Butchered Buoniconti

This is the only thing I don’t like about Signa Cuts.  Cutting-up cards shouldn’t be allowed.  I don’t care how overproduced the card is, it shouldn’t happen.  When I saw the checklist for 2011 Signa Cuts Football I got excited when I saw Nick Buoniconti’s name on it because he doesn’t have a lot of stuff to collect, and I like player’s from the Dolphins perfect season team.  This card recently sold for $51.00.   Despite them cutting-up that precious Pro Set card, I still would have liked to own it.  Looks like I missed this one.  Too bad its  a one-of-one.


2010 TRISTAR Signa Cuts Bronx Edition Preview

On 10/29/10 TRISTAR plans to release Signa Cuts Bronx Edition.  In The Hobby, you’ll find collectors that either love this product or hate it.  Someone obviously likes it or TRISTAR wouldn’t keep releasing it.  Seeing that it only contains autographs of people associated with the Bronx, you can automatically assume it will have a limited market.

Each box contains (1) autograph of a current or former Bronx player.  The one card that stands out to me the most is the Mrs. Babe Ruth / Eleanor Gehrig dual cut signature.

Click on the sell sheet to enlarge.


2009 TRISTAR Signa Cuts Limited Edition Baseball

Today TRISTAR came out and informed The Hobby on their new 2009 Signa Cuts Limited Edition Baseball that will be released in mid-November.  One of the better improvements I’ve seen so far is the fact each card will come in a nice protective holder (even though it says Beckett on it).  TRISTAR probably got that idea from Razor who have produced numerous amounts of cut signature products.  Each hobby box contains one cut signature of a current or retired/HOFer.  I haven’t seen any other cards except the Cobb, but I hope they didn’t cut up any baseball cards to use for signatures.  In addition I hope the current players didn’t sign stickers which are then placed on an index card.  The design is an improvement since TRISTAR’s first Signa Cuts set made for football back in 2007.  Even though the ’07 set had some great autographs for my personal collection, the border design was strange.  I prefer products like this containing either all baseball or football players.  I’m not too excited about other products containing autographs of entertainers.

I know one thing is for sure.  Any collector would love to pull this card.



It looks as if TRISTAR did cut up baseball cards for cut signatures……. again.

Card of the Day #17

Jim Langer 2007 TriStar Signa Cuts Autograph #’ed/5