Card of the Day: Don Shula 1990 Pro Set #185

Is Don Shula Rookie-less?

Don Shula is one of the best coaches the NFL has seen.  He is mostly known for being the coach of the Miami Dolphins, especially during their Perfect Season, but he also was a player for the Browns, Colts, and Redskins.  His playing career only lasted for seven years, but it surprises me that he never had a rookie card made during that time.  In fact, the closest thing Shula has to a rookie card would be the large team issued cards from 1963-1964.  But being team issued, doesn’t technically count as a true rookie.  From what I’ve found, Shula’s real rookie would have to be this 1964 Philadelphia Colts’ Play of the Year card.  To me, this sure doesn’t look like a normal rookie.  I guess Topps and Bowman missed out on this one.


Card of the Day: Don Shula 1991 Pro Set #216


Card of the Day: Don Shula 2008 UD Masterpieces #23


Card of the Day #111

Don Shula 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Auto Jersey #’ed/25

Please Make This Card!!!

Can you hear my Donruss/Playoff, Topps, and Upper Deck?  Why hasn’t anyone made a Don Shula game worn Dolphins jacket card?  I see there are Knute Rockne and Tom Landry authentic worn coat cards, but no Don Shula.  I have found Don Shula game used jersey cards from when he played with the Colts, but no Dolphins.  Someone, PLEASE MAKE THIS CARD!!!!!!!!

Card of the Day #15

2004 Playoff Prime Signatures Don Shula Auto #’ed/25