Material


  • Luis Robert 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary Black #’ed/299
  • Vinnie Pasquantino RC Gold #’ed/2023
  • Yordan Alvarez Rainbow Foil
  • Caleb Kilian RC Rainbow Foil


  • Sandy Alcantara All Aces
  • Mike Trout Home Run Challenge
  • Shane Bieber/Triston McKenzie One-Two Punch
  • Adley Rutschman 2022 Greatest Hits
  • Manny Machado 2022 Greatest Hits
  • Mookie Betts Welcome to the Club
  • Willie Mays Welcome to the Club
  • Jackie Robinson 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary
  • Cal Ripken Jr. 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary
  • Javier Baez 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary
  • Shohei Ohtani 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary
  • Luis Robert 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary
  • Seiya Suzuki 1988 Topps 35th Anniversary
  • Salvador Perez 1988 Topps Chrome Silver Pack
  • Don Mattingly 1988 Topps Chrome Silver Pack
  • Buster Posey 1988 Topps Chrome Silver Pack
  • Javier Baez 1988 Topps Chrome Silver Pack

2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Update Series Baseball Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set/Rookie/Parallel Fan

I had never opened a Sapphire product until now. In the past I have purchased various Sapphire products to flip.

When the regular 2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball was released it debuted at $249.99/box. That was a bit too expensive for me considering there aren’t any autographs. So I made the decision to skip it.

After hearing that 2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Update Series Baseball included on-card autographs everyone expected the price to be very high. Turns out that wasn’t the case. Boxes debuted at $129.99. Topps can be all over the place when it comes to pricing. Sometimes its high. Sometimes its low. Sometimes its right on.

The base set consists of (330) cards. Parallels include Green #’ed/75 (1:9), Gold #’ed/50 (1:13), Orange #’ed/25 (1:26), Purple #’ed/10 (1:64), Red #’ed/5 (1:127), Superfractor #’ed 1/1 (1:1,598), and Padparadscha #’ed 1/1 (1:1,039).

Autographs are #’ed/25 or less. Parallels include Orange #’ed/25 (1:817), Purple #’ed/10 (1:2,043), Red #’ed/5 (1:4,085), Superfractor #’ed 1/1 (1:20,013).

The autographs are difficult to pull. But at least this product has them. And with a small autograph checklist when one is pulled it is usually of a top rookie.

On-card autographs are always better than stickers. Collectors were hoping not too many of them would be packed-out as redemption cards. So far the only redemption autograph looks to be of Jeremy Peña.

Each box should contain at least (2) parallels. I’ve seen some with (1) and others containing (3).

I bought this box because it had a reasonable debut price, and wanted to open a Sapphire product. The chance at pulling an autograph was also a nice bonus.

Seeing that this is the only product where you can find on-card Sapphire autographs of top rookies from 2022, box prices could skyrocket if any of them work out. On the other side those players could flop, and box prices could tank.

No Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr., or Spencer Torkelson rookie cards found in my box.

As I mentioned before, this is the first Sapphire product I’ve opened. This is also the first time I’ve seen Sapphire cards in-hand. I can see why collectors go crazy for them.

2023 members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club will receive (1) 20-card set, and the factory set this year. It would be really cool if that 20-card set would be printed on Chrome Sapphire card stock. The set should consist of subjects that haven’t had Chrome Sapphire cards made yet. Off the top of my head Mickey Mantle, Phillie Phanatic, and Mike Schmidt would make great additions.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Adam Frazier Gold Refractor #’ed/50
  • Hunter Renfroe Green Refractor #’ed/75


  • Jason Krizan RC #US65
  • Felix Bautista RC #US225
  • Ryan Pepiot #US109
  • MacKenzie Gore RC #US81
  • Brendan Donovan RC #US150
  • Jack Suwinski RC #US236
  • Shane Baz RC Rookie Debut #US240
  • Nick Allen RC #US117
  • Bryan Lavastida RC #US317


