A “White Whale” Missed

Any collector can tell you what their “white whales” are in their collection.  Some of those cards may have been caught, and some might still be floating around in that big ocean of cards called eBay.  

As many of you know, one of my collections is targeted towards the Miami Dolphins perfect 17-0 season.  One of the most important players from that season was the Super Bowl MVP Jake Scott.  I was lucky to discover a few years ago that he has an autographed card in the 2005 Topps All-American set, which is an SP #’ed/44.  I got even luckier when one finally popped-up for sale and I was able to get a good deal on it.  But there is one card of his that I would love to add to my collection and for some reason I always miss it when one goes up for auction.  This would be his 2002 Topps Ring of Honor autograph.  The Ring of Honor set is very popular and showcases MVP’s from all the Super Bowls.  The Jake Scott autograph from this set is one of the most popular, probably because its one of a few autographed cards to feature him in a Dolphins uniform.  I have seen these sell for over $500.00, but thats not the case here.  This card is one of my “white whales” that hasn’t been caught yet.  

What are your “white whales”?


Interesting Stadium Giveaway

Baseball teams have been giving stuff to their fans for decades.  Sometimes its a seat cushion, T-shirt, hat, or an exclusive bobble head.  On April 21, 2009 the Phillies will be giving fans a 2008 World Series Ring on a keychain to fans that walk through the gate that day.  When I first saw this on T.V. I thought it looked pretty cool, but didn’t think much more about it after that.  This afternoon for some crazy reason I went to Phillies.com to see if they were selling them ahead of time.  Quickly I found out they were not, so I did what any collector would do, head over to eBay.  I can’t believe that people are pre-selling this stadium giveaway.  These simple little keychains are selling for $40.00 a piece.  I have never see collectors pre-selling stadium giveaways before.  After they release them to the public next week, I hope the price comes down.  I’d like to add one to my collection of Phillies stuff.


What A Ring

Today the Phillies received their 2008 World Series Championship rings.  Take a look at this thing, its huge.  


Card of the Day: Duke Snider 2009 Topps Ring of Honor Auto


Super Bowl Ring for $10.00

There are a lot of collectors that would like to own this ring for only $10.00.  Je’Rod Cherry who was on the Super Bowl XXXVI Championship team has donated his ring to charity.  It is made of 14-karat white gold and contains 142 diamonds.  The ring will be given away during a raffle.  The cost is $2.00 per ticket and you must purchase at least 5 tickets.  

Drawing Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008

Entry Deadline: 9:00 a.m. EST November 27, 2008

For more information about the ring, charity, and Je’Rod Cherry, please check out their Netraffle website.  It takes a lot for an athlete to giveaway a ring such as this.


I See Gold!

Recently, Topps came out with a new basketball product called Topps Treasury.  Within this product you have the chance to pull a card with an actual 14kt gold medallion inserted into a card.  I think this is an interesting idea and would like to see it spread to other sports card products.  After seeing cards with the gold piece in them, I had an interesting idea.  Have you ever checked out the eBay pulse website and see someone selling a championship ring of some kind?  It could be from a college football game, Super Bowl, World Series or any kind of championship game.  I was wondering, would a major card manufacturer ever purchase a ring like that so they could slice it up and insert pieces into cards?  I mean if they can insert gold medallions into cards why not pieces of a ring?  I bet collectors would go nuts over a memorabilia card like that.  I will admitt, it is sad to see someone selling a championship ring on eBay.  People usually sell them because they need the money.  If they are offering it for sale, I wonder why Topps, Upper Deck, or Donruss/Playoff hasn’t jumped on this opportunity yet?  

Just a quick comment on the Topps Treasury cards.  Many collectors have a significant other that may not always agree with what they purchase for their collection.  The next time you head out to your local card shop and they ask where you are going.  Just tell them your going to pickup a piece of gold jewelry for them.