Topps Printed Autograph COA On ’22 Stadium Club Cards Not Meant To Be Signed

Accidentally printing the autograph COA on cards that were never intended to be signed opens up the possibility for all types of fraud. We’ve seen it happen with products such as 2018 Panini Illusions Football, and 2021 Topps Archives Baseball.

Absolutely nothing stops some deadbeat scammer from forging the player’s signature, and attempting to pass it off as the real thing. A collector who doesn’t know any better could easily see the COA, believe the autograph is authentic, and easily be taken advantage of.

Topps recently made this mistake again in 2022 Stadium Club. I’ve talked about this before, but wanted to bring the subject up again to help clear some things up. Especially now with the release of the standalone 2022 Stadium Club Chrome product.

2022 Topps Stadium Club – Chrome Refractor Non-autograph (front)
2022 Topps Stadium Club – Chrome Refractor Non-autograph (back)

The 2022 Stadium Club set has (300) cards in it. (90) of those cards have Chrome versions with accompanying parallels. The non-autographed Refractor parallel of those cards come with the Topps autograph COA on the back that reads “THE SIGNING OF ALL AUTOGRAPH CARDS IS WITNESSED BY A TOPPS REPRESENTATIVE TO GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY.” These specific cards were not meant to have this COA printed on them. It looks like this is isolated to just the regular non-autographed Refractor parallel. Non-autographed Orange Refractors #’ed/99, Pearl White Refractors #’ed/30, Gold Minted Refractors, and SuperFractors #’ed 1/1 do not have this COA printed on the back.

2022 Topps Stadium Club – Chrome Autograph (authentic front)
2022 Topps Stadium Club – Chrome Autograph (authentic back)

With all of that being said, there are legitimate pack-inserted Chrome autographs. If you’re looking for an authentic 2022 Topps Stadium Club – Chrome Autograph not only should it have the COA printed on the back, but the front should have the “TOPPS CERTIFIED AUTOGRAPH ISSUE” message as well. It should also be serial numbered.

2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome – Refractor Non-autograph (front)
2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome – Refractor Non-autograph (back)
2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Autograph (front)
2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Autograph (back)

In addition to including Chrome cards within the regular 2022 Stadium Club set, Topps issued a standalone 2022 Stadium Club Chrome set. Its a completely separate product. No errors were made to those non-autographed Refractors.

Card manufacturers can sometimes make things so confusing.

Topps Surprises Hockey Fans With Brett Hull Signed Stickers

Topps left the NHL licensed card business in 2004.  In 2017 they jumped back in with their Topps NHL SKATE digital trading card app.  In 2019 Topps took things a step further acquiring a license to produce NHL stickers.

Leading up to the 2020 NHL All-Star Game in St. Louis, hockey fans enjoyed the events at the NHL Fan Fair.  One of the biggest moments took place at the Topps booth when St. Louis Blues legend, and 2009 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Brett Hull arrived.  Topps printed stickers which resemble Brett Hull’s 1988-89 Topps #66 rookie card.  Fans were quite eager to snatch the stickers up, and have him sign them.

They might not be “cards”, but these stickers look darn good.  Topps is as close as possible to making NHL licensed cards as they can get.  Upper Deck currently has an exclusive NHL license to make cards.

Card of the Day: Sam Bradford 2010 Topps Attax Signed Stars Rookie Auto

 photo bradford10attaxauto_zpsg8lvy9lg.jpg

Card of the Day: Chi-Chi Rodriguez 2014 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Signed Jumbo Swatch

 photo chchirod14autoexq_zps889b8788.jpg

Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig Dual Signed Baseball To Be Given Away During The 2014 National

 photo ruthgehrigball_zpsbec0662f.jpg

We’re only a few hours into the New Year, but its never too early to talk about an event taking place during the next National.

Prospect collectors looking to bust something non-card related might want to check out Onyx Authenticated’s newest product that arrives later this month.  2014 Onyx Authenticated Premiere Gear will come with (1) authentic game-used piece of baseball memorabilia per box.  This just won’t be a small portion of memorabilia like you would find in a card, its the whole thing – caps, jerseys, cleats, fielding gloves, batting helmets, and catchers gear.

The checklist includes pieces of memorabilia from:

  • Byron Buxton
  • Jabari Blash
  • Miguel Sano
  • Dorssys Paulino
  • Garrett Richards
  • Enny Romero
  • Gary Sanchez
  • Jose Iglesias
  • Dan Voglebach
  • Breyvic Valera
  • Julio Morban
  • Gregory Polanco
  • Scooter Gennett
  • Logan Morrison
  • Rymer Liriano
  • Felipe Rivero
  • Michael Pineda
  • Kaleb Cowart
  • Jon Lester
  • Grant Balfour
  • Jameson Taillon
  • Keyvius Sampson
  • Jonathon Crawford

As an added bonus, Onyx Authenticated has also thrown in some autographed baseballs that you can keep an eye out for from players such as: Bryce Harper, Javy Baez, Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, and Jon Lester.