  • Nick Castellanos #US266
  • Garrett Stubbs #US315
  • Michael Lorenzen #US84
  • Andrew Stevenson #US173
  • Matt Chapman #US235
  • Cole Sulser #US103
  • Sergio Romo #US322
  • Sean Manaea #US48
  • Jace Peterson #US12
  • Drew Smyly #US138
  • Opening Day Bronx Bash #US45
  • Boston Flex #US11
  • Cole Irvin #US292
  • Luis Guillorme #US107
  • Robert Suarez/Steven Wilson #US239
  • Jurickson Profar #US69
  • Archie Bradley #US98
  • Andrew Knizner #US329
  • Brad Miller #US91
  • Kyle Cody #US96
  • Adam Engel #US323

2022 Topps Holiday Mega Box Baseball Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set/Christmas fans

The Topps Holiday Mega Box has become a fan favorite. I truly don’t know how the hobby made it through the holiday season without it. Scrolling through my Twitter feed all I see are people’s shopping baskets filled with these boxes.

Topps offered the 2022 Holiday Mega Box on their website for a short time before selling out. Walmart would be your best option to find a box now.

(200) cards make up the base set. Many holiday elements are added to the 2022 Topps Baseball flagship design. Parallels include Metallic (1:2), Red Metallic #’ed/99 (1:92), and Gold Metallic #’ed 1/1 (1:8,915).

Photo variations offer even more holiday items to look for. Some are easier to come by than others. I always check the CMP codes to be sure.

  • Base – #811
  • SP – #819 (1:7)
  • Rare – #820 (1:20)
  • Super Rare – #821 (1:160)

Each box contains (10) packs. You should at least find (1) SP. My favorite variation has Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf pictured in the bottom left corner of Shohei Ohtani’s card.

You will also find (1) relic, autograph, or autograph/relic per box. Most likely a one-color relic is what you’ll get, but much rarer hits can be pulled. This includes relics and autograph/relics of an Elf, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus. Consider yourself very lucky if you hit one of these. The Holiday Faux relics and autograph/relics are extremely rare.

Packaged along with the packs is a tree ornament. Parallels of the ornaments would be a fun addition some year.

The Topps Holiday Mega Box is not meant to be taken too seriously. At $24.99/box, its a cheap fun rip.

On a side note, I think Topps should make an online-exclusive set of Topps Chrome Sapphire cards featuring Christmas/holiday season characters. They would probably be a big hit. Especially if they threw in some parallels.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Pete Alonso


  • Cooper Hummel RC Metallic #27
  • Emmanuel Rivera RC Metallic #20
  • Cedric Mullins Metallic #86
  • Max Muncy Metallic #199
  • William Woods RC Metallic #127

SP Variations:

  • Royce Lewis RC #94 – Christmas lights on arm
  • Gabriel Arias RC #12 – Candy cane on arm

Box Topper:

  • Shohei Ohtani Ornament

Notable Rookies:

  • CJ Abrams #112
  • Bryson Stott #133
  • Jeremy Pena #129
  • Wander Franco #181
  • Bobby Witt Jr. #150

2022 Topps Brooklyn Collection Baseball Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Autograph

Typically reserved for members of the 582 Montgomery Club to buy, 2022 Topps Brooklyn Collection Baseball went straight to the general public for sale.

The initial price of a box was $149.99. Due to the popularity of this year’s product prices have shot up to around $270 as of right now.

(50) cards make up the base set. Subjects include current stars, rookies, and retired/Hall of Famers. Parallels include Chartreuse #’ed/99 (1:2), Black #’ed/75 (1:2), Gold #’ed/50 (1:3), Blue #’ed/40 (1:4), Orange #’ed/25 (1:6), Purple #’ed/15 (1:10), Red #’ed/5 (1:29), and Platinum #’ed 1/1 (1:139).

