New York Giants – Nicks & Hynoski – Amato’s Autograph Signing

New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski and wide receiver Hakeem Nicks signed autographs for fans at the Amato’s Pizza in Selinsgrove this afternoon.  Amato’s had plenty of items to get autographed, plus a silent auction filled with many signed pieces of memorabilia.  Hynoski is a graduate of Southern Columbia Area High School which isn’t that far away from the Selinagrove area.  I believe this was the first time Amato’s held an autograph signing at their restaurant.  Tickets had to be purchased in advance, and the lines seemed to be steady.  In my opinion, everything ran smoothly.  There didn’t appear to be any major hang-ups.  Amato’s is about 3 seconds away from my house, and this has to have been one of the easiest autograph signings I’ve ever attended.  It was very well organized.  Amato’s has great food too.  Along with their pizza, I also enjoy their ravioli and cheesesteak in the garden.

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Henry Hynoski – Hynoski doesn’t have that many cards to collect.  His rookies can be found in ’11 Playoff Contenders, ’11 Plates & Patches, and ’11 National Treasures.

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Hakeem Nicks – Nicks was a rookie in 2009 and has tons of cards to collect.

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Nicks during his interview with ESPN 92.3 FM

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Hynoski’s signature (on top)

 photo IMG_1819a_zpsfc29c779.jpg

Nicks’s signature (on bottom)

Beer Fest Yields New Baseball Pin

Downtown Selinsgrove this afternoon they had the annual Brew Fest.  This is where a lot of micro breweries come together and you can taste some of their most popular brands of beer.  One of the breweries that was there was the Brooklyn Brewery, and one of the beers that they allowed people to taste was called Pennant Ale.  There was a ton of promotional items floating around this place and my eyes went straight to this baseball pin.  These were covering an entire table.  Being such a huge sports pin collector, I couldn’t let this one go.  What can I say?  Baseball and beer go together like Bert and Ernie 🙂


Jimmy Hoffa Found In My Town

This evening I was browsing eBay for cut signatures and came across this one of Jimmy Hoffa from 2007 Playoff National Treasures #’ed/2.  I was really surprised to see where it is located, Selinsgrove, PA, right where I live.  Looking at the seller I can see its one of my local cards shops, Sports Zone Memorabilia.  You wanna know whats really strange?  Hoffa once spent time in jail in Lewisburg, PA which is only a couple of minutes away from Selinsgrove.  What are the odds of that?


Local Teacher Makes The Hall of Fame

This kinda has to do with sports cards, but I just found out that a local teacher at my old high school was inducted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.  His name is Harvey Edwards, an English teacher at Selinsgrove Area High School.  I remember him visiting the elementary schools when I was little and he would show a lot of different frisbee tricks.  I had no idea that there was an Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.  I’m waiting for Topps to make an Allen & Ginter card of him.  Thats exactly where you would see a card of an Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Famer.  

Here is the Bio about him:

Harvey Edwards could be considered one of the first major athletes to compete and lend legitimacy to the sport as true athletic competition.  As a former Division 1 basketball player in college, Harvey added credibility to the sport.  Harvey was a founder, captain, and player for the Bucknell Mudsharks.  A peak performer for the Flying Circus for 4 years, Harvey was known as a great leaper; attempts to defend floaters to him in the end zone were fruitless efforts.  Harvey was renowned as a great spirit and exemplary sportsman; his play and person is widely respected.  Harvey played over the course of 3 decades and extended his career at WFDF with 3 Masters titles with the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.Teams: Bucknell (’76-’78), Flying Circus (’79-’83), Boozy Idiots (’84-’90), Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (’91-’95)