Card of the Day: 1992 Pro Set Santa Claus Spirit of the Season

Don’t Mess With This Santa – Parkside’s 2019 Santa Claus Promo Card

Parkside Collectibles is a new card company.  Right now they specialize in making cards for the Big3 3-on-3 basketball league, Major League Lacrosse, and Santa Claus.

Santa Claus has been appearing on cards for decades.  His appearance on modern day sports cards began with his 1989 Pro Set Football Promo.  Since then, pretty much every card company that ever existed has made cards of Santa Claus.  He has quite the following, and collectors aren’t afraid to spend tons on that rare Santa Claus card they need for their collection.

Between 12/1/19 and 12/25/19 anyone who made a purchase on the Parkside Collectibles website received this special Santa Claus card.  It features an artistic Santa Claus holding a basketball in one hand, a red sack of sports equipment in the other, all while wearing a Big3 Enemies jersey.  According to Parkside Collectibles, (500) cards were printed.  A handful were also given away to some of their social media followers.  Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I wouldn’t mess with a Santa Claus wearing a jersey that says “Enemies” on it.

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