Each base card has a Bush Terminal Die-Cut Variation. These are serial numbered to 36 copies, and have a Platinum parallel limited to just 1.

Bush Terminal is a nod to Topps’ original location in Brooklyn, NY. I found an old newspaper article written about when they moved in.

Every box comes with (7) cards – (2) autographs, (2) parallels, and (3) base.

(71) autograph subjects are on the checklist. Base autographs vary in serial numbering. Autograph parallels include Black #’ed/75, Gold #’ed/50, Blue #’ed/30, Orange #’ed/20 (1:6), Purple #’ed/10 (1:11), Red #’ed/5 (1:21), and Platinum #’ed 1/1 (1:105). It should be noted that Hunter Greene, Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, and Mike Trout autographs were issued as redemption cards.

With the small checklist and parallel structure it can be calculated that around 7,000 total boxes have been produced. That’s not a lot.

Once these boxes began to arrive collectors quickly realized that Topps loaded them up. Some people have found (3) autographs in their box.

Great small checklist. On-card autographs. Low print run. Thick card stock. Quick rip. This is my favorite type of product configuration to open.

I’d say that my box was fairly solid when compared to some of the other breaks I’ve seen. The CC Sabathia autograph, and Steven Kwan rookie are my best hits.


Here is what I pulled:


  • CC Sabathia Orange #’ed/20
  • Aaron Ashby RC #’ed/99


  • Heliot Ramos RC Black #’ed/75
  • Steven Kwan RC Blue #’ed/40


  • Gabriel Arias RC #36
  • Wander Franco RC #37
  • Jackie Robinson #35

2022 Topps Baseball Factory Set Hobby (Red Box) Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set (obviously)

If you collected enough Topps Baseball Factory Sets and stacked them up I bet you could play an awesome game of Jenga. Nowadays the Topps Baseball Factory Sets arrive in more colors than M&M’s.

The Hobby version of the 2022 Topps Baseball Factory Set consists of (660) cards. That’s (330) cards from Series 1, and (330) cards from Series 2.

Set collectors obviously like the convenience of receiving Series 1 and Series 2 all in one box. Spencer Torkelson, Bobby Witt Jr., and Julio Rodriguez come as bonus cards. These three cards come as secondary options of cards #658, #659, and #660. You won’t see them on the checklist which is printed on the outside of the box. So it might come as a surprise to some people. Each Factory Set format should contain these bonus cards.

Parallels add a bit of a mystery element to the Factory Sets. The Hobby version will come with (5) Foilboard parallels #’ed/390.

There are at least (7) different Factory Set formats you can buy. Each has the same (660) card set. Exclusive cards vary from set to set.

  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set Hobby Factory Box (Red Box)
  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set Retail Factory Box (Blue Box)
  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set Walmart Retail Factory Box (Turquoise Box)
  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set Target Retail Factory Box (Purple Box)
  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set Target Retail Factory Box (Green Box)
  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set All-Star Game Factory Box
  • 2022 Topps Baseball Complete Set 582 Montgomery Club Factory Box

Topps has Hobby Factory Sets available on their website. The Retail (Blue Box) is pictured but shows Foilboard parallels (Hobby exclusive). Under the “Specs” it mentions Hobby as well.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Trey Amburgey RC #263 Foilboard #’ed/390
  • Ryan Mountcastle #579 Foilboard #’ed/390
  • Casey Mize #431 Foilboard #’ed/390
  • Otto Lopez RC #422 Foilboard #’ed/390
  • Clint Frazier #101 Foilboard #’ed/390

2022 Topps Gallery Baseball Monster Box Break & Review – MONSTER HIT!

Collector Type: Set/Autograph/Art Fans

Talk about a Monster Box containing a monster hit. I believe everyone reading this would agree. This dude Julio Rodriguez keeps popping up in all of my boxes. The odds of pulling one Orange parallel autograph is 1:302 packs, and two came from this box.

