“Pin-Up” of the Week: Washington Nationals Teddy Roosevelt Stadium Giveaway Pin


Its pretty clear that the Washington Nationals shouldn’t have shut down Stephen Strasburg early this year.  It was poor managing.  The unstoppable Nationals didn’t even make it past the first round of the post season.  If you’re a Nationals fan I guess you can be glad that at least won the division.  I think they should have paced Strasburg throughout the regular season and then let him play longer into games once they reached the playoffs.  Could have Strasburg completely blown it in the playoffs?  Sure.  But it couldn’t have hurt to have him available.

Teddy Roosevelt finally won a race this year.  This pin was given to fans on 10/3/12.

Bobblehead Mailday!

I had to have one…

Introducing The HK Talking Bobblehead

On 5/16/11 the Lehigh Valley IronPigs will be giving away a talking Harry Kalas bobblehead.  Push the talk button once to hear him make a call, and push twice to hear him say “I’m hog wild about IronPigs baseball.”  This is beyond awesome!!!  I will be adding one of these to my collection.  This will be Kalas’s third bobblehead.  I highly doubt there will ever be another stadium giveaway as cool as this.