Card of the Day: 1990 Best San Bernardino Spirit “The Bug” #27

Card of the Day: Ray Kroc 1978 San Diego Padres Family Fun Centers

Card of the Day: The San Diego Chicken 1983 Donruss #645

Card of the Day: The San Diego Chicken 2016 Donruss Baseball Silhouette Mascot Relic

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Cable Car Press Pin


There is no doubt that one of the most coveted collectibles from the 2012 World Series is this pin.  This is the San Francisco Giants 2012 World Series Cable Car Press Pin that was given exclusively to members of the media.  So far I’ve only seen one pop-up for sale and the asking price is over $200.00.  I don’t think its going to sell for that much considering Giants press pins that look similar from a few years ago sell for slightly under $100.00.  Press pins always command high prices and are highly sought after by collectors.  Phantom pins aren’t that far behind.

Tonight the Giants will take on the Tigers in Detroit.  They’re already up two games to nothing.  If the Giants win, the Tigers might be cooked.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: Junior Seau San Diego Chargers Pin


Earlier this week one of the NFL’s best known linebackers took his own life with a gunshot wound to the chest.  Junior Seau was only 43 years old.  Seau was mostly known for playing with the San Diego Chargers, but he also played for the Dolphins and Patriots.

I guess being a spectacular pro athlete has its ups and downs.  One day your making millions of dollars and being cheered upon by 60,000 fans, and then you retire with very little to do.  I can see how someone could fall into depression and start getting themselves into trouble.  That’s why it is important for retiring athletes to find something to do that makes them feel valuable.  Go into broadcasting, open a restaurant, go on the autograph circuit.  If they were smart enough, hopefully they saved some of that money to live on.  Pro athletes need something to fall back on, not necessarily for the money, but for something to stay busy.  When a pro athlete’s career is over, there is so much time left to live.

R.I.P Junior Seau.  We’ll “Sea U” later.