The base set consists of (200) cards. Parallels include Printer Proof (4 per Blaster), Rainbow Foil, Private Issue #’ed/250, Green #’ed/125, Green Pattern #’ed/99, Blue #’ed/75, Blue Pattern #’ed/50, Orange #’ed/25, Orange Pattern #’ed/10, Red #’ed/5, Red Pattern #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1.

Variations (although difficult to pull) offer another chase element. (10) cards have variations which use an artistic filter on the player’s base card. Spencer Torkelson’s variation not only uses the artistic filter, but the photo is different as well. When flipping through your cards you could easily overlook them. That’s why I always check the CMP codes.

  • Base – #688
  • Variation – #715

Each Monster Box is suppose to have (2) autographs.

Autographs include Gallery Autographs (Rookies, Retired Greats, Veterans, Young Stars), Masterstrokes Autographs, Modern Artists Autographs, Next Wave Autographs, and Portrait Gallery Autographs.

Inserts include Gallery of Heroes, Masterstrokes, Modern Artists, Next Wave, Portrait Gallery, Sketch Cards, and Works of Art Rookie Cards.

The Works of Art Rookie Cards caused some discussion when this product was first released. These surprise inserts feature famous pieces of art with the rookie card logo on them. One of them being of the Mona Lisa. A lot of collectors wondered why the Mona Lisa received the rookie card logo when it has been seen on other trading cards long before now. One of those other cards dates back to 100 years ago. Even Topps has used the Mona Lisa in other sets.

Topps either didn’t remember that the Mona Lisa has other cards prior to this release. Or they knew about them and figured that placing the rookie card logo on this card would create a buzz and get people talking. Which it ultimately did.

Topps Gallery can be found at Walmart in Monster Box and Blaster form. Topps did sell Monster Boxes on their site, but have sold out.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Julio Rodriguez RC Orange Auto #’ed/25
  • Griffin Jax RC Orange Auto #’ed/25


  • Shane Bieber Blue Pattern #’ed/50
  • Ian Anderson Blue #’ed/75
  • Kyle Tucker Private Issue #’ed/250
  • Tyler Gilbert RC Rainbow Foil
  • Connor Wong RC Rainbow Foil
  • Roansy Contreras RC Rainbow Foil
  • Cedric Mullins Rainbow Foil
  • Mitch Haniger Rainbow Foil
  • Austin Meadows Rainbow Foil
  • Matt Vierling RC Rainbow Foil


  • Bryce Harper Modern Artists
  • Joe Ryan RC Next Wave
  • Willie Mays Masterstrokes
  • Freddie Freeman Portrait Gallery
  • Joey Votto Portrait Gallery

Notable Rookies:

  • Julio Rodriguez RC #35
  • Bryson Stott RC #25
  • Hunter Greene RC #170
  • Jarren Duran RC #49
  • CJ Abrams RC #160
  • Seiya Suzuki RC #137
  • Wander Franco RC #55

2022 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set/Autograph/Nostalgic Fan

Opening a box of Archives is like hopping in the Delorean from Back to the Future. Its a true blast from the past experience.

The base set consists of (300) cards. Designs from 1963, 1978, and 1987 Topps Baseball sets are used. Yes. The 1987 design makes yet another appearance. I’m betting that if you stacked every baseball card on top of each other that features the 1987 Topps Baseball design it would reach to Mars and back.

Parallels to the base set include Rainbow Foil #’ed/150, Green #’ed/125, Silver #’ed/99, Red #’ed/75, Red Hot Foil #’ed/50, Blue Foil #’ed/25 (Hobby), Orange Hot Foil #’ed/15 (Hobby), and FoilFractor #’ed 1/1.

Card #301-315 utilize the 1955 Topps Scoop design. 1:6 packs.

Card #316-330 utilize the 1961 Topps MVP design. 1:6 packs.

Card #331-355 utilize the 2005 Topps Draft Picks design. 1:24 packs.

Card #356-380 utilize the 1992 Topps Major League Debut design. 1:6 packs.

