Probstein123 Sells Fake Willie Mays eTopps Autograph

Popular eBay seller Probstein123 sold a questionable card recently. The card in question is a Willie Mays eTopps Classic Autograph. Screenshot. Probstein123 is a notable seller that scammers have used multiple times to move their homemade merchandise.

Fake Autograph Front
Fake Autograph Back

Topps sold non-autographed Willie Mays eTopps Classic cards in 2002 with a print run of (4,000) cards. In 2004, Topps had Willie Mays autograph (100) of those cards from 2002.

The card Probstein123 sold is authentic, but the autograph is not.

When issued by Topps, this specific eTopps autographed card (and many others) came with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The COA has a serial number on it which matches the serial number found on the square hologram sticker on the back of the card.

Probstein123’s card does not come with a COA like it should.

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe the COA got lost. I highly doubt it. I don’t believe it exists.

The serial number on Probstein123’s card looks to be 5320815. When Topps sold these cards the serial numbers for the autographs were issued in a close sequence. A few other authentic Willie Mays eTopps Classic Autographs to surface recently have the serial numbers 1354477 and 1354499. No authentic Willie Mays eTopps Classic Autographs have a serial number anywhere near 5320815 like the one sold by Probstein123.

Here is what an authentic Willie Mays eTopps Classic Autograph should look like. This one has the 1354477 serial number, and the accompanying COA. Comparing it to the card Probstein123 sold, you can clearly see the autographs look nothing alike.

Authentic Autograph Front
Authentic Autograph Back

The non-autographed Willie Mays eTopps Classic cards come with a circular hologram on the back containing a serial number. Somehow a square hologram meant for an autographed card ended up on a non-autographed card such as the one Probstein123 sold. The Willie Mays autograph was then forged.

Authentic Non-autographed Front
Authentic Non-autographed Back

How did this happen? Good question. Scammers are very creative. The only way I would purchase a Willie Mays eTopps Classic Autograph is if it came with the accompanying COA, and had matching serial numbers. The square hologram on the back of the card alone isn’t enough. At least not for me.

I think the evidence is fairly clear that something isn’t right with the card Probstein123 sold. Especially when it comes to the Willie Mays signature which looks way too clean.

Leaf’s “Shoeless Joe” Jackson Cut Sells For $26,290.00

Last weekend Heritage Auctions sold the “Shoeless Joe” Jackson 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Cut Signature for $26,290.00.  That’s far from the $80,000.00 it was said to be valued at, but still not a bad sale considering the box the redemption was pulled in cost less than $100.00.

Bill Witherspoon was one of the lucky collectors to pull one of the Four Leaf Clover redemptions inserted into boxes of 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Cut Signature Edition.  During the National Sports Collectors Convention last summer in Chicago, Witherspoon ended up winning the Jackson cut at the Leaf booth.  He pulled the redemption from Marty’s Sports Card Exchange.  After winning the Jackson cut, he consigned the card to Heritage Auctions to sell.

This sets the bar pretty high when it comes to cut signature card prices.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe it could have gotten more if they would have left the entire document intact.  Either way, in this economy having that extra cash will be really nice.  Nice card Leaf!!!