Onyx Authenticated will only be making 100 boxes.  Five of those boxes will have a Golden Ticket.  Anyone that obtains one of these Golden Tickets will be eligible to win a Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig dual signed baseball which will be given away during the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, OH.

 photo preferred-players-national-edition-2014_zpse376dcaa.jpg

Heading to Cleveland for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention?  If so, be sure to check out this very Limited Edition product available exclusively at the event, Preferred Players National Edition 2014.  Each Limited Edition case contains 3 Autographed Baseballs from today’s baseball Stars and Top Prospects.  Each Hand-signed baseball comes in its own wood box and display cube with an official ONYX Authenticated Certificate of Authenticity.

Card of the Day: Art Ross 11-12 Panini Dominion Hockey Signed Stick Cuts

 photo artrosssc_zps1cd0b6e4.jpg

Card of the Day: Mark McGwire 2003 Upper Deck Signed Game Jerseys


Go For It! Roadshow – Rediscovered Relic With Mystery Signature

When I was in 6th grade at Cedar Crest Middle School my class went on a field trip to Hershey, PA to see the Go For It! Roadshow.  This was around 1997 or 1998.  The Go For It! Roadshow was an interactive educational health event for kids and was operated by the HealthSouth Corporation.  It was meant to promote healthy living and exercise.  The show ran from 1995 to 2003.  In 2003, a major accounting scandal unfolded at the HealthSouth Corporation and the show was canceled.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I found out we were going.  All I knew was that I didn’t have to sit in the class room for a good portion of the day.  When the show started, I quickly discovered that professional athletes were involved in it.  During the show, Bo Jackson walked by where I was sitting and handed me a t-shirt signed by all the athletes involved with this particular show.

Recently I rediscovered this shirt hanging in my closet.  It’s been in there for the last ten years.  I recognize three signatures – Bo Jackson, Matt Bahr, and Jennifer Chandler.  Bahr was a kicker for Penn State, played professional soccer, and went on to play with numerous NFL teams such as the Steelers, 49ers, Browns, Giants, Eagles, and Patriots.  Chandler received a gold medal in the 1976 Olympics for diving.  As for Jackson, well if you don’t know who Bo Jackson is stop reading this and go open a box of ’87 Topps in hopes of pulling an autograph 🙂

Here are a couple of photos.  Does anyone have an idea whose signature that is next to Bo Jackson?  I’ve never known.


Enlarge image


Enlarge image

Bo Jackson / ???


Enlarge image

Matt Bahr / Jennifer Chandler


The mystery signature is of former NY Giants linebacker Steve DeOssie.

Welcome Home Phillies “Dream Scene” Print

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail from Jamie Cooper who painted the Phillies “Dream Scene” painting that hangs in the Diamond Club of Citizens Bank Park.  Inside the package were two signed prints of this famous piece of art.  I decided to get one framed to place on my wall.  As a Phillies fan, this is a great addition to my personal collection.  If your interested in adding one of these prints to your collection, please contact Jamie Cooper at:


Click to enlarge

Press Pass Jumps On The Exclusive Train

Press Pass decided to jump on the “exclusive” train today by signing Tim Tebow to an exclusive contract.  This just means that Press Pass will be the only manufacturer to make cards of Tebow for draft pick products.  Press Pass Football and Press Pass Portrait Edition are the only places you’ll find Tebow in a draft pick product.  The exclusive contract is only against their competitor SA-GE.  For you SA-GE fans, you won’t be finding Tebow cards in any of their products this year.  This in no way effects NFL licensed products.  Collectors will still find plenty of Tebow rookies in products licensed by the NFL, and who knows maybe some that aren’t 🙂  This exclusive contract really doesn’t affect much of anything.  SA-GE has its collectors, but nothing huge.  Press Pass football products have a much higher demand than stuff from SA-GE.

2010 Press Pass Football will be released on March 31, one day before Upper Deck’s exclusive college license goes into effect.  I’m interested to see what Portrait Edition looks like when its released this summer.  My contact at Press Pass told me they will continue to make football cards.  My guess is that they will airbrush the logos off or do what Upper Deck did and claim that the logos on the uniforms don’t count.  A lot depends on what happens next month when Upper Deck goes to court against MLB.  I bet Press Pass could survive on just NASCAR products if they had to.