Variations remain a top element to chase. There are two types of variations to look for this year – Image and Design. I find it much easier to use the CMP code to identify them.

  • Base – #253/271
  • Image Variation – #280
  • Design Variation – #281

The Design Variations have Silver Foil #’ed/99, Red Hot Foil #’ed/50, and FoilFractor #’ed 1/1 parallels as well.

Each hobby box is suppose to contain (2) on-card autographs.

Autographs include Fan Favorites Autographs, 1953 Fan Favorites Autographs Premium, 1961 Topps MVP Autographs, 1988 Topps Big Foil Autographs (Retail), 1988 Topps Big Minis Autographs, 1992 Topps MLB Debut Autographs, 1993 Topps All-Stars Dual Autographs, 2005 Topps Draft Picks Autographs, Topps Postcards Autographs, and Topps Originals Buyback Autographs.

Inserts include 1988 Topps Big Foil (Blaster/Retail), 1988 Topps Big Minis, Topps Postcards, and Oversized Topps Postcards Box Toppers (Hobby).

If you’re looking for today’s hot rookies and stars, Archives has it. If you’re looking for Hall of Famers, retired stars, and specific baseball individuals who don’t traditionally have a lot of cards, Archives also has it.

My box had a little of everything. Bonus autograph, parallel #’ed/15, Design Variation, and (3) different Julio Rodriguez RCs.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Corey Patterson 1972 Topps Fan Favorites Auto Purple #’ed/150
  • Alyssa Nakken 1972 Topps Fan Favorites Auto
  • Al Bumbry 1960 Topps Fan Favorites Auto


  • Reid Detmers RC Orange Hot Foil #’ed/15
  • Xander Bogaerts Silver #’ed/99

1963 Background Replacement Design Variation:

  • Reggie Jackson #34

2005 Topps Draft Picks:

  • Julio Rodriguez RC #342

1992 Topps Major League Debut:

  • Wander Franco RC #356
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #370
  • Julio Rodriguez RC #375
  • Aaron Judge #368

1961 Topps MVP:

  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #322
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #329
  • Trey Mancini #324
  • Robbie Ray #319

1955 Topps Scoop:

  • Jorge Soler #315
  • Chris Taylor #314
  • Randy Arozarena #312
  • Shohei Ohtani #305


  • Jose Ramirez Topps Postcards #PC-11
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Topps Postcards #PC-2
  • Nolan Arenado Topps Postcards #PC-6
  • Aaron Judge Oversized Topps Postcards Box Topper #OPC-15

Notable Rookies:

  • Seiya Suzuki RC #92
  • Julio Rodriguez RC #115
  • Spencer Torkelson RC #131
  • Wander Franco RC #300
  • Oneil Cruz RC #211
  • Jeremy Peña RC #280

2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor Edition Baseball Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set/Rookie/Autograph

What’s this? Another version of Topps Chrome Baseball? Heck yeah! I’ll open anything that’s shiny.

2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor Edition Baseball is a new Mega Box format for the Chrome brand. First showing up at the MLB Flagship Store in New York City, and then on the Topps website.

Every box comes with (7) packs – (5) regular 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball packs, and (2) exclusive Logofractor packs.

The cards found in the exclusive Logofractor packs have the MLB logo printed on them. The main base set consists of (110) cards. Parallels include Purple #’ed/250, Pink #’ed/199, Blue #’ed/150, Green #’ed/99, Gold #’ed/50, Orange #’ed/25, Red #’ed/5, and Rose Gold #’ed 1/1.

You can keep your eyes open for (10) variations which I like to split into two groups:

  • Jarren Duran #4
  • Shane Baz #8
  • Oneil Cruz #22
  • Brandon Marsh #25
  • Wander Franco #80

The players on the list above have base counterparts.

