Leaf’s Ichiro Metal Draft Patch Autos Ready To Ship

Well here you go.  All of the Ichiro 2011 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Ultimate Patch Autographs have been signed and are ready to be shipped.  I think they look fantastic!

Brian Gray announced yesterday that Leaf has never purchased anything from those six dealers involved in the fraud case that was unveiled this week.  Leaf was the first manufacturer to come out and state their position and I think it is something that all manufacturers should do.  For a relic to be 100% authentic I think it should come from the team, league, or individual athlete.  Not these off-the-wall dealers that sit behind a computer all day printing off meaningless COAs.  The day might come where we have league run card manufacturers to make sure everything is authentic.  Or perhaps the day will come where we only have one manufacturer that deals directly with each league.  It sure sounds like a monopoly, but it could work.



How To PROPERLY Ship Sports Cards

Mario, from Wax Heaven has put together a really good video on how to properly mail sports cards.  There are a lot of people that need to see this.   Just click the link below.

How To PROPERLY Mail Sports Cards