Futera’s 2017 Zou Shiming UNIQUE Collection

To the American sports card collector, Futera may not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind.  Even if you’re not into the sports that they make cards for, you seriously need to check them out.  Their designs are out of this world, and the amount of documentation that goes into each product is something U.S. collectors can only dream about.  Code For Collectors allows you to see behind the scenes footage, how many cards were issued, and the materials and processes that went into making that specific card.  Futera’s Colour Grading database breaks down the amount of colored swatches found in a product too.  Insanely cool!

Futera is preparing for a new season of their Soccer UNIQUE Collection.  In the meantime, they just released a product based on Chinese professional boxer Zou Shiming.  This too is part of their UNIQUE Collection line.  Its a high-end set costing $299 per box.  Only (750) boxes have been made.  Every box includes a 30-card base set and (1) Heritage parallel numbered to (20) Silver or (5) Gold.  You’ll also find (2) memorabilia cards or (1) memorabilia card and (1) Zou Shiming autographed/memorabilia card.  Relics include boxing gloves, fight shorts, Olympic tracksuit, sneakers, training jacket, t-shirts, and boots.  All memorabilia was personally obtained by Zou Shiming.

Some of the neatest cards that Futera makes are the ones featuring 24ct gold-plated frames.  We here in America have seen metal framed cards before, but nothing as ornate compared to what Futera makes.  Futera’s look as if they should be on display in a 1,000+ year old European castle.  You’ll find cards of Zou Shiming like this too.

Boxes, Minicases, and Master Cases are still available.