  • Julio Rodriguez #111
  • Bobby Witt Jr. #112
  • Hunter Greene #113
  • CJ Abrams #114
  • Spencer Torkelson #115

Variations #111-115 on the above list do not have a base counterpart.

If any of this is making your head spin just check the CMP code on the back. Base end in #815, and all variations end in #835.

Autographs include Base Image Variation Autographs, Chrome Autographs, and Future Stars Autographs.

Inserts include Club Plaques, and Future Stars.

The two Logofractor packs are the key to this product. You can pull quite a bit of color from just those two packs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the Logofractor become a standard parallel. In this hobby when something takes off in popularity we tend to see it brought back many times over.

We all know Topps is thinking about other types of refractors collectors would go crazy for. Teamfractors? Leaguefractors? Hot Dog Fractors? The list of possibilities is endless.

Quick, fun break. All of the action in this box (like most) was located in the Logofractor packs.


Here is what I pulled:

(5) 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball Packs:

  • All Base Cards

(2) 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball Logofractor Packs:


  • Bryan De La Cruz RC Green Refractor Auto #’ed/99


  • Pete Alonso Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Jake Burger RC Future Stars Blue Refractor #’ed/150
  • Reid Detmers RC Pink Refractor #’ed/199


  • Oneil Cruz RC Future Stars


  • Trevor Rogers #3
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. #100
  • Bryan Reynolds #72
  • Francisco Lindor #107
  • Max Kepler #103

2022 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set/Autograph/Rookie

Hey! Where are the Extended Base Short Prints? Anyone else not finding them? I think something funky is going on here… hahaha!

Topps Chrome Baseball is one of the most anticipated products collectors look forward to each year. The better the rookie class, the more popular the set is. Rookies such as Bobby Witt Jr. #221, Julio Rodriguez #222, Spencer Torkelson #223, Hunter Greene #224, and CJ Abrams #225 were suppose to have Extended Base Short Prints included within the product. Although they made it into the Hobby Lite boxes which were sold directly on the Topps website, and the Sonic and Logofractor Editions, Hobby and Hobby Jumbo boxes DO NOT have them. Mass hysteria swept through the hobby. I don’t blame people for being angry as this was a main selling point.

To make up for this miscommunication/quality control issue Topps is providing (1) 4-card silver pack for each Hobby and Hobby Jumbo box purchased from Topps.com, hobby shops or breakers which purchased their product directly from Topps. Randomly inserted within these packs you will find the missing Extended Base Rookie Short Prints. I’ll refer you to the Chrome Silver Pack Program details Topps has on their site.

The main base set consists of (220) cards. Parallels include Refractor, X-Fractor (10 per Monster), Sepia (2 per Blaster), Pink (2 per Blaster), Prism, Negative, Magenta #’ed/399, Magenta Speckle #’ed/350, Purple Speckle #’ed/299, Purple #’ed/250, Aqua #’ed/199, Aqua Lava #’ed/199, Blue #’ed/150, Green #’ed/99, Green Wave #’ed/99, Blue Wave #’ed/75, Gold #’ed/50, Gold Wave #’ed/50, Orange #’ed/25, Orange Wave #’ed/25, Red #’ed/5, Red Wave #’ed/5, SuperFractor #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1.

Photo variations continue to be a big chase element. Using the CMP codes is the easiest way to identify them.

  • Base – #967
  • Variation SP – #017
  • Variation SSP – #023

Autographs include Chrome Rookie Autographs, Dual Rookie Autographs, Chrome Veteran Autographs, 1987 Topps Baseball Autographs, Future Stars Autographs, Heart of the City Autographs, and Pinstriped Autographs.

Relics are not a huge part of the Topps Chrome brand, but you can pull them in the form of Topps Chrome Authentics Autograph Relics, and Topps Chrome Authentics Relics.

Inserts include 1987 Topps Baseball, Future Stars, Heart of the City, New Classics, and Pinstriped/Club Plaques.

