Card of the Day: 1994 NFL Properties Santa Claus Checklist


Card of the Day: Santa Claus 1990 Pro Set #1990

 photo santa1990proset_zpsaqncfgop.jpg

Card of the Day: Santa Claus 1994 Action Packed #SC2

 photo santaactionpacked94_zpsiduw5mlj.jpg

Card of the Day: Santa Claus 1993 Pacific Prism Seasons Greetings

 photo santaprism_zpsc065cc89.jpg

Card of the Day: Santa Claus 2013 Topps Strata Signature Relics Rookies

 photo stratasanta_zps7eeff6e4.jpg

Card of the Day: Kris Kringle 1998 Upper Deck Holiday-Worn Jersey


“Pin-Up” of the Week: Happy Holidays 2003 ESPN Santa Pin


This is what Santa must look like after all the presents are delivered.  Either that or he just had a successful colonoscopy.  This pin was made by ESPN to celebrate Christmas 2003.  It can be found for under $5.00.