Overall, this was a fairly standard Hobby box. I do wish that Topps/Fanatics would clear up these quality control issues. I sure hope the 2022 582 Montgomery Club Factory Set isn’t missing those same rookies.

I was hoping to pull a Bryce Harper Heart of the City insert showing the skyline of Philadelphia. One showed up in the first pack.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Matt Vierling RC
  • Whit Merrifield


  • Luis Gil RC Blue Wave Refractor #’ed/75
  • Kyle Tucker Prism Refractor
  • Andrew McCutchen Prism Refractor
  • Byron Buxton Prism Refractor
  • John Means Prism Refractor
  • Jose Altuve Refractor
  • Trea Turner Refractor
  • Cody Bellinger Refractor
  • (2) Ketel Marte Refractor
  • Jake Meyers RC Refractor
  • Josh Donaldson Refractor
  • Paul Goldschmidt Refractor


  • Luis Garcia Future Stars
  • George Springer Pinstriped/Club Plaques
  • Bryce Harper Heart of the City
  • Juan Soto Heart of the City
  • Randy Arozarena New Classics
  • Eloy Jimenez New Classics
  • George Springer 1987 Topps Baseball
  • Gavin Sheets RC 1987 Topps Baseball
  • Pete Alonso 1987 Topps Baseball
  • Miguel Cabrera 1987 Topps Baseball

2022 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Autograph/Relic/High-End Risk Takers

Museum Collection has and most likely will always be about the hits. Yes. There is a base set that consists of (100) cards. Parallels include Copper, Sapphire #’ed/150, Amethyst #’ed/99, Ruby #’ed/50, and Emerald #’ed 1/1. Bobby Witt Jr., Spencer Torkelson, and Julio Rodriguez all have rookie cards in here.

Found inside each master hobby box are (4) mini-boxes. Each mini-box contains (1) hit, (1)autograph parallel, and a few base cards. You are SUPPOSE to find (1) on-card autograph, (1) autographed relic, (1) relic, and (1) quad relic card per box. As you can see I did not find any autographs or quad relic. The patches I pulled are decent, especially that Brewers card, but with a price tag of almost $400/box its a hard pill to swallow when zero autographs are found. I watched Luft Brothers Trading open a box of Museum Collection, and the Cal Ripken Jr. autograph they pulled is missing the signature. The quality control could have been a bit better here.

Outside of my main hits I was satisfied with the rookies and parallels I pulled. We’ve seen Wander Franco cards cool down, but its still good to find one of his rookies. Not only did I find base rookies of George Kirby and Alek Thomas, but this box also had the Ruby parallels of each too.

Like a lot of high-end products it might be more affordable for some collectors to purchase singles of their favorite players on the secondary market. I’d suggest group breaking with your specific player and/or team, but with all of the scandals surrounding that part of the hobby right now I wouldn’t even get near a group breaker. With the downturn in sports card prices, shrinking profit margins, and more direct sales to customers it doesn’t surprise me that group breakers are resorting to shady practices in an attempt to survive.

Overall it was a fun break. But it would have been nice to find a few autographs.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Christian Yelich/Corbin Burnes Dual Meaningful Material Copper Patch #’ed/35
  • Logan Webb Meaningful Material Relic #’ed/50
  • J.D. Martinez Meaningful Material Copper Patch #’ed/35
  • Cody Bellinger Meaningful Material Gold Patch #’ed/25


  • George Kirby RC Ruby #’ed/50
  • Alex Thomas RC Ruby #’ed/50
  • Aaron Judge Copper #48
  • Justin Verlander Copper #74


  • Pete Alonso Canvas Collection Reprints #CCR-10


  • Bryson Stott RC #25
  • Wander Franco RC #59
  • Alek Thomas RC #62
  • Jarren Duran RC #43
  • Brandon Marsh RC #10
  • George Kirby RC #23
  • Randy Johnson #81
  • Carl Yastrzemski #45
  • Frank Thomas #22
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr. #85
  • Greg